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Eartha M. M. White Collection Subject Index


Folder Number Description
N3 0778
Photograph: "Pearly Gates", a musical morality play. February 15, 1955. Eartha White portrayed an angel. (Oversize photograph)
N3 0779
Program: "Pearly Gates", a musical morality play. February 26-28,1955. Program signed by author F. Hall. Given at the Temple Theatre under sponsorship of the Jacksonville Negro Welfare League. Eartha White served on the Program Committee of the League.
O3 0776
Photograph: Mollie Peartree. April 24, 1936.
O3 0777
Manuscript: "Interesting Characters." Brief description of Mollie Peartree. (page 20 - Negro Folk Customs and Folk Lore, Pearl Randolph, Jacksonville, Florida.)
P3 0780a-b
Photograph: Daniel Webster Perkins. (2 copies)
P3 0781a-b
Photograph: Daniel Webster Perkins. (2 copies)
P3 0782
Program: Testimonial honoring D. W. Perkins. February 11, 1954. Note: Eartha White's photograph on back of program with other officers of the Jacksonville Negro Business League.
Q3 0783
Photograph: John N. C. Stockton. Democratic candidate for nomination as United States Senator. September 1903?
Q3 0785
Photograph: Belle Anderson. (She wrote to Eartha White, August 20, 1913, from "Hville" N.C.. Address: c/o Mrs. John D. Baker, Tom's Hill.)
Q3 0786
Photograph: Marie Mangrum Singleton. No date given.
Q3 0787
Photograph: Dr. Culp. No date given.
Q3 0788
Photograph: Richard R. Ponce. No date given.
Q3 0789
Photograph: Reverend Leo Elliot. No date given.
Q3 0790
Photograph: Lola Mixon. No date given.
Q3 0791
Photograph: Milton Flood. No date given.
Q3 0792
Photograph: B. K. Barrs and ?? Blalock. 1886.
Q3 0794
Photograph: Mrs. F. M. Lembrick. No date given.
Q3 0795
Photograph: Daisy Duncan. No date given.
Q3 0796
Photograph: Adlee V. Davis. No date given.
Q3 0798
Photograph: Ada Lee. No date given.
Q3 0799
Photograph: Mrs. L. E. Powell. No date given.
Q3 0800
Photograph: Maggie Carter. No date given.
Q3 0801
Photograph: Vivian Brinkley. No date given.
Q3 0802a-b
Photograph: Ida Coleman. No date given. (2 copies)
Q3 0803
Photograph: Sylvanus Hart. (Banker, lawyer, Clerk of Court "before Louila was annexed to Jacksonville.")
Q3 0805
Photograph: Maggie Williams. No date given.
Q3 0806
Photograph: Mamie S. Freeland. St. Augustine, Fl. No date given.
Q3 0807
Photograph: Lydia M. Barbee. 602 Massey Ave., Durham, N.C. No date given.
Q3 0808
Photograph: Maude E. Grant. Jacksonville, Florida. No date given.
Q3 0809
Photograph: Rosena Campbell. No date given.
Q3 0810
Photograph: Mamie Campbell. No date given.
Q3 0811
Photograph: George Butler. May 31, 1893.
Q3 0813
Photograph: Dr. D. W. Roberts, deceased August 1919. St. Augustine, Florida.
Q3 0814
Photograph: Anna Cook. On back: "wife Anna Cook, Jacksonville, now in London." Photograph: London, England.
Q3 0815
Photograph: Robert Sams. No date given.
Q3 0816
Photograph: Charles Henry Douglass. Born Easter, April 11, 1901.
Q3 0817
Photograph: Melvin J. Chisum. No date given.
Q3 0819
Photograph: Mary Johnson Davis, Gospel Singers of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. No date given.
Q3 0820
Photograph: Leo Bentley. No date given.
Q3 0821
Photograph: Lillie Price. 6642 Carpenter St., Englewood, Ill. Photograph: Chicago, Ill. No date given.
Q3 0822
Photograph: Johney Duncan. Photograph: Chicago, Illinois. No date given.
Q3 0823
Photograph: J. C. H. Dickey. Photograph: Cincinnati, Ohio. No date given.
Q3 0824
Photograph: Frances Archer. Photograph: Columbus, Ohio. July 24, 1898.
Q3 0825-0827
Photograph: Children of Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Hunter, Appalachicola, Florida. (see Q3 - 875 for photograph of Sayde Mae Hunter, 1914.)
Q3 0832
Photograph: Loud Simmons. Photograph: New York. No date given.
