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Eartha M. M. White Collection Subject Index


Folder Number Description
E4 1063
Photograph: Albert Sammis. No date given.
E4 1057
Document: Bill ($223.45). For paving portion of Beaver Street near property owned by J. S. Pope and Albert Sammis. March 26, 1928.
E4 1058
Document: Statement of property taxes for 1929. November 27, 1929.
E4 1059
Document: Receipt for property taxes for 1934. March 19, 1935.
E4 1060-1062
Photographs: Albert C. Sammis, Jr. (Three photographs - nos. 1060-1062) No dates given.
E4 1064
Letter: From Albert Sammis to Clara White, January19--?
E4 1065
Letter: From Albert Sammis to Eartha White, July 15, 1920.
E4 1066
Letter: From Albert Sammis to Eartha White, July 20, 1920.
E4 1067
Letter: From Albert Sammis to Eartha White, January 31, 1929. Notes death of Clara White.
E4 1068
Letter: From Albert Sammis to Eartha White, March 4, 1929.
E4 1069
Letter: From Albert Sammis to Eartha White, October 23, 1929.
E4 1070
Letter: From Albert Sammis to Eartha White, December 24, 1929. Encloses money for a Christmas gift.
E4 1071
Letter: From Albert Sammis to Eartha White, July 30, 1930.
E 1072
Letter: From Albert Sammis to Eartha White, September 21, 1930. Note: He states she is the beneficiary of a ten thousand dollar life insurance policy.
E4 1073
Letter: From Albert Sammis to Eartha White, November 8, 1930.
E4 2464
Receipt book of Martha Green, half-sister of Albert Sammis. No date given.
W3 2381
Cataloged under Unidentified Photographs (Group-W3-2381) Possibly Mary Sammis with husband, A. L. Lewis (?)
A2 2148
Newsclipping: "Death Takes Pastor After Brief Illness," Reverend William Ira Sanders, January 22, 1959.
SAVAGE, AUGUSTA, 1892-1962
Z5 2845
Statue: "Lift Every Voice and Sing." Note: Augusta Savage was an African American sculptor, born in Green Cove Springs, Florida in 1892. This statue, a small reproduction of the original, was sculpted in 1939 for the World's Fair. The statue in the form of a "Harp of Humanity" was titled from the anthem by James Weldon Johnson. Unfortunately, it was razed at the end of the Fair, along with all the other temporary structures, since money had not been allocated to cast the statue in bronze. (Source of birthdate: United States Census, 1920, see West Palm Beach, Florida.)
F4 1074
Photograph: A. L. Lewis Elementary School homeroom mothers in a parade. No date given.
F4 1075
Program: Closing exercises of Jacksonville Graded School, June 9, 1893.
F4 2034
Photograph: Coronation of Miss Duval Vocational High School. No date given.
F4 2035-2040; 2454

Photographs: Scenes from various school graduations. Nos. 2035-2040, 2454

F4 2142
Newsclipping: "School Enrollment Showed Big Increase," 1926-27 school year.
F4 2154
Newsclipping: "Negro School Bid Call Due at Early Date," Florida Times-Union, July 13, 1957.
F4 2685
Photograph: The Tuskegee Institute Choir, William L. Dawson, Director, 1950.
See SHOW BUSINESS (Folder H4 - 2650)
G4 1076
Note: I. O. U. from Leonard Lee Washington to laundry for $30.49, November 9, 1923.
G4 1077
Bill: To Service Laundry, Eartha White from the Willey Company for heating element, December 20, 1921.
G4 1078
Card: Business card for Service Laundry.
G4 1079a-l
Leaflet: Prospectus of the Jacksonville Hand (and Steam) Laundry. (twelve copies)
G4 1080
Letterhead stationery: Service Laundry Company. 1414 Cleveland Street, Jacksonville, Florida. Phone 5780. Eartha White, president and director.
G4 2090
Photograph: Eartha White and drivers from Laundry. Caption on photograph: "Put Your Duds in Our Suds, We Wash Everything But A Dirty Conscience."
G4 2878
Card: Business card for Steam Laundry Company. With caption: "Cleanliness next to Godliness."
H4 0828
Photograph: Mrs. Wellesley Isaacs. October 23, 1901, New York City.
H4 0829
Photograph: Kitty Cheatham. New York City. No date given.
H4 0831
Photograph: A. Brooks. September 25, 1899, New York City.
H4 0833
Photograph: N. E. Gross. New York City. No date given.
H4 0846
Photograph: James Whitting. August 19, 1895, New York City.
