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Eartha M. M. White Collection Subject Index


Folder Number Description
Z6 2171
Badge: The Daughters of Israel, Bethel Baptist Church, Jacksonville, Florida. 1938.
Z6 2179
Badge: Twenty-sixth Annual Florida State Association Convention of Improved, Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks of the World, April 15-17, 1951.
Z6 2181
Badge: Fifty-seventh Annual Convention of the Daughters of the Elks, Improved Benevolent Order of Elks of the World, August 28-31, 1956.
Z6 2188
Badge: Florida State Association of Lodges and Temples, Improved Benevolent Protective Order of Elks of the World, April 14-17, 1957, Orlando, Florida.
Z6 2197
Badge: Fifty-eighth Annual Convention, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, August 27-30, 1957.
Z6 2186
Badge: Salem Court, no. 5, Heroines of Jericho, Providence, Rhode Island.
Z6 2194
Badge: Mt. Bethel Lodge, no. 1, I.O.S. and D. of J. of Florida.
Z6 2170
Badge: Eighty-fifth Annual Session, National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc., Jacksonville, Florida. September 7-12, 1965. (See Badges Box - end of collection.)
Z6 2187a-b
Badges: Daughters of Gethsemane Baptist Church, Jacksonville, Florida. 2 copies (See Badges Box - end of collection.)
Z6 2184-2185
Badges: Honorary medals from World War I.
Z6 2174-2176
Badges: National Housewives League of America, Annual Session: 21st (1958), 22nd (1959), 23rd (1960?). (See Badges Box - end of collection)
Z6 2192
Badge: Iota Phi Lambda Sorority, 20th Anniversary, Los Angeles, California. August 13-20, 1949.
Z6 2193
Badge: Iota Phi Lambda Sorority, Southern Regional Conference, Birmingham, Alabama. March 13-15, 1953.
Z6 0661
Ribbon: 43rd Annual Session, Florida State Federation of Colored Women's Clubs, Convention at Fort Lauderdale, Florida. June 10-12, 1951.
Z6 2172
Badge: Seventeenth Biennial Session of the Southeastern Federation of Colored Women's Clubs, Columbia, South Carolina. August 14-16,1953.
Z6 2180
Badge: Sixteenth Biennial Session of the Southeastern Federation of Colored Women's Clubs, Atlanta, Georgia. July 29-31, 1951.
Z6 2198
Badge: 15th Biennial Session, Southeastern Federation of Colored Women's Clubs, Daytona Beach, Florida. July 31 - August 2, 1949.
Z6 2190
Badge: Forty-third Annual Session of Florida State Federation of Colored Women's Clubs, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. June 10-12, 1951.
Z6 2178
Badge: International Order of Good Templars, Triumph, Lodge No. 1, Jacksonville, Florida.
Z6 2823
Badge: Third Prize Award for Doll Fashion Show, Wilder Community Center, Jacksonville Recreation Department, 1951.
Z6 2824
Badges: First prize, Florida State Fair and Exposition, Jacksonville, Florida, February 28 - March 9, 1918. 2 badges.
Z6 2825
Badge: American Medical Association, Chicago, Illinois, June 11 - 15, 1956. (Pin)
Z6 2826
Badge: Be Kind to Animals, Band of Mercy. (Pin)
Z6 2827
Unidentified sharpshooter's pin.
Z6 2828
Badge: 35th Annual Session of the National Medical Association, Indianapolis, Indiana, August 18-22, 1930.
Z6 2829
Badge: First Prize Award; Florida State Fair and Exposition and the Pan-American International Farm and Livestock Exposition, Jacksonville, Florida, 1918.
Z6 2830
Ten cents coin pin. 1869.
Z6 2831
Ribbon: Second Premium Florida State Fair and Exposition. (Accompanying entry tag for one jar of chow entered in contest.)
A2 2864
Newsclipping: "Mrs. Georgia N. Barnes (Fraternal Leader) Praises Chest Plan." Florida Times-Union, November 20, 1930.
Da 2406-2407
Photographs: Miss American Beach beauty pageant contestants. Nos.2406-2407.
H5 1206
Photograph: Eartha White at the Coronation of Miss Florida. 1941.
S4 1031a-b
Postcard: Picture of Eartha White crowning Miss Florida, 1941. (two copies)
L1 0705
Report: Congressman Charles E. Bennett delivered the dedication address for the Eartha M. M. White Nursing Home. He also assisted in securing a Hill Harris Grant for construction of the facility. 1971.
Q5 0874
Photograph: U. S. Representative Charles Bennett and Sallye Mathis. No date given.
Q5 0874a
Photograph: U. S. Representative Charles Bennett and Mary Singleton. No date given.
Q5 2057
Photograph: U. S. Representative Charles Bennett, Dr. Warren Shell and others. No date given.
W4 1272
Letter: From Charles Bennett to Eartha White on the occasion of her 84th birthday. 1960.
F 0034-0035
Photograph: Funeral procession into Bethel Baptist. (Rev. J. Milton Waldron, 1892-1907, 5th pastor). 2 copies, Oversize.
F 0036
Photograph: Scene inside of Bethel Baptist Church. Oversize.
F 0037
Photograph: Eartha White leading World War II soldiers into service at Bethel Baptist Church, August 17, 1941. Oversize.
F 0038
Photograph: Daily vacation Bible school at Bethel Baptist Church, June 21, 19--?
F 0039-0040

