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Eartha M. M. White Collection Subject Index


Folder Number Description
See also Eartha M. M. White Nursing Home (Folder L1)
F3 0752
Ledger: Record of bills and expenditures, March 1928 - January 1929.
F3 0771a-c
Leaflet: "History of Old Folks Home Community, a Red Feather Agency." No date given. (3 copies)
F3 0877
Photograph: Painters at work at the Old Folks Home. No date given
F3 0879
Photograph: Gathering at the Old Folks Home. Eartha White in foreground. No date given.
F3 0880
Newsclipping: "One Reason Why You Should Help the Chest Drive." Florida Times-Union, November 10,1931.
F3 0882
Postcard: The Old Folks Home, Jacksonville, Fla. Miss Eartha M. M. White and officers. No date given.
F3 0883
Postcard: The Old Folks Home, Jacksonville, Fla. Miss Eartha M. M. White, Presi. No date given. Eartha White, seated, middle front row.
F3 0884a-f
Program: Corner Stone Laying at Old Folks Home, April 27, 19--?. (6 copies)
F3 0886
Photograph: Old Folks Home after fire, August 31, 1951.
F3 0889
Photograph: Exhibit for Lincoln-Douglass Memorial at Old Folks Home. Eartha White at right. No date given.
F3 0890a-c
Card: Old Folks Home, Miss Eartha M. M. White, Jacksonville, Florida. No date given. (Full text from UNF Digital Commons.)
F3 0892
Letter: To Eartha White from Martha (Green?), matron in charge of the Old Folks Home in Eartha White's absence. July 21, 1933.
F3 0894
Leaflet: "Old Folks Home Community." No date given.
F3 1972
Advertisement: Old Folks Home - Development and Publicity. Rescue Home, Mrs. D. B. Williams, president. No date given.
F3 2095
Photograph: Services in the new dining room at Old Folks Home. No date given.
G3 0328
Bill: From Tutewiler Press. February 3, 1930.
G3 0340
Bill: From City Electric Light Plant, Jacksonville, Florida. For $2.59. September 10, 1930.
G3 0419a
Bill: From Biggs and Masser, Plumbing and Heating, for repairs, June 29, 1931.
G3 0420
Bill: From City of Jacksonville, for construction of sidewalk in front of Old Folks Home. May 6, 1921.
G3 0421
Bill: From S. B. Hubbard and Company for Cyclone Walk Gate, September 24, 1930.
G3 0422
Bill: From Jones Lumber Company. No date given.
G3 0423
Bill: From Jackson-Hoyt Company, for Womens' Ready to Wear items, August 1, 1919.
G3 0708
Bill: Telephone bill. No date given.
G3 0709
Bill: From W. J. Jackson, for electrical repairs. October 5, 1929.
G3 0710a-b
Bills: From Jacksonville Stevedore Company, Inc., for wood. September 12, 1929; October 2, 1929.
G3 0711a-b
Bills: From Jacksonville Furniture Company. September 30, 1929; October 1, 1929.
G3 0717-0718
Bills: From Pellerin Furniture Company. June 14, 1921; June 16,1921.
G3 0719-0722
Bills: From Dixie Pharmacy and Lily's Pharmacy. August 1, 1929; May 1, 1930; July 6, 1931; and May 3, 1932.
G3 0723
Bill: From Florida Provision Company, Feeds and Staple Groceries, for $40.90. August 25, 1930.
G3 0724-0728
Bills: From Enterprise Meat Market, August 13, 1930 ($2.50); August 27, 1930 ($1.80); September 4, 1930 ($1.85); September 8, 1930 ($17.01); and February 6, 1931 ($7.51).
G3 0729-0732
Bill: From unknown source for food. September 1929: September 5, 1929; September 24, 1929; and September 30, 1929.
G3 0733-0735
Bills: From Daylight Grocery Company, May 3, 1930; September 4, 1930; and November 4, 1930.
G3 0768
List of bills to be paid. No date given.
I3 0736
Ticket: Invitation to annual picnic at Little Talbot Island. July14, 1965.
I3 0737
Ticket: Trip to Orange Park on Steamer Frederick DeBary. June 14, 1909.
I3 0738
Newsclipping: "Clara White Mission Ready for Annual Outing, July 16."
I3 0739
Ticket: Invitation to Annual Picnic at Moncrief Springs. July 16,19--?
I3 0740
Card: Invitation to Annual Picnic at Manhattan Beach, July 28, 19--?
I3 0741
Newsclipping: "The Old Folks Home, Inmates Enjoyed Picnic at Manhattan Beach," no date given. Note: Mrs. Clara White mentioned in second paragraph. "Eautee" White is mentioned also.
I3 1998
Notes: Christmas Activities at Old Folks Home. No date given.
H3 0744
Document: Giving Old Folks Home the right to the Estate of Mrs. S. T. Gibbs. April 12, 1930.
