Supplemental Educational Benefits

The Department of Veterans Affairs provides Tutorial Assistance and VA Work-Study benefit opportunities for students receiving VA Educational Assistance, in addition to the VA Education Benefit.


Tutorial Assistance


Tutorial assistance may be arranged for eligible persons training under Chapter 30, 31, 32, 33, and Chapter 35 to offset the cost of expenses incurred by their need for tutoring. This allowance is considered a supplement to the claimant’s monthly educational assistance check and it is paid without any entitlement charge for those training under Chapters 31 and 35. However, for those persons utilizing Chapter 30 and 32 benefits, an individual’s period of entitlement will be charged with respect to the amount of tutorial assistance paid in excess of $600.
The Department of Veterans Affairs will pay up to $100 per month for tutorial assistance. The maximum assistance to which a claimant will be eligible throughout the duration of his/her entitlement is $1200.

VA Work-Study

The Department of Veterans Affairs Work-Study program permits eligible veterans and dependents receiving VA Education Assistance to perform specific services in return for a monetary allowance equal to the prevailing federal minimum wage. VA Work-Study payments are not taxable.

Veteran students are employed in the Military and Veterans Resource Center and throughout the community. Applications and a list of available job sites are available through the Military and Veterans Resource Center. These should be submitted prior to the start of the semester. Placement is dependent upon availability.