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Master Plan 2020-2030

The Florida Statutes dictate that each University shall conduct a ten-year Master Plan and update it every five years. The year 2020 is ten years after the current Master Plan was completed.


The new Master Plan started in Sept. 2019 with a meeting of the Steering Committee to review the process and provide input. Workshops will be held through June 2020. See chart and agendas below.


Date Workshops
Sept. 2019 Workshop No 1: Kick-off and Data Gathering
Oct. 2019 Workshop No. 2: Data Gathering and Principle/Concepts
Dec. 2019 Workshop No. 3: Design Scenarios Public Meeting
Feb. 2020 Workshop No. 4: Design Scenarios 2
March 2020 Workshop No. 5: Draft Plan - Public Meeting
June 2020 Workshop No. 6: Final Plan Presentations - Public Meeting


Workshop No. 5 - Thursday, March 12, 2020

A Public Draft Master Plan Presentation

UNF Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

112 West Adams Street, Fifth Floor, Room 504-T

3 p.m.