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Eartha M. M. White Collection Subject Index


Folder Number Description
A2 2149
Newsclipping: "N. Finkelstein, Civic Leader, Passes Away," Florida Times-Union, November 20, 1930.
W2 0797
Photograph: Miss L. C. Fleming, missionary. No date given.
U4 1241
Photograph: Eartha White with Reubin Askew, Governor of Florida. Eartha White shown holding picture of U. S. Congressman Charles E. Bennett, who nominated her for the Lane Bryant Award. March 12, 1971.
U4 1242a-c
Photograph: Mrs. Martha L. Gadsden, Mrs. Juliette Winter, Mrs. Amy S. Currie, Eartha White, Governor Askew in the Governor's office, displaying the Lane Bryant Award. March 12, 1971. (Three copies)
U4 2079
Photograph: Governor Askew presenting Presidential Commendation to Eartha White. March 12, 1971.
H1 0360a-e
Booklet: Transcript of statewide TV-radio talk to the people of Florida on race relations, by Florida Governor LeRoy Collins. "Delivered over statewide TV-radio network 5:30-6:00 p.m., Sunday, March 20, 1960." (In Documents Folder H1 - no. 360a-e) Full text from UNF Digital Commons.
W4 1269
Letter: From Mrs. Ervin O. Shelley, Secretary to Governor LeRoy Collins, to Clara White Mission. October 13, 1960. She conveys Collins' regrets at inability to attend Birthday Party for Eartha White.
Y 2871
Letter: From Spessard Holland, Governor of Florida, endorsement for Clara White Mission. June 1943.
C5 1810
Letter: From Fuller Warren, Governor of Florida, to Eartha White. July 22, 1948.
L1 0703
Photograph: Florida A & M University Student Nurses and Teachers at Eartha White Nursing Home. No date given.
P1 0387
Photograph: Three Florida A&M University students receive Pepsi-Cola scholarship awards. Left to right: Dr. Paul T. Lawrence, head of Pepsi Cola Bottling Company Scholarship Program; Harry M. Morrell; George H. Rawls; Albert J. Mencham; D. E. Williams, State Supervisor of Instruction; and Dr. William H. Gray, Jr., President of Florida A&M. No date given.
P1 0388
Program: Sixtieth Founders' Celebration, Tallahassee, Florida. March 7-8, 1948.
P1 0405
Letter: From J. V. Anderson to Eartha White concerning Thomas Van Gibbs, May 3, 1954. Note: Thomas Van Gibbs was Vice President of Florida A&M University from 1887-1900. He was also a Jacksonville resident.
P1 0515
Letter: From J. R. E. Lee, President of University (1924-1944) to Eartha White regarding student work situation. May 2, 1930.
P1 1321
Scrapbook: Florida A&M honors Miss Eartha M. M. White, June 25, 1947. This collection of letters can be found with other awards and certificates in Folder U4 (Oversize Awards and Certificates)
P1 2159
Newspaper: The Record Dispatch, March 8, 1952. Florida A&M University Founders Day Edition.
P1 2160
Newsclipping: "Beloved FAMCEAN," Miss Ellen A. Paige, home economics teacher, Florida Times-Union, July 11, 1950.
P1 2161
Newsclipping: "President Wm. H. Gray Receives Post in Regional Council," Florida Times-Union, February 18, 1948.
P1 2162
Newsclipping: "Negro College Again Probed." No date given.
P1 2440
Program: Performance of Marian Anderson at Florida A&M, November 18, 1947.
See also Florida Normal and Industrial Institute - Folder Q1. Note: Florida Baptist Academy founded in Bethel Baptist Institutional Church, Jacksonville, Florida in 1892. Academy moved to St. Augustine in 1918. In 1941, the name changed to Florida Normal and Industrial Institute, after a merger with Live Oak Institute. In 1944, the name changed to Florida Normal and Industrial College. 1n 1950, the name changed to include "Memorial."
Q1 0393
Photograph: Class of 1907, Florida Baptist Academy. Nathan W. Collier, Principal, standing center. (Image from UNF Digital Commons.)
Q1 0390
Bulletin: Florida Normal & Industrial Institute. Florida Institute bulletin, vol. 6, no. 1. St. Augustine, Florida: pictorial number. St. Augustine, Fla. : Florida Normal & Industrial Institute, [191-?] (St. Augustine, Fla. : The Record Company) Full text from UNF Digital Commons.
Q1 0394
Photographic reprint: Dr. Nathan W. Collier, President of College, 1896-1941. No date given.
Q1 0395
Photograph: Eartha White at group meeting during Founder's Day Celebration, April 25, 1959.
Q1 0396-0397
Photographs: Memorial Services during Founder's Day Celebration, St. Augustine, Florida. Eartha White standing at tombstone. Nathan W. Collier; Sarah Blocker. April 25, 1959.
Q1 0398
Letter: From Nathan W. Collier to Mrs. M. A. Mitchell, thanking her for donation. April 10, 1929. Note: Eartha White was active in collecting funds for the Institute before the "duly appointed" letter dated January 26, 1930.
Q1 0399a-b
Letter: From N. W. Collier to Mrs. Lester, thanking her for her donation and inviting her to the Founder's Day exercises. Letter dated April 10, 1929. 2 items. Note: Donation was made through Eartha White.
Q1 0400
Letter: Open letter from Nathan W. Collier, Principal, authorizing Eartha White as a financial agent for the Institute. January 26, 1930.
Q1 1336-1337
Letter: From Nathan W. Collier, Principal, Florida Normal and Industrial Institute to Eartha White concerning financial status of Alyce Moore. January 19, 1928. A bill for room, board and fees accompanies letter.
Q1 1685
Letter: From Nathan W. Collier, President of Florida Normal and Industrial Institute to Eartha White, thanking her for a donation of supplies. November 13, 1931.
Q1 1978
Photograph: Nathan W. Collier, President. No date given.
Q1 2111
Photograph: Eartha White (carrying placard) in procession at Graduation Ceremonies,1936. She received an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Humanities. Leading procession, on right: Nathan W. Collier. Photograph by E. L. Weems.
Q1 2658
Photograph: Eartha White and group, including Rev. Robert Wilson at Founders' Day program, 1959.
Q1 2659
Photograph: Eartha White, center, with group at Founder's Day celebration, 1959.
Q1 2691a-h