Q3 0834-0843
Photograph: Snapshots of travels of Mrs. Francis Lewis. No dates given. (nos. 834-843)
Q3 0844
Photograph: Jane Taylor. No date given.
Q3 0845
Photograph: Ivy? Dallow. No date given.
Q3 0847
Photograph: Willie ?. March 8, 1903.
Q3 0848
Photograph: Mrs. J. E. Wing and sons. October 1900.
Q3 0849
Photograph: Adrian Olean Massey. No date given.
Q3 0850
Photograph: A. R. Campbell. No date given.
Q3 0851
Photograph: P. G. Douglass. Born December 25, 1910.
Q3 0854
Photograph: Juan Oliva. June 21, 1926. Ex-featherweight champion of Cuba, welterweight contender. Signed to "To my friend Buddy Austin, sincerely Juan Oliva. 6-21-1926 N.Y."
Q3 0855
Photograph: Mr. Carter and Lorraine. Sent to "Mrs. Austin" and signed Alice. No date given.
Q3 0856
Photograph: Billy, Delores Lorraine and "George." (Children of Alice). No date given.
Q3 0857
Photograph: Theo Williams. No date given.
Q3 0858
Photograph: Loise ?. (On back: "To my darling wil from Loise with all my love. Don't you know I care.") No date given.
Q3 0859
Photograph: Louis Ritter, Jacksonville Mayor. March 2, 1963.
Q3 0860
Photograph: Eulojia Garcia. September 30, 1903. Translation of writing on back of photograph: "To my unforgetable Octavio. This remembrance is dedicated to you so that you won't forget your Mulata."
Q3 0861
Photograph: Infant of Mrs. Lottie Williams. February 1936.
Q3 0866
Photograph: J. Dennis. Tampa, Florida. No date given.
Q3 0867
Photograph: Florence Sewell. No date given.
Q3 0868
Photograph: Inscription: "This was made in Sumter, S.C. The two kids are Heywards."
Q3 0869
Photograph: Jennie ?. Inscription: "To a very fine person and fine friend, Your friend, Jennie, June 4, 1942."
Q3 0870
Photograph: Dr. John E. L'Engle. Signed on back of photo. No date given.
Q3 0871
Photograph: Erskine Tucker; Joseph Debore; Elvin Hunter; Joseph Thayer; William Geiger; James Williams; Daniel Akers; James Wooden; Alphonso Wheatbrook. No date given.
Q3 0872
Photograph: Mr. and Mrs. Richardson, and daughter Betty. No date given.
Q3 0873
Photograph: Frances Lyon. Anchorage High School teacher, working at Hoosier Ordnance Plant during summer. No date given.
Q3 0875
Photograph: Sadye ?. August 14, 1914. "To Bubber Chawncy from sister Sadye, August 14, 1914." Photo taken in Appalachicola, Florida. Music book belonging to Sadye Mae Hunter (April 1917) found in Eartha White's papers. See also Folder K - 2867.
Q3 0876
Photograph: Sandy Patrick. No date given.
Q3 0963
Photograph: Peggy Humphrey. No date given.
Q3 0969
Photograph: Elizabeth Ford. Wife of Bethel Baptist Institutional Church Reverend Ford. No date given.
Q3 2018
Inscribed on photograph: "From Carolyn to Eartha." On back: "1432 Fla. Ave." No date given.
Q3 2019-2023
Photographs: Scenes from Jerry's Department Store. No date given.
Q3 2091-2092
Photographs: The Riverview Maid, riverboat of Dr. Armstrong. No date given.
Q3 2100
Photograph: Armstrong Party in vintage automobile. Note: Taken the same day as the scene on the Riverview Maid yacht (no. 2091).
Q3 2199
Photograph: Infants Moses Gabriel and Aron John Hepburn. Photographer: E. Weems, Jacksonville, Florida. No date given.
Q3 2221; 2422
Photographs: Mrs. S. A. Austin. Center Street (later Calhoun) No dates given.
Q3 2232; 2246
Photographs: Mrs. Gussie Calif Cunningham Satterwhaite. No dates given.
Q3 2253
Photograph: Alice Johnson. No date given.
Q3 2254-2255
Photographs: Victoria James. Wedding at Bethel Baptist Institutional Church. No dates given.
Q3 2295
Photograph: Arthur A. Wright. No date given.
Q3 2395
Photograph: Group of majorettes from S. P. Livingston Elementary School, Sarah Lovett, teacher. No date given.
Q3 2396
Photograph: Official staff of Sons and Daughters of Florida. No date given.
