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Eartha M. M. White Collection Subject Index


Folder Number Description
A2 0447
Photograph: Beaulah McClellan. She wrote the Social Note Column for the Florida Times-Union. No date given.
Attorney known for winning the "Little Scottsboro Case" in 1942. During his years in Jacksonville, he served as an officer of numerous clubs and civic organizations, including the Lincoln-Douglass Memorial Association. He spoke at the February 12, 1913 Tri-Celebration in Jacksonville.
D1 0330
Photograph of Law Library of McGill and McGill in The Crisis Magazine (January 1942 issue). Page 28.
K2 0514
Photograph: Endowment Board of Knights of Pythias, July 20, 1918. (S. D. McGill, back row on left.) Oversize photograph.
Q2 0560
Photograph: S. D. McGill. (Oval portrait) No date given.
Q2 0561
Photograph: S. D. McGill in office. No date given.
S. D. McGill in office
Q2 0562
Photograph: S. D. McGill, Charlie Davis, Walter Woodward, Jack Williamson and Eartha White shown after the Scottsboro trial. The three men spent seven years on Death Row for murder. McGill appealed their conviction and obtained their releases. March 1942.
group of 4 after trial
Q2 0564
Letter: From S. D. McGill, Corresponding Secretary of Duval County Central Republican Club, to Eartha White, thanking her for the address she gave at Mt. Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church. Letter dated June 21, 1919.
Q2 0565-0566
Miscellaneous newspaper clippings relating to legal cases of S.D. McGill. Multiple pages from oversize scrapbooks. Dates, sources vary.
Q2 0567
Program: Funeral program for Nathan K. McGill, brother of Simuel McGill. May 11, 1946. Nathan McGill was an attorney who lived in Chicago. Son was named Simuel D. McGill II.
Q2 0568
News release: The account of the "Little Scottsboro Case," Attorney McGill's defense of Charlie Davis, Walter Woodward and Jack Williamson, and the Testimonial Banquet held in McGill's honor after winning the case. Written by Spike Washington and sent to the Associated Negro Press, Chicago, Illinois. March 28, 1942.
Q2 0569
Program: The Orlando District Sunday School Institute, August 15- 18, 1901. Eatonville, Florida. Note: S. D. McGill listed on program under the Finance Committee.
Q2 0570
Newsclipping: "Summer Graduation Class of Edward Waters College," July 14, 19--?. Mrs. R. A. McGill listed in graduating class.
Q2 0571
Leaflet: "Vote Against School Bonds: 1,500 Colored Children Without School Accommodation," issued by Colored Board of Trade. (S. D. McGill was member of Board). February 23, 1915.
Q2 0572a
Poem: "The Little Scottsboro Case," written by Robert Hughes Bennett, Miami, Florida. Dated January 30, 1944. Poem was dedicated to Attorney McGill in honor of his legal victory in the Case. Palm Beach, Florida, March 9, 1942. (No. 572-a)
Q2 0572b
Letter: To the Spingarn Medal Committee from Robert Hughes Bennett, nominating S. D. McGill for the Medal Award. January 19, 1944.
Q2 0573
Letter: From J. Douglas Wetmore, to S. D. McGill concerning the study of law. May 17, 1901. (possible reference to the effects of the Great Jacksonville Fire of May 3, 1901)
Q2 0575
Photograph: Unidentified photograph of class, with S. D. McGill, left front. Note: Class may have been Dummer Academy Class, South Byfield, Massachusetts. See Q2-2462
Q2 0576
Photographs: Banquet in honor of S. D. McGill. Composite made by photographer for newspaper publicity of event. Oversize photographs. No date given.
Q2 2109
Photograph: S. D. McGill, left front, with unidentified group. Dated May 1922. Oversize photograph.
Q2 2462
Newspaper clippings, program: Howard Academy Graduation, Dummer Academy. No exact dates given. One clipping has date of May 23, 1903. Program reference to: "...Class 1908."
Q2 2873
Photograph: S. D. McGill. [Circa 1913?]
S 2886
Charter: Name of S. D. McGill printed on the Boy Scouts of America charter to Troop no. 46 sponsored by the Clara White Mission, October 31, 1941. McGill served on the Troop Committee. (In Oversize Folder S - Clara White Mission - Activities)
Z10 2896
Photograph: Matted reprint of S. D. McGill. No date given.
Q2 0563
Card: Pledge card for Mrs. S. D. McGill for Community Chest.
S1 0404
Form letter from Eartha White thanking individuals for donations to the Fresh Air Camp. No date given.
P2 0554-0559
Photographs: Six photographs of various scenes at Manhattan Beach, Florida. (Also known as Seminole Beach - 1983). Nos. 554-559. No dates given.
