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2005-2015 Master Plan Process


The Master Plan process started in late 2003 with the consultant selection. In June and July of 2004, two charettes were conducted to validate commitment and location of future Housing, Student Union and Social Sciences buildings. Recommendations surfaced for a complete new location for the Student Union which would impact future planning considerations.


During September and October, eight focus groups were formed with approximately 15 members in each group. The groups represented the following components of the Master Plan process: Academic, Staff, Student, Housing, Parking & Transportation, Athletics & Recreation, Environmental and Infrastructure. Two-day workshops were conducted in September and October to solicit input from these broad-based groups as well as provide feedback from the consultants. In November, the Executive Staff provided tentative approval of the Plan.


In February 2005, the final plan was presented to all focus groups and in May, the University received concurrence of the Master Plan from the Educational Plant Survey team. Two public hearings were held in August and September with final approval given by the Board of Trustees in October.


The first drafts of the proposed Campus Development Agreement were circulated in January of 2006. The final Campus Development Agreement was approved and executed between the Board of Trustees and the Jacksonville City Council in July. This concluded the Master Plan for 2005-2015.