Q3 2416
Photograph: Marceline ?, niece of Retha Howard, 1945. Signed: "To Aunt Retha and Uncle Howard with love, Marceline, 1945."
Q3 2455
Photograph: Group in auditorium, including Edward Thurston, Mrs. Morse, Amy Currie, Oscar Hillman, Mrs. Bowman, Florence McLaughlin, Grayce Bateman, James Greene, Ada Braddock, Capers Braddock, Eartha White, Chester Cowart and others. No date given.
Q3 2759
Photograph: J. C. Greeley. No date given.
Q3 2804
Photograph: Emily Norton Stewart, daughter of Isabella Tatton. Photograph taken in Nassau, Bahamas. No date given.
Q3 2805
Photograph: Hooten and Hooten, 1305 Penna Ave., Baltimore, Maryland. No date given.
Q3 2812
Photograph: Henry Sherman, early Postman and City Marshal. No date given.
Q3 2813
Photograph: Robert Williams, ex-slave, ninety-five years old. No date given.
Q3 2816
Photograph: Ellen Johnson. No date given.
Q3 2820
Photograph: Miss Cafrera (?) of South Carolina. No date given.
Q3 2835
Photograph: Twentieth Annual Convention of the National Association of Negro Musicians, Inc., Chicago, Illinois. August 18-23, 1940. (Oversize photograph - 15" x 22 1/2")
W3 2834
Photograph: Unidentified seaport. No date given.
W3 2798
Photographs: A family album. Various dates.
W3 2838
Photograph: Unidentified group. No date given. Oversize.
W3 0905+
Photographs: 905-906; 914; 931; 936; 940; 964; 966; 974; 1022;1089; 2029-2032; 2053; 2062; 2097-2098; 2103; 2311-2328; 2332; 2334-2370; 2374-2386; 2406-2407; 2418; 2453; 2700-2701; 2705-2708; 2808; 2817
U3 0901+
Photographs: 901-902; 916-918; 920; 923-924; 929; 933; 943; 1000; 2200-2220; 2303; 2410-2413
X3 0895+
Photographs: 895; 899-900; 903; 907; 910; 913; 915; 921-922; 927-928; 935; 937-939; 941-942; 944; 946; 949; 950-952; 995; 997; 1001-1003; 1006-1010; 1012; 1014; 1021; 1968; 2004; 2112; 2273-2279; 2281-2302; 2305-2309; 2414-2415; 2424; 2696; 2698; 2703-2704; 2768; 2803; 2806; 2810-2811; 2814; 2818-2819; 2860
V3 0896+
Photographs: 896-898; 904; 908-909; 911-912; 919; 925-926; 930; 932; 959-963; 965; 967-973; 975-981; 984-986; 990-993; 996; 998-999; 1004-1005; 1011; 1013; 1015-1020; 1985; 1997; 2221-2272; 2310; 2418-2423; 2811
V3 2844
Photograph: Oversize octagonal photograph of unidentified woman.
Y3 1023
Postcard: From Victor and Beulah to S. A. (Buddy) Austin. No date given.
Y3 1024
Postcard: From R. Loftin Smith to Eartha White, December 1962.
Y3 1025-1030
Postcard: Miscellaneous postcards. (Five cards - no. 1025-1030)
Y3 1033
Postcard: From J. Earl Morse to Eartha White, coronation of Miss Florida 1941. (1 copy in Folder S4; copy 2 in Folder H5 (White, E. M. M.--Photographs)
Y3 2770
Postcard: Colored Masonic Temple, Jacksonville, Florida. Erected by John H. Hickerson, Grand Master of Masonics. Two duplicate cards in Folder Y1 (Jacksonville under no. 440)
K 2856
Photograph: Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Signed 8 x 10 glossy print. No date given.
D1 0330
Photograph of funeral home in The Crisis Magazine (January 1942 issue).
Z3 1034
Program: Funeral program, December 13, 1943.
Z3 1035
Photograph: Lawton Pratt as a young man. Autographed. No date given.
Z3 1036
Photograph: Lawton Pratt. No date given.
Z3 1037
Thank you card from family of Lawton Pratt for condolences. (Photograph of the deceased on the card)
Z3 1038
Calendar: Lawton L. Pratt Funeral Homes, Jacksonville and Deland, 1945.
Z3 1039
Photograph: Lawton Pratt. No date given.
Z3 2676
Photograph: Group outside of the Lawton Pratt Funeral Home. No date given.
H1 0362
Booklet: Address of President Roosevelt at Hampton Institute. Decoration Day, 1906. Hampton, Virginia: Hampton Institute Press, 1906?