H5 2758
Photograph: Eartha White with Thurgood Marshall, first African American to serve as an associate justice of the Supreme Court. Nominated by President Lyndon Johnson in 1967. Served as Chief Counsel for NAACP from 1938 to 1961. No date given.
D1 0330
Photograph of building in The Crisis Magazine (January 1942 issue).
Q5 0874
Photograph: U. S. Representative Charles E. Bennett and Sallye Mathis. No date given.
See Bowden, J.E.T. (Folder A2-2150)
See Ritter, Louis H. (Folders U2-615; Q3-859)
See Alsop, John T., Jr. (Folders U2-614; I4-423; R-207)
S2 0580
Program: Reverend James S. Todd, prominent religious leader of Florida. Note: Eartha White listed on page 7-8 as "a dynamic member of the Negro Health Committee of which Rev. Todd served as the first President."
S2 0581
Newsclipping: "Miss White Loses Lifetime Friends." Announcement of deaths of Mrs. Rebecca Styles Taylor Dobson and Dr. Mary F. Waring.
S2 0582
Program: James Maxie Ponder, M.D., March 8, 1958. Service held in St. Petersburg, Florida.
S2 0583
Newsclipping: "Dr. E. W. Thompson dies; Funeral Rites Monday," Florida Times-Union. No date given. Note: Dr. Thompson was a pharmacist, civic worker in Jacksonville.
S2 0584
Newsclipping: Funeral announcement of Minus Thomas. No date given.
S2 0585
Newsclipping: Death and funeral announcement of Mrs. Alice Kirkpatrick. January 26, 1959. She was a member of Bethel Baptist Institutional Church. (Memorial program in no. 595)
S2 0586
Program: Mrs. Lilla G. Curry, December 9, 1962. Note: She was a Suwannee County teacher. Interment: Live Oak Cemetery, Florida.
S2 0587a-b
Program, newspaper clipping: Alice Lenora Anderson, February 3, 1930. Note: Grand Worthy Superior of America & District Grand Most Noble Governor of Florida, G.U.O. of O.F.
S2 0588
Program: Mrs. Christiana Jackson, October 7, 1929. Orlando, Florida.
S2 0589
Program: Benjamin Homer Jackson, January 6, 1962. Deacon, Greater New Jerusalem Baptist Church.
S2 0590
Program: Mrs. Livinia Storey, January 5, 1963. Note: Eartha White listed as an elder of the Ephesus Seventh-Day Adventist Church and spoke at memorial service.
S2 0591
Program: Memorial service for Dr. John E. Ford. August 10, 1947. Note: Dr. Ford was pastor at Bethel Baptist Institutional Church for 36 years. Eartha White spoke at the Memorial Service, "Dr. Ford and the Community Needs."
S2 0592
Program: Services for Reverend Cleveland M. Shaw. October 29, 1970. Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church, Interment at Greenwood Cemetery, Jacksonville, Florida.
S2 0593
Program: Memorial Services for Dr. Minor Francis McCleary, Dr. Henry Elliot Williams, Dr. William Commodore Smalls. January 23, 1927. Under the auspices of the Jacksonville Local Medical, Dental and Pharmaceutical Association.
S2 0594a-b
Program: Reverend Lemul Calvin Way. February 21, 1970. Mt. Carmel Baptist Church. (2 copies)
S2 0595
Program: Mrs. Alice Kirkpatrick. January 26, 1959. See Folder S2-585 for newspaper announcement of death
S2 2736
Newsclipping: "St. Mary's Home Stands as Monument to Beloved Sister Mary Ann." Florida Times-Union, January 30, 1949. With photographs of Sister Mary Ann and St. Mary's Home. See also S2 - no. 2754
S2 2754
Newsclipping: "Sister Mary Ann passed quietly away--Will be Missed by Poor of Jacksonville--Entire Life Given to Charity--Death of Angel of Mercy Brings Regrets to Residents of City." Florida Metropolis, January 15, 1914. Note: See also S2 - no. 2736.
S2 2784
Thank you card from family of Dr. James Maxie Ponder. March 1958?
S2 2850
Newsclipping: "Colored Pastor Here 22 Years Succumbs. Rev. J. Milton Waldron of Shiloh Church was Active in Welfare Movements." Evening Star, November 20, 1931. Note: Reverend Waldron (1863-1931) was instrumental in building two large churches in Jacksonville.
S2 2883
Newsclipping: Funeral announcement of Police Sergeant Charlie Sea. May 24, 1939.
S2 2884
Newsclipping: Funeral announcement of Mrs. Carrie Bradley. November 24, 1953. (She was a member of the Eastern Star Organization, with Eartha White.)
R2 0577
Program: Memorial Day Services. No date given.