Photographs: Eight scenes of the campus and buildings of the Florida Normal and Industrial Institute. No dates given.

Q1 2705-2706
Photographs: Faculty and graduating class in front of Gymnasium, FNI Institute, St. Augustine, Florida. First row, 3rd-4th on left: Sarah Blocker, Nathan W. Collier. No dates given.
Q1 0389
Newsclipping: "Founders Day at Florida Normal," Florida Times-Union, May 27, 1958. Eartha White attended the celebration.
Q1 0391

Program: The sixty-seventh anniversary, Founder's Day, Florida Normal and Industrial Memorial College, Saint Augustine, Florida : Saturday morning, April 25, 1959, at 10 o'clock, Anderson Hall Chapel.


[St. Augustine, Fla. : Florida Normal and Industrial Memorial College], 1959. (St. Augustine, Fla. : The Record Press, Inc.) Full text from UNF Digital Commons.


[Program includes a brief historical time line of the College, 1892-1959. The program address was given by Eartha M. M. White, President, Clara White Mission, Jacksonville.]

Q1 0392
Leaflet: FNIMC News Reporter, Fall-Winter, 1958-1959. Mailed to Eartha White.
Q1 0401

Program: Student Christian Union of the Florida Normal & Industrial Memorial College ... presents Langston Hughes ... : Monday, March 15, 1954. St. Augustine, Fla. : Florida Normal and Industrial Memorial College, 1954.


[Text Includes words of "Lift every voice and sing" by James Weldon Johnson; a picture of Langston Hughes with a brief biography; the program and a list of patrons and sponsors. Eartha White attended this program at age 78 and had her program signed by Langston Hughes.]