Program of the 93rd anniversary home coming and jubilee celebration, Bethel Baptist Institutional Church, corner of Hogan and Caroline Streets, Jacksonville, Florida. October 11th through the 18th, 1931. [Jacksonville, Fla. : Bethel Baptist Institutional Church], 1931. Full text in UNF Digital Commons.


[Eartha White gave a three minute address on Friday evening, October 16, 1931.]

F 0041
Card: Invitation to Sunday School Mass Meeting, July 12, 19--?
F 0042
Program: Souvenir program of Women's Day activities, June 23, 1957. Eartha White listed on page 2, as a member of the Historic Committee.
F 0043
Booklet: History and Souvenir of Bethel Baptist Institutional Church, Jacksonville, Florida. Jacksonville, Fla. : Bethel Baptist Institutional Church, [190-?] Full text from UNF Digital Commons.
F 0044
Photograph: Samuel M. Dennis, chairman of the Deacon's Board and clerk at Bethel Baptist Church for thirty years. No date given.
F 0045
Postcard: Image of Bethel Baptist Church. No date given.
F 0046
Program: Souvenir program, 120th anniversary of Bethel, 5th anniversary of Robert H. Wilson, pastor, 1958.
F 0047

Program: Opening exercises of the Bethel Baptist Institutional Church, Jacksonville, Florida. April 23-30, A.D. 1905. [Jacksonville, Fla. : Bethel Baptist Institutional Church], 1905. (Full text from UNF Digital Commons.)


[Eartha White gave an address on Woman's Night, Friday, April 28, 1905, representing "The Protective League."]