R2 0578
Program: Tentative activities for Memorial Day Services. No date given.
R2 0579
Photograph: Group at Memorial Day Services at Duval Cemetery, May 30, 1933. Under the auspices of Lincoln-Douglass Memorial Association and others. (Eartha White, center background.)
T2 0383
Photograph: Mrs. Annie James, dietician; Mrs. Jennie Hart, pantry woman; and Bertha Wilbert, cook in kitchen at Mercy Hospital. No date given.
T2 0596
Newsclipping: Open House of Mercy Hospital, Courier Newspaper, June 6, 1953.
T2 0597
Photograph: Eartha White with nurses at Mercy Hospital. May 1958.
T2 0598
Photograph: Eartha White with male patients on a ward at Mercy Hospital. No date given.
T2 0599
Photograph: Eartha White, Mrs. Helen McLaughlin, Reverend Joseph Ray and Mission Mascot, "Hounddog." No date given.
T2 0600
Photograph: Eartha White at birthday party for patient at Mercy Hospital. No date given.
T2 0601a
Photograph: Mercy Hospital, 1449 Milnor Street. No date given.
T2 0601b
Notes: Request to State Legislature for appropriation of funds for Mercy Hospital, June 6, 1953.
T2 0603
Photograph: Eartha White with female patients on a ward at Mercy Hospital. No date given.
T2 0604
Photograph: Group including Erma Brookins, Marie Mangrum and Grace Bateman, visiting the sick at Mercy Hospital. No date given.
T2 0605
Photograph: Nurses at Mercy Hospital: first row, l-r: Mrs. Evelyn Cummings, Mrs. Edna Iszard, Miss Marian Beal; second row, Mrs. Anna Parker, Mrs. Beatrice Mack, and Miss Henrietta Cleveland; last row, Mrs. Eula Stanford, Eartha White and Mrs. Rosa Lee Wyche. May 1958.
T2 2052
Photograph: Eartha White, Mrs. Grace Bateman, and Mrs. Helen McLaughlin interviewing relative of patient for admittance to Mercy Hospital. No date given.
T2 2157
Newsclipping: "Clara White Mission `Mercy Hospital' To Hold Open House Sunday," Jacksonville Journal. May 25, 1958.
T2 2887
Photograph: Group of nurses at Mercy Hospital. No date given.
T2 2888
Certificate: From the American Association of Nursing Homes to Mercy Hospital, 1955.
U2 0442
Newsclipping: "Merry Hearts Club Solicits Xmas Help," November 24, 1953.
U2 0606
Newsclipping: "Merry Hearts Plan Christmas Program," Florida Times-Union, December 8, 1957.
U2 0607
Photograph: Christmas Party given by Merry Hearts Club. (Eartha White sitting beside Christmas tree.) Oversize photograph. No date given.
U2 0608
Photograph: Christmas Party given by Merry Hearts Club. (Eartha White and Jack Dew shown.) No date given.
U2 0609
Invitation from Merry Hearts Club for a Christmas Party at Stanton High School, December 25, 19--?.
U2 0610
Newsclipping: "Merry Hearts Club Seeks Volunteers," November 26, 1953.
U2 0611
Newsclipping: "Merry Hearts Club Distributes Xmas Baskets," Florida Times-Union, January 5, 1948.
U2 0612
Invitation from Merry Hearts for a Christmas Party, December 25, 1957.
U2 0613a-c
Thank you card from Merry Hearts Club. (3 copies) No date given.
U2 0614
Letter: Solicitation from Merry Hearts Club for Christmas gifts, with an endorsement from Jacksonville Mayor John T. Alsop, Jr., 1935.
U2 0615
Letter: Solicitation from Merry Hearts Club for Christmas gifts, with an endorsement from Jacksonville Mayor Louis H. Ritter, 1966.
See also American National Red Cross (Folder E)
V2 0793
Photograph: Sinclair, William A., M.D. 1221 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. No date given.
V2 2702
Photograph: R. R. Wright, Major and Add'l Paymaster U.S.V., in Spanish-American War. No date given.
V2 2713
Article: "Fightingest Tank Battalion Holds Tenth Reunion," Ebony, 1954.
V2 0616
Photograph: Eartha White at USO function. November 3, 1962.
V2 0617-0618
Photographs: Eartha White leaving services at Camp Blanding. No dates given.
V2 0619
Photograph: Soldier at U.S.O. function sketching female model. No date given.
V2 0620-0621
Photographs: Scenes from Patriotism Parade. Eartha White is leading the parade. No dates given. (Image no. 621 from UNF Digital Commons.)
V2 0623
Photograph: Eartha White and State Defense Council. Oversize photograph. Photographer: E. L. Weems. No date given.
