Frequently Asked Questions

How do I opt out of my benefits? 

 To “opt out” of your benefits for a semester, you will need to provide a written request with your signature and N Number stating which term you wish to opt out of and turn it into the Military & Veterans Resource Center (Petway Hall - Building 57, room 2700)



I'm concurrently enrolled - who do I need to notify and how?  

If you are planning to be concurrently enrolled (for example, attending UNF and FSCJ at the same time), One-Stop needs to be notified. They have an information page on concurrent enrollment  here.

   If you are currently using a GI Bill, the VA Concurrent Enrollment form may be picked up at the Military and Veterans Resource Center.   


 You will need to:

  •  Complete a “Concurrent Enrollment” form (picked up at One-Stop or if using GI Bill, at the Military & Veterans Resource Center,
  •  Obtain written approval from your academic advisor,
  •  Receive certification from One-Stop before you concurrently enroll elsewhere, or if using the GI Bill, you must return the form to the MVRC for the VA Certifying Official signature. 



 What do I need to submit in order to be considered a Florida resident for tuition purposes?

 Two forms of supporting documentation MUST be dated 12 COMPLETE months prior to the first day of classes for the requested residency classification term. For example: driver’s license, vehicle registration, voter registration card, utility bills with proof of 12 consecutive months of payments, a lease agreement with proof of 12 consecutive months of payments, an official state federal or court document evidencing legal ties to Florida.


  Click here for the full Florida statute and a list of all supporting documents accepted.


 Living in Florida for a year or longer DOES NOT automatically qualify you for in-state tuition (Florida residency).

 If you are a honorably discharged Veteran then your out of state portion is waived, to receive this waiver, please provide your DD214 and a recent bill, in your name with your Florida address.  This documentation needs to be turned into the Cashier's Office in Hicks Hall, building 53.


 How do I receive priority registration?

 Priority registration is available to all military and veteran students using the GI Bill,  including dependents, at UNF. Priority registration grants you the ability to register for your classes one day before the first time ticket.


 If you do not have access to priority registration, notify One-Stop of your veteran status.



 How do I get a blue "V" on my Osprey1 card?

Osprey1 cards are available with a blue V indicator for veterans. To have a V placed on your card, present your military or veteran ID at the  Osprey1 card offices .

Location & Hours 


Lassiter Hall, Bldg. 8, Room 1100

Monday - Tuesday 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Wednesday - Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.



 How do I tell if I am considered "full time" for GI Bill Benefits?


 Full Time for VA



 What is the VA work study program?

 The MVRC has 7 work study positions. Open positions become available when current work study students graduate, run out of benefits, take a semester leave, or are not renewed (at the discretion of the site supervisor). If an open position is available, it will be announced after class registration begins. This is due to the fact that you cannot begin working until the VA verifies your new classes.


 Job announcements will always be posted in our lounge, on our Facebook page, and on our website. If you are not selected, you are welcome to reapply for subsequent semesters.



 Will my VA educational benefits cover a study abroad?

Your VA educational benefits will cover a study abroad IF the credits earned from the trip count as a part of your degree evaluation. You will need to speak with your advisor and determine if they are able to justify that the trip is part of your course of study. Click here for a full explanation of criteria and what the VA will pay.


 *Note: You may need to complete additional paperwork before completing the study abroad. Contact the trip’s program leader and One-Stop to determine all necessary paperwork is complete.



Military & Veterans Resource Center 

 The MVRC staff is knowledgeable about the VA’s educational benefits, the GI Bill and how it would pertain to you here at UNF. They is available to help you during regular business hours or by emailing the MVRC at 


 Workshops and special events are hosted by the MVRC throughout the year with the goal of better preparing veteran students for the academic and professional world. Examples of workshops include: career planning, business etiquette, resume and cover letter writing, and interviewing skills. We also host information sessions concerning health, internships, and employment. Companies have included: Prudential, Northwestern Mutual, EverBank, etc.


 The MVRC employs veteran work study students in our department, as well as other areas on campus. The VA work study program allows students to work part-time on campus for a non-taxable wage. Open positions are posted via  email, our  Facebook page , and this website. Please note that they are competitive. Current work study employees are available to give you campus tours, advice, and assistance.


 Additionally, the MVRC provides free perks and quiet space for veterans in between classes. These include: nine Dell computer workstations, two iMac workstations, TV access, free printing, free fax/scan/copy, free coffee, refrigerator space for lunch storage, microwave, daily use lockers, group study room, and iPad rentals.


The VA Certifying Officials are available during regular business hours or via emailDuring the start of each term, the VA Certifying Officials complete certifications by the end of add/drop week so the VA can process your payment. Please note that the VA are the only individuals with access to VA payment processing information!! For this reason, you will need to contact 1-888-GI-BILL-1 to receive updates on the status of your check. 


Military & Veterans Resource Center


 Founders Hall (Bldg. 2, Room 1100)

 (904) 620-5131

 (904) 620-5900 FAX


Hours of Operation

Fall & Spring Semester, 8:30 - 6:30 M-Th, 5 pm Friday

Intercession, Summer Term & Break Hours 8:30-5 pm