H4 0853
Photograph: A. S. Austin (Senior). Comedian-Producer. Postcard, no date given.
H4 1081a-b
Photograph: Strand Theatre. No date given. (two copies)
H4 1082
Brochure: Publicity for Mrs. Essie Love Queen, dramatic artist, teacher of elocution and aesthetic dancing. Studio located at 746 Hobart Place, NW, Washington, D. C. No date given.
H4 1083
Photograph: Comedy team of Cox and Perry. Cox dressed as Charlie Chaplin and Perry as Mable. Photograph taken by Lay Brothers, Nashville, Tennessee. No date given.
H4 1084
Photograph: South African Kaffir Choir. Photograph taken by The Royal Photographic & Portrait Studio, Boston, Massachusetts. (In Eartha White's handwriting: Property of E. M. M. White from Mr. J. Sams.)
H4 1085
Photograph: Publicity for play entitled "A Rabbit's Foot," in two acts. "8th Season of the Grand Spectacular Comedy" Pat Chappell, sole owner. "Don't fail to see the greatest bunch of creole girls, singers, dancers and cake walkers." No date given. (see also H4-2650)
H4 1086
Photograph: Men outside Strand Theatre. No date given.
H4 1087
Photograph: Strand Theatre. No date given. Oversize photograph.
H4 1088
Photograph: Willie Weaver's "Big Apple" Swingtime Review. No date given. Oversize photograph.
H4 2409
Postcard: A. G. Allen's Big Minstrel Show. (in front of Royal Hotel) No date given.
H4 2650
Scroll: [Route for a traveling theatrical troupe in 10 Southern states.] [1900 or 1901?] Outline of the route for a traveling theatrical troupe or possible minstrel show for a typical season beginning in Sept.-Oct. and closing in June. "The route embraces 10 different southern states as follows. Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Virginia, Louisiana, South Carolina, Kentucky, North Carolina and Tennessee. ... The population of each city and villages are given, likewis [sic] the distance from one place to the other, also giving nearly all the names of the opera houses, theaters, auditoriums, music hall [sic] with the seating capacity of all the regular stands." Probably intended for use by theatrical agents. The show may have been operated by Patrick H. Chappell; wife was Rosa A. Brooks, who married S. D. McGill after Chappell's death.
H4 2811
Photograph: Unidentified dancing girl. No date given.
H4 2863
Program: From the Ninth Annual Music Festival, The National Negro Opera Foundation, Washington, D. C., Saturday. August 27, 19--?
I4 0419; 0421
News release, leaflet: Announcement of Silas Green Show. February 10, 1930.
I4 0420
Card: Business card of Charles Collier, of Silas Green Show. No date given.
I4 0422
Letter: From Johnson Rooks, to Eartha White, February 3, 1930. Note: Eartha White mentions that Johnson Rooks, manager of the Silas Green Company, is a native of Jacksonville.
I4 0423
Letter: From Jacksonville Mayor John T. Alsop, Jr., to Eartha White, concerning authorization to hold Silas Green Show on Northwest corner of Kings Road and Davis Street. January 25, 1929.
I4 2005
Telegram: From Johnson Rooks, manager of Silas Green Show, to Eartha White, concerning location for show, January 29, 1929.
A2 0448
Photograph: Margaret Simms, singer. No date given.
E 0033
Newsclipping: Solicitation for help for the American National Red Cross, November 19--?
E 2654
Photograph: Mrs. Margaret Simms, Chairman, Red Cross Roll Call pledges. No date given.
R 0190
Photograph: Dedication ceremony of Clara White Mission, Sunday, July 13, 1947. Photograph of Mrs. Margaret Simms, guest soloist.
J4 1090
Photograph: Caldonia Simpson, receiving the Sarah Blocker Award at Florida Normal & Industrial Memorial College, St. Augustine, Florida, May 25, 1953. Caldonia Simpson was a teacher at A. L. Lewis Junior High School in Jacksonville, Florida. Active in the Duval County Teachers' Association. Home at: 1620 Steele Street (1952)
J4 1091
Photograph: Audience attending Interracial Seminar, January 3, 1947. Ms. Simpson near window.
J4 1092
Photograph: Group attending Interracial Seminar, Tennessee State College, July 11, 1947. Ms. Simpson, center.
J4 1093
Photograph: Panel of Interracial Seminar, Fisk University, July 1-19, 1947.
J4 1094
Photograph: Ms. Simpson with students. Appears to be a graduation party, possibly at her home. No date given.
