Student Responsibilities

Responsibilities of Veterans/Dependents
Receiving VA Education Benefits

  1. If this is your first semester applying for benefits at UNF, you must complete the online UNF Request for Veteran Benefits and Statement of Responsibility. You must also be admitted to the university and have a Veterans Education Benefits application on file with the Department of Veterans Affairs.


  2. In order to receive benefits, courses must apply toward your program of study as shown on your degree evaluation. Your academic advisor will advise you as to your requirements.
  3. Understand the consequences of changing your enrollment after your courses have been certified for any given semester. The UNF VA Certifying Official tracks changes to student enrollment weekly, to ensure that you are receiving accurate benefits and/or to avoid a balance due to UNF or the Department of Veterans Affairs, notify the VA Certifying Official immediately of any changes to your schedule.
  4. Once an academic year (Fall-Summer) you may request a 60-day tuition deferment. This request must be made in person within the first five days of the semester.
  5. Verify your Enrollment Monthly.
    • If you receive Ch 30 (MGIB), 33 1606 (MGIB Selected Reserve), or 1607 (Reserve Educational Assistance Program) you must verify your enrollment each month to ensure the continuation of your benefits.
    • Verify with the Regional Processing Office (RPO) by calling 877.823.2378 or using the Web Automated Verification of Enrollment (WAVE)
    • Check the information carefully, paying close attention to the dates and hours reflected. If the information is incorrect, contact the UNF VA Certifying Official for correction. If a change is necessary, your payment may be delayed. The VA Regional Processing Office will not process the payment until they have received a Notice of Change in Student Status from the University that reflects the information you have given them. Please contact the VA Certifying Official if you have changed anything prior to sending in or utilizing either the automated system or the internet. Failure to complete and submit monthly verification in a timely fashion may result in delayed checks and possible termination of educational benefits.


  6. Notify the UNF VA Certifying Official of changes to your record or enrollment. Click here for specific information on changes.