F 0048
Program: Series of special sermons on the Holy Spirit. No date given.
F 0049
Photograph: Group of young people, March 31, 1935.
F 0050
Booklet: "A Brief Sketch of the Life and Work of Rev. J. Gardner Ross, D. D. Jacksonville, Florida. By a Friend. " No date given. Rev. Ross was the third pastor of Bethel Baptist, serving from 1885-1890. He died on February 6, 1932.
F 0051
Letter: Appeal to members of Bethel Baptist, for donations to the Florida Normal Industrial Institute. March 5, 1932.
F 0865
Photograph: Rev. J. Milton Waldron, minister at Bethel Baptist, 1892-1907.
F 1989
Program: Anniversary reception program in honor of Rev. J. Milton Waldron, April 17, 1899. Eartha White is listed on the program, as giving a solo musical performance.
F 2107
Photograph: Old Bethel Baptist Church, Dr. John E. Ford, lower right hand corner. Oversize photograph.
F 2171
Badge: The Daughters of Israel, Bethel Baptist Church, Jacksonville, Florida. 1938.
F 2460
Envelope: Solicitor's Report, Educational Fund Drive envelope, April 3, 1932. Eartha White was solicitor for the Educational Fund Drive of Bethel Baptist Church in 1932.
F 2656
Photograph: Soldiers outside Bethel Baptist Church. See also F-37 (This snapshot was taken the same day as the oversize photograph showing Eartha White leading soldiers to service at Bethel Baptist, August 17, 1941. )
F 2657
Postcard: Bethel Baptist Church and parsonage. No date given.
F 2667-2669
Photographs (2667-2669): Three photographs of group of men outside Bethel Baptist Church. No date given.
F 2670
Program: Bethel Victory Service, World War I, December 29-31, 1918.
F 2697
Photograph: Group of women outside of Bethel Baptist Church. No date given.
F 2846
Program: Anniversary program, 130th, 1838-1968. Images of pastors and parishioners.
H 0052
Program: An exposition entitled "The Negroes' Making in America," under the auspices of the Choir of Laura Street Presbyterian Church. October 12, 19--? Sponsored by Bethune-Cookman College. Featuring address by Mary McLeod Bethune. Performances by Bethune Glee Club and Quartettes.
H 2059-2061
Photographs (2059-2061): Scenes of pre-game parade and dinner of Bethune Cookman vs. Benedict game, October 14, 1961. (Eartha White in photographs)
C1 1043
Photograph: Dedication services, Forest Hills Correctional School for Girls, Lowell, Florida, June 1953.
G 0053
Program: Partial program of testimonial honoring Mary McLeod Bethune at Florida A & M University, March 1-2, 1945. Mary McLeod Bethune founded the National Council of Negro Women, 1935; founded Bethune Cookman College in 1923; and was the first African American woman to head a federal agency.
G 0054
Photograph: Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune presenting Mrs. Julia Walker Brown with citation, Bethune Cookman College, Daytona Beach, Florida. No date given.
G 0055
Telegram: To Eartha White from Albert Bethune, son of Mary McLeod Bethune, informing Eartha White of the death of Mrs. Bethune. May 19, 1955.
G 0056
Program: "Mary McLeod Bethune Night," a Musical and Hymnal Festival, Ebenezer Methodist Church, Jacksonville, Florida. April 23, 1945.
G 0057a-b
Photographs: Mary McLeod Bethune. No date given.
G 2026
Photograph: Mary McLeod Bethune, Hampton, Virginia. August, 1919.
G 2427
Notes: National Association of Colored Women, State Federation of Colored Women's Clubs. Treasurer's account of 1922 and receipt signed by Mary McLeod Bethune, June 30, 1922.
G 2684
Booklet, National Association of Colored Women: "On to Memphis, Tennessee, July 3-5, 1923: Southeastern Federation of Colored Women's Clubs."
G 2767
Photograph: Mary McLeod Bethune. 1947.
Z10 2891
Photographic reprint: Mary McLeod Bethune. No date given.
L 0065-0067
Photographs (65-67): Joseph Blodgett. No dates given. Blodgett was an African American contractor who built homes in Jacksonville, with the Blodgett Homes Project named in his honor. He is also known as Florida's first African American millionaire. (Individuals in photograph no. 67 have not been identified.)
Z10 2890
Photographic reprint: Joseph Blodgett. No date given.
A2 2150
Newsclipping: "J. E. T. Bowden Funeral Set This Afternoon," Florida Times-Union, November 20, 1930.
S 2041
Note: Boys Improvement Club organized in 1904 by Eartha White.
A2 2408
Photograph: Alpha Phi Alpha Program showing Capers Braddock and James Greene. No date given.
Q3 2455
Photograph: Group in auditorium, including Edward Thurston, Mrs. Morse, Amy Currie, Oscar Hillman, Mrs. Bowman, Florence McLaughlin, Grayce Bateman, James Greene, Ada Braddock, Capers Braddock, Eartha White, Chester Cowart and others. No date given.
A2 0460
Photograph: Major Capers G. Bradham, educator and civic leader. No date given.
D1 0330
Photograph of building in The Crisis Magazine (January 1942 issue). Page 13.
A2 0455
Photograph: Charles D.Brooks, principal of Stanton High School. No date given.
A2 0451
Photograph: Office scene, with Mrs. Julia Walker Brown, center. No date given.
D1 0330
Photographs (interior scenes) of Walker's Commercial & Vocational College, Mrs. Julia Walker Brown, President. In The Crisis Magazine (January 1942 issue). Folder D1 - No. 330. Advertisement, page 12.
G 0054
Photograph: Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune presenting Mrs. Julia Walker Brown with citation, Bethune Cookman College, Daytona Beach, Florida. No date given.
L1 2849
Newsclipping: Matilda Brown, Founder and President of the Eartha M. M. White Nursing Home Auxiliary, is honored with "This is Your Life" presentation at the annual fundraising tea. May 1978.
E 0032
Photograph: Jacob F. Bryan III, Chairman of the Duval Chapter of the American Red Cross, 1963.
L1 0705
Listed in 1971 Report Booklet: Mr. Jacob F. Bryan III, president of Independent Life & Accident Insurance Company, named the president of the Eartha M. M. White Nursing Home.
D1 0330
See also The Crisis Magazine (January 1942 issue) Folder D1 - No. 330, for numerous photographs of African American businesses and buildings in Jacksonville, primarily in the LaVilla section. 
M 0068-84; 86-90; nn1-3

Photographs (68-84, 86-90, nn1-3): Unidentified buildings located at various sites throughout Jacksonville.


