Physiological Self-Regulation 

Feeling like stress is taking a toll? Having difficulty finding ways to wind-down at the end of the day? Would you like to learn a unique method designed to optimize physiological functioning?




You may be interested in trying a Physiological Self-Regulation Training Program.



The Military and Veterans Resource Center is working in conjunction with Dr. Lori Lange of the UNF Psychology department to pilot a program about physiological Self Regulation.  Dr. Lange and a group of dedicated student researchers will collect and analyze data in an effort to gain a better understanding of physiological regulation and to inform future program development.



What is physiological self-regulation training?

Physiological self-regulation training is accomplished on your own time, using a program designed to guide your respiration rate. Respiration, as well as heart rate, is an automatic response that is normally controlled without our conscience effort. You will learn to breathe at a specified, controlled rate during rest that is optimal for the body.


What is the purpose of this research?

We are investigating the effectiveness a technique for modulating physiological arousal, especially in response to challenging situations similar to that experienced in an academic setting.


Who would qualify for this study?

  • 18 years or older
  • Veteran or current military personnel
  • Currently enrolled at UNF


**More information will follow soon about when the study is available and when it will begin to accept volunteers**