V2 0784
Photograph: Olin McGhee (Corporal), October 17, 1942. Service at Camp Blanding, Jacksonville, Florida.
V2 0804
Photograph: George W. Davis, Chief Engineer, N. Y. Laundrys, 418 E. Forsyth St., Jacksonville, Florida. No date given.
V2 0812
Photograph: James Wells, 1st Sergeant, September 7, 1942.
V2 0852
Photograph: Harry (Harvey?) F. Lofton. (Colonel) No date given.
V2 0863
Photograph: John ? January 28, 1947
V2 0864
Photograph: Ben States (Stokes?). September 27, 1943.
V2 1163a-f
Photograph: Camp Blanding baseball team, Jacksonville, Florida. Eartha White standing on left next to team. (Four copies: 4 photographs, 2 postcards) No date given.
Eartha and team in uniform
V2 2184-2185
Badges: Honorary medals from World War I.
V2 2448
Leaflet: War work campaign mass meeting, November 4, 19--?. Eartha White was listed as one of the speakers.
V2 2712
Newsclipping: "No Negroes are to be sent off in first draft," Florida Times-Union. August 29, 1917.
V2 2783
Photograph: Unidentified couple at USO party. No date given.
V2 2841
Photograph: War Camp Community Service Group, Southern Division Conference, Jacksonville, Florida. December 11-14, 1918. Eartha White is the only woman in the photograph. (Oversize photograph - 11 1/2" x 45")
V2 2877
Photograph: General Benjamin O. Davis. "He became the highest ranking Afro-American U.S. officer in 1940, when the Army made him a Brigadier General." No date given.
V2 2889
Photograph: Dance band of Scotty Montgomery playing at USO function. No date given.
V2 2900
World War I poster. Come On! : [Buy More Liberty Bonds.] Signed Walter Whitehead, 1918. Written in script: Jacksonville, Fla., October 19, 1918. Fourth Liberty Loan Executive Committee. [Names of committee members listed?] To C.L. Williams In appreciation of many courtesies. (In Oversize Collection)
V2 0622a-b
Photograph: Group at the War Camp Community Recreational Center in Savannah, Georgia. One copy in oversize folder; second copy has Eartha White's photo in upper right corner (for newspaper). Photographer: E. L. Weems. No date given.
V2 1160-1161
Cards: Publicity for Community Center for Colored People, 519 West Gwinnett Street, Savannah, Georgia. The Center was under the supervision of Eartha White during World War I. No date given.
V2 1162
Letter: From National Headquarters of War Camp Community Service, to Eartha White, concerning employment opportunities for returning soldiers. April 9, 1919.
V2 1169a-d
Photograph: War Camp Community Services, Domestic Science Group, Savannah, Georgia. Eartha White, standing, fifth from left. (4 copies) No date given.
See SHOW BUSINESS (Folder H4 - 2650)
W2 0628
Letter: From Miss W. B. Delany soliciting donations for Foreign Mission Board, July 21, 1922. (African Missionary Appeal)
W2 0629
Program: "Islam," a religious drama given by Missionary Society of the 15th Street Presbyterian Church. April 3, 1938.
W2 0797
Photograph: Miss L. C. Fleming (in Africa). No date given.
W2 0818
Photograph: Reverend J. L. Frazier. No date given.
W2 0830
Photograph: Mrs. Aquilla Johnson-Scott. No date given.
W2 2133
Newsclipping: "Wilberforce Institute Celebrations, Thirty Years of Steady Progress, Founder's Day Activities," Umteteli Wa Bantu, March 12, 1938.
W2 2134
Newsclipping: "U. S. Consul General at Wilberforce," Umteteli Wa Bantu, Johannesburg, South Africa, March 12, 1938.
X2 0630; 0632; 0634
Photographs: Annual outing for underprivileged children at Moncrief Springs. August 1950.
X2 0631
Newsclipping: "Moncrief Springs, the Splendor Has Vanished," Jacksonville Journal. July 20, 1963. Eartha White shown with sculpture of Indian who lived at Moncrief Springs.
X2 0633
Photograph: Baptism at Moncrief Springs. Eartha White in background. No date given.
X2 0635
Photograph: Eartha White with band during an event held at Moncrief Springs. No date given.
X2 0636-0637
Photograph: Baptism at Moncrief Springs. No date given. (Two oversize photographs - nos. 636-637)
X2 2155
Newsclipping: "Legend of Buried Treasure Clings to Moncrief Springs," Florida Times-Union, October 28, 1951.
K 1157
Photograph: Robert Russa Moton, president of Tuskegee Institute. Robert R. Moton (1867-1940) was an African American educator. He succeeded his close friend Booker T. Washington, as president of Tuskegee Institute in 1915 and served the United States government in several capacities.