M 0091
Photograph: A. L. Lewis Junior High School, Jacksonville, Florida. Note: Flag flying at halfmast.
M 0092
Photograph: USO Club, Jacksonville, Florida.
M 2088
Photograph: Home of Mrs. Mary Still, first private school teacher in Jacksonville, Florida. Located between Clay and Napoleon Streets (now Dewdrop Alley).
M 2234-2235
Photographs (2234-2235): Home of Buddy Austin, Afro-American Life Insurance Co. official and manager of Strand Theatre. Jefferson Street.
M 2764
Photograph: Home of J. D. McLendon, 434 W. Beaver Street.
M 2771
Photograph: Home of Mrs. Eva P. Dawling, 4738 Wheeler Street.
M 2773
Photograph: Home of T. J. Thompson, 750 Linton Street, Norwood.
A1 0351-0352
Photographs (351-352): Eartha White speaking at reception for Mayor Haydon Burns at Elks Home. Unidentified woman and Mayor Burns in foreground of photograph. No date given.
A1 0353
Photograph: Mayor Burns, Eartha White and unidentified woman pose at the Podium, during a reception at Elks Home, Duval Street. No date given.
A1 0354
Photograph: Eartha White speaking at a reception for Mayor Haydon Burns. No date given.
A1 1030
Postcard with caption: "Continued a clean, progressive administration with Haydon Burns, Mayor Commissioner." No date given.
N 0093+
Business cards found among Eartha White's papers. Includes calling cards for various persons and organizations. (Cards are listed in alphabetical order. Nos. 93-158, 713-715, 2695)
N 0093
Business card: Afro-American Insurance Co. - A. R. Robinson, Tampa District Manager, 707 Constant St., Tampa, Florida.
N 0094
Business card: Anderson, H. The Tailor, 517 28th St., Denver, Colorado.
N 0095
Business card: Behnke, Irene Dr., Chicago Area Commissioner, Chicago, Illinois.
N 0096a-b
Business card: Belmore, Agnes, Real Estate and Insurance, 221 Liggett Bldg., Jacksonville, Florida (2 cards)
N 0097a-b
Business card: Bryant, N. D. Dr., physician and surgeon, 811 W. 8th St., Jacksonville, Florida (2 cards)
N 0098
Business card: Castellano & Dean Realty Co., Real Estate & Loans, Room 301 Clark Building, Jacksonville, Florida
N 0099
Business card: Chase Eva A., 1109 Eye St. N.W., Washington, D.C.
N 0100
Business card: Clark, A. T., A. B., Pastor, Central Metropolitan C.M. E. Church, 1245 Davis St., Jacksonville, Florida
N 0101
Business card: Coffey, Jennie S., 217 E. 88th St., Jacksonville, Florida
N 0102
Business card: Crawford, D.D., Baptist Headquarters Corresponding Sect., 2391 Auburn Ave., Atlanta, Georgia
N 0103a-b
Business card: Cunningham, N. Violette, Chairman Social Service Dept., 4525 Prairie Ave., Apt. 1, Chicago, Illinois (2 cards)
N 0104
Business card: Curtis, Theodore W.
N 0105
Business card: Cable Piano Company, 313 Main St., Jacksonville, Florida
N 0106
Business card: Davis, A. M., General Contractor, 1021 E. Duval St. Jacksonville, Florida
N 0107
Business card: Dixon, Charles, Superintendent, Metropolitan Life Insurance Co., New York, New York
N 0109
Business card: Farris, Ion L., Candidate for re-election as Representative.
N 0110
Business card: Franklin, G. W. Jr., Undertaking and Livery, 610 Chestnut St., Chattanooga, Tennessee
N 0111a-c
Business card: Gillard, E.D., Contractor of Plastering, 12420 Mitchell Ave., Detroit, Michigan (3 cards)
N 0112
Business card: Goss, E.B., Police Dept., 744 Fernway St., Jacksonville, Florida
N 0113
Business card: Grambling Funeral Home, 900 Locust Ave., Sanford, Florida
N 0114a-b
Business card: Hale, Eugene, Attorney at law, 401-403 West Building, Jacksonville, Florida (2 cards)
N 0115
Business card: Hall, The Expert Tailor, 418 Main St., Jacksonville, Florida
N 0116
Business card: Hoffman and O'Neill, Modern and Sanitary Meat Market, 311 Bridge St., Jacksonville, Florida
N 0117
Business card: Hotel Bellview, 708 1/2 Davis Street, Jacksonville, Florida
N 0118
Business card: Ivey, J.W., Service Station, Golfair and Moncrief Rd., Jacksonville, Florida
N 0119
Business card: Johnnie Jackson's Lunch, 2285 Seventh Ave., Jacksonville, Florida
N 0120
Business card: Long, F.W., Road and Paving Contractor, 1510-11 Barnett Bank Building, Jacksonville, Florida