Q1 1684
Letter: From R. W. Puryear, President of Florida Normal and Industrial Memorial College to Eartha White, thanking her for a donation of supplies, November 6, 1952.
Q1 2699
Photograph: Unidentified event at College. No date given.
D1 0330
Photograph in The Crisis Magazine (January 1942 issue).
Z2 0661
Ribbon: 43rd Annual Session, Florida State Federation of Colored Women's Clubs, Convention at Fort Lauderdale, Florida. June 10-12, 1951.
Z2 0662
Letter: To Presidents, Officers and Members of State Federation, from Annie L. Lightler, Alice O. Thompson, Lulu Moseley, and Elizabeth H. Martin, concerning expenses for trip. June 8, 1921.
Z2 0663
Letter: From Mrs. H. G. Andrews to the Club Women of Florida; a report of the 23rd Annual Session of the Florida Federation of Colored Women's Clubs, July 7, 1931.
Z2 0664
Book: Eartha White's ledger from work with the Florida Federation. No date given.
Z2 0665
Letter: From Mrs. M. F. Days, Corresponding Secretary to the President of State Federation, regarding Annual Report of Activities and Finances. July 5, 1909.
Z2 0666
Program: Forty-ninth Annual Session, West Palm Beach, Florida. June 16-19, 1957.
Z2 0667
Booklet: "Social Purity," by M. Gertrude Mills, for State Federation of Colored Women's Clubs, June 28-30, 1916.
Z2 0668
Booklet: "Call to the Twenty-second Annual Session, Florida Federation of Women's Clubs," West Palm Beach, Florida. June 23-26, 1929.
Z2 0669
Letter: From Blanche A. Beatty to Eartha White, concerning State Federation Meeting and Republican Convention. April 28, 1928.
Z2 0670
Letter: From Blanche A. Beatty to Eartha White, concerning conditions in State Federation and gossip of Jacksonville ladies in Federation. June 16, 1928.
Z2 0671
Letter: From Nieuport B. Estes, President of Georgia-Florida MotorLines, Inc., to Eartha White, concerning transportation to and from Miami convention. May 28, 1930. Bus schedule accompanies letter.
Z2 0672
Program: Second Annual Session of the State Federation of Colored Women, Mt. Olive African Methodist Episcopal Church, Orlando, Florida. June 28-30, 1910.
Z2 0674
Booklet: "Constitution and By-laws of Florida Federation of Colored Women's Clubs," June 16, 1915. Eartha White served on the committee preparing the Constitution and By-laws.
Z2 0675
Newsclipping: "State Federation Adjourned," meeting of Federation in Orlando, Florida, June 25, 1917. (Elected officers, 1917-1918: Eartha White, treasurer, Mary McLeod Bethune, President.)
Z2 0676
Photograph: State Federation of Colored Women's Clubs, Ocala, Florida, 1940. Eartha White, front row, eighth from left.
Z2 0677
Photograph: Florida State Federation of Colored Women's Club, Inc. Eartha White, far left. No date given.
Z2 0678
Letter: To Club Members, from Henrietta G. Andrews, President, concerning twenty-second annual meeting, West Palm Beach, Florida. July 10, 1929.
Z2 2167
Newsclipping: "Mrs. Jennings is Presented with Two Fine Gavels," November 18, 1915. Mrs. Jennings served as President of the State Federation of Colored Women's Clubs, and as President of the Jacksonville Club.
Z2 2168
Newsclipping: State Federation Women's Club section of Florida Times-Union, August 8, 1915. (Oversize)
Z2 2190
Badge: Forty-third Annual Session of Florida State Federation of Colored Women's Clubs, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. June 10-12, 1951.
R1 0402
Catalogue: Florida State Normal School (DeFuniak Springs, Fla.) The Normal Bulletin for June 1904 being the Seventeenth Annual Catalogue of the Florida State Normal School, DeFuniak Springs, Florida, 1904. v. 1, no. 6. Announcements for 1904-5. DeFuniak Springs, Fla. : Florida State Normal School, [1904?] (Nashville, Tenn. : Press of Marshall & Bruce Co.) Full text from UNF Digital Commons.
W2 0818
Photograph: Reverend J. L. Frazier, missionary. No date given.
S1 0403
Comment cards from visitors at Fresh Air Camp, including members of the State Board of Health, Dr. F.A. Brink & Dr. H.A. McClure. July 28, 1930. Cards were usually accompanied by small donations which were noted on comment cards. (84 cards)
S1 0404
Form letter from Eartha White thanking individuals for donations to the Fresh Air Camp. No date given.