H3 0745
Letter: To Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, from Eartha White, concerning the request for payment of bills of J. B. Brown, a deceased resident of the Old Folks Home. January 3, 1929.
H3 0746
Letter: From W. C. McConnell, Florida State Hospital at Chattahoochee concerning Jenny Shaw, a patient at the Hospital. August 4, 1924.
H3 0747
Letter: From Alberta Deal to Eartha White, requesting permission for Mrs. Deal's mother to enter Old Folks Home. August 27, 1930.
H3 0748
List: Residents at Old Folks Home. No date given.
H3 0749a-b
Postcards: "Inmates and helpers at Old Folks Home." (2 copies)
H3 0750
Photograph: Mrs. Emily Jackson, 102 years old. She was honored at a Christmas party at the Clara White Mission. December 24, 1947.
H3 0751
Letter: From M. L. Kennedy to Eartha White concerning Mr. John Howard's admittance to the Old Folks Home. June 4, 19--?
H3 0878
Photograph: One of the first residents ("inmates") of Old Folks Home. No date given.
H3 0881a-b
Photographs: Group of residents at Old Folks Home. Eartha White, center, kneeling. (2 copies)
H3 0882a-e
Postcards: Scene at Old Folks Home. (5 copies)
H3 0883a-c
Postcards: Residents of Old Folks Home with Eartha White. (3 copies)
H3 0885
Photograph: Funeral of Isiah White, the first resident's funeral at the Old Folks Home, 1627 Milinor Ave.
H3 0887
Photograph: Three residents of the Old Folks Home. No date given.
H3 0893a-b
Photographs: Residents of the Old Folks Home. Eartha White, center front. (2 copies)
H3 2003
Photograph: Rev. C. J. Dorrah, the matron, and Eartha White with residents of the Old Folks Home. No date given.
H3 2094
Photograph: First wedding at Old Folks Home. November 28, 1937. (Hooper-Sneed wedding)
H3 2428
Bill: From "The Floridian", to Eartha White for publication of legal advertisement of estate of Maria Fuller. November 21, 1931.
J3 0742
Letter: Head Quarters Old Folks' Home, Office of President, 853 Pippin St. Solicitation for donation from Eartha M. M. White, President. Jacksonville, Fla.. October 4, 1911. (Full text from UNF Digital Commons.)
J3 0743
Letter: To Eartha M. M. White, President, Old Folks Home, 233 West 1st Street, Jacksonville, Florida. From H. N. Rodenbaugh, Vice President, Florida East Coast Railway Company, concerning " Transportation: Colored Orphans and Aged Home." St. Augustine [Fla.], July 11, 1929. (Full text from UNF Digital Commons.)
J3 0888
Form: Forward, Florida Federation of Colored Women's Club, Report Blank for 1920. [Eartha M. M. White, as President of the Old Folks Home, filed this report form for 1920 and sent it to the corresponding secretary of the FFCWC.] Full text from UNF Digital Commons.
J3 2011
Form: Mother Mrs. Clara White... Contribution blank for donations to Old Folks Home Association. No date given.
K3 0753
Card: Statistics of "inmates and workers" at Home. September 1929 -September 1930.
K3 0754
Financial report: July 1928.
K3 0755
Financial report: August 1928.
K3 0756
Financial report: June 1928.
K3 0757
Financial report: April 1928.
K3 0758
Financial report: May 1928.
K3 0759
Financial report: Rough draft, May 1928.
K3 0760
"Inmates report": September 1928.
K3 0761
"Inmates report": June 1930.
K3 0762
Financial report: June 1930.
K3 0763
Financial report: July 1930.
K3 0764
"Inmate report": August 1930.
K3 0765
Financial report: August 1930.
K3 0766
Financial report: September 1932.
K3 0767
Financial report: August, September ??.
K3 0769
Financial report: September, October ??.
K3 0770
Financial report: May ??.
K3 0891
"Inmate report": 1921.
L3 0772
Photograph: Eartha White at Eastern Star function. No date given.
L3 0773a-n
Photographs: Members of the Eastern Star. (14 copies) No date given.
L3 0774
Booklet: Uniform Code of Bylaws, State of Florida. No date given.
L3 0775
Letter: Notification of meeting of the Executive Board of Federation. January 3, 1927. (Written on Bethlehem Chapter Order of Eastern Star letterhead)
L3 2186
Badge: Salem Court, no. 5, Heroines of Jericho, Providence, Rhode Island.
See also Merry Hearts Club (Folder U2)
M3 1097
Booklet: Seminole Culture Club. Eartha White, Club historian for 1946-47. She also served as a Hostess at the first meeting in October 1946.
M3 1098
Photograph: Group in Havana, Cuba. Eartha White, seated front row, eighth from left. August 2, 1947.
M3 2194
Badge: Mt. Bethel Lodge, no. 1, I.O.S. and D. of J. of Florida.
M3 2446
Card: Eartha White's membership card for the National Sociological Society.