N 0121
Business card: Lewis Fish Company, Mayport, Florida
N 0122
Business card: Lee, Horace E. - Notary Public, Real Estate and Insurance, 1726 N. 22nd St., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
N 0123
Business card: McCall, T. F. Jr., Real Estate, 203 Peninsular Casualty Building, Jacksonville, Florida
N 0124
Business card: Mathews, John E., candidate for Florida Legislature
N 0125
Business card: Miller, Peter H., candidate for Republican State Executive Committee
N 0126
Business card: Miller-Wohl Co., Stores for Women, 32 N. State St. at Washington, Chicago, Illinois
N 0127
Business card: Morrison, O.W., G. S., representing the sons and daughters of Jacob of Florida and America, Inc.
N 0128
Business card: Nichols, Francis O., Conveyancer, 219 Law Exchange, Jacksonville, Florida
N 0129
Business card: Owen, Anna T., Adult Probation Dept., 1128 Court House, Chicago, Illinois
N 0130
Business card: Penn, Lena, 69 E. 11th Ave., Columbus, Ohio
N 0131
Business card: People's Transfer Company, 519 Broad St., Jacksonville, Florida
N 0132
Business card: Pioneer Realty Co., 411 Dyal St., Upchurch Building, Jacksonville, Florida
N 0133
Business card: Rex Cafe, 112 Montgomery St., Henderson, North Carolina
N 0134
Business card: Rivera Drug Store, 1236 7th Ave., Tampa, Florida
N 0135
Business card: Segedin, B., Clothing, Household Furnishings, Furniture, 846-48 W. Roosevelt Rd., Jacksonville, Florida
N 0136
Business card: Seminole Mortgage and Investment Company, 425 E. Church St., Jacksonville, Florida
N 0137
Business card: Southern Barbers Supply House, 31 West Duval St., Jacksonville, Florida
N 0138
Business card: Independent Furniture Co., 910-914 Kings Rd., Jacksonville, Florida
N 0139
Business card: Spearing, H. A. Dr., Physician and Chiropractor, 823 Davis St., Jacksonville, Florida
N 0140
Business card: Stansell, Kathryn Vail, 529 N. Church St., Jacksonville, Florida
N 0141
Business card: State St. Garage and Filling Station, 816 W. State St., Jacksonville, Florida
N 0142
Business card: Stewart, E. L., M.D., Suite 112-113 Heard Bldg., Jacksonville, Florida
N 0143a-b
Business card: Symphony Club, New York's Finest and Best Equipped Dining Palace, 115 W. 131 St., New York, New York. (2 cards)
N 0144
Business card: Carroll, Seymour, Field Secretary, American Humane Education Society of Boston, 2010 Gervais St., Columbia, South Carolina
N 0145
Business card: Thompson, John L., Attorney at Law, Des Moines, Iowa
N 0146a-i
Business card: Thornton's Service Station, 1st & Hogan St., Jacksonville, Florida (9 cards)
N 0147
Business card: Truley, Lillian L., Stenographer, 1831 Madison St., Jacksonville, Florida
N 0148
Business card: Turner, C. F., Dr., 701 Hogan St., Jacksonville, Florida
N 0149
Business card: Vaughn, E. - Treasurer, Industrial Insurance Co., 423 Broad St., Jacksonville, Florida
N 0150
Business card: Vickers, T. Rudolph, Dr.
N 0151
Business card: Ward, M. R., Jacksonville, Florida
N 0152
Business card: Welshans Investment Co., Real Estate and Mortgage, 10 East Duval Street, Jacksonville, Florida
N 0153
Business card: Williams, Lottie L., 625 W. Beaver St., Jacksonville, Florida
N 0154
Business card: Williams, Willie, Starline Taxi Service
N 0155
Business card: Wells-Barnett, Ida B., 3542 So. Parkway
N 0156
Business card: Southern Carpet Cleaning Works, A. L. Norris, Manager, Eleventh and Walnut St., Jacksonville, Florida
N 0157
Business card: Taylor, J. N., Dr., Corner Florida Avenue and Church Street
N 0158
Business card: Walker, Simpson R., Real Estate, Mortgages, 507 Clark Building, 305 Main Street, Jacksonville, Florida
N 0713
Business card: Goodrich, William H., 2110 13th Street, Washington, D.C.
N 0714
Business card: Brown, Richard L., M.D.
N 0715
Business card: People's Transfer Company, Light and Heavy Hauling, John Hayes, Manager, 519 Broad Street, Jacksonville, Florida
N 2695
Business card: Dr. N. D. Bryant, Physician and Surgeon, 811 W. 8th St., Cor. Davis St. (Canty's Building), Jacksonville, Florida