J4 1095
Photograph: Ms. Simpson with students in classroom. No date given.
J4 1096
Photograph: Ms. Simpson with students in workshop. March 1957.
Q5 0874a
Photograph: U. S. Representative Charles E. Bennett and Mary Singleton. No date given.
SISTER MARY ANN, 1828-1914 ("Angel of Mercy of Jax")
S2 2736
Newsclipping: "St. Mary's Home Stands as Monument to Beloved Sister Mary Ann." Florida Times-Union, January 30, 1949. Includes photographs of Sister Mary Ann and St. Mary's Home.
S2 2754
Newsclipping: "Sister Mary Ann passed quietly away--Will be Missed by Poor of Jacksonville--Entire Life Given to Charity--Death of Angel of Mercy Brings Regrets to Residents of City." Florida Metropolis, January 15, 1914.
K4 1100-1101
Report: Case history of Thelma Brooks, of Olympia, Florida. Report includes referral letter to Eartha White and case history. No date given.
K4 1102
Case history: Notes on Effie Frazier. No date given.
K4 1103
Case history: Notes on Ethel Copeland. July 17, 1928.
K4 1104
Case history: Investigation of child of Ben Moseley. No date given.
K4 1105
Case history: Notes on William Presley. No date given.
K4 1106
Case history: Notes on Hazel Wright. April 19, 1930.
K4 1107
Case history: Notes on George Mitchell. August 24, 1931.
K4 1108-1114
Report: Daily reports of activities of Eartha White from April 20,1919 - April 26, 1919. Nos. 1108-1114.
K4 1115
Letter: From Margaret Thowman to Eartha White, regarding case of Willie Simmons. June 21, 1911.
K4 1116
Notes: On various case histories. No dates given.
K4 1117
List: Names of individuals working in various welfare departments. No dates given.
K4 2006
Notes: Case history of Pinkney family. No date given.
K4 2463
Card: Referral cards for the Jacksonville Employment Bureau. No date given.
Z2 2172
Badge: Seventeenth Biennial Session of the Southeastern Federation of Colored Women's Clubs, Columbia, South Carolina. August 14-16,1953.
Z2 2180
Badge: Sixteenth Biennial Session of the Southeastern Federation of Colored Women's Clubs, Atlanta, Georgia. July 29-31, 1951.
Z2 2198
Badge: 15th Biennial Session, Southeastern Federation of Colored Women's Clubs, Daytona Beach, Florida. July 31 - August 2, 1949.
D1 0330
Photograph of building in The Crisis Magazine (January 1942 issue).
L4 0085
Photograph: Stanton High School before the Great Jacksonville Fire in 1901. Eartha White taught at Stanton High School in 1902. See also index no. L4 - 1328.
L4 1118
Photograph: Eartha White delivering address to Vocational School closing, May 1957.
L4 1119
Photograph: Stanton School faculty, 1914.
L4 1120
Photograph: Graduating class at Stanton. No date given.
L4 1121
Photograph: Mathematics Essentials II Club, 1943-44. Eartha White, on right.
L4 1122
Letter: From S. Perry Penland to Richard L. Wilson, concerning Stanton High School property. April 28, 1972.
L4 1123a-b
History: Stanton School. (Two copies)
L4 1124
History: Stanton School. No date given.
L4 1125
Card: Invitation to graduation of Stanton High School, from Delores LaVern Price to Eartha White. June 6, 1929.
L4 1126
Photograph: Eartha White, friend and dog on the grounds of Stanton High School. No date given.
L4 1328
Letter: From Board of Public Instruction, Duval County, to Eartha White, informing her of her new position at Stanton School. January 30, 1902.
L4 2066
Photograph: Stanton Class of 1887.
L4 2067
Photograph: Stanton Class of 1931.
L4 2068
Photograph: Group of Stanton School children. No date given - 188-?
L4 2069
Photograph: Eartha White as young teacher at Stanton School. No date given.
A2 0444
Photograph: Mamie Stewart, mother of Amy Currie. No date given.
O2 0349
Photograph: Dedication of Harriet Beecher Stowe Center, Mandarin, Florida. May 21, 1940.
O2 0547a-d
Postcard: Home of Harriet Beecher Stowe, Mandarin, Florida. Compliments of Lincoln Memorial and Literary Association. (4 copies)
H4 1081a-b
Photograph: Strand Theatre. No date given. (two copies)
H4 1086
Photograph: Men outside Strand Theatre. No date given.
H4 1087
Photograph: Strand Theatre. No date given. Oversize photograph.