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Eartha M. M. White Collection Subject Index


Folder Number Description
I 0061a-b
Photographs (61a-b): Second Conference on "The Negro in Business," October 17-19, 1946. U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Washington, D.C. 61a: Eartha White, front row.
I 2808
Photograph: Tailor shop of H. Anderson. On back: Evans Studio, Denver. Vintage automobile parked in front of shop is also of interest.
D1 0330
The Crisis Magazine (January 1942 issue). Numerous photographs in magazine of African American businesses and buildings in Jacksonville, primarily in the LaVilla section.
I 0058a-b
Booklet: Who is Who in Jacksonville Business and Professions. Compiled by Eartha Mary Magdalene White (Doctor of Humanities) Founder-President Clara White Mission, Inc., 611-13-15 West Ashley Street, Jacksonville, Florida. Jacksonville, Fla., Clara White Mission?, 1957? (2 copies) Full text from UNF Digital Commons.
I 0059

Advertisements: "Jacksonville's Latest Negro Enterprise," Anderson, Tucker and Company Bankers. Charles H. Anderson Fish & Oyster Company, "The Oldest Retail Fish House in the City." Advertisements in unidentified, incomplete school graduation program. No date given.


I 0060
Receipt: From Geter and Bryan to E.E. Jackson for payment for son's funeral. August 24, 1907.
I 0712
Photograph: C. M. Shaw Funeral Home. No date given.
I 2025
Photograph: Interior view of the Forty-fifth Street Pharmacy, Edward Thurston, proprietor. Pharmacy near Clara White Mission. No date given.
I 2244
Photograph: Unidentified woman standing behind boxes of cigars. No date given.

I 2357
Photograph: Unidentified group of fifteen people standing outside building. No date given.
I 2400-2401
Photographs: Eartha White and unidentified associates outside office of Allied Automobile Association Service. Photograph 2401: Image of above individuals with AAA insured car. Photographs by Robert P. Stewart, W. Union Street, Jacksonville, Florida. No dates given.
I 2652
Photograph: Huff Funeral Home. Vintage period automobiles are parked in front of Home. [194-?]
I 2678
Advertisement: Dr. J. E. Onkley, dentist, 417 1/2 Bridge Street, Jacksonville, Florida. (Card mounted on stick; used as a fan)
I 2681
Postcard: The Peoples Burial and Insurance Company, 915 E. Union Street, Jacksonville, Florida. C. M. Shaw, President, Mrs. S. B. Shaw, Vice-President, Lillian Daughtey, Secretary and Treasurer. No date given.
I 2821
Photograph: Executive Committee of the First, Second, Third, and Fourth Liberty Loans. October 1918.
I 2861
Business card: Provident Sanitary School of Beauty Culture, Madam Dona Thomas, 218 West Duval St., Jacksonville, Florida.
I 2862
Brochure: Nickerson's School of Beauty Culture, 1503 N. Myrtle Avenue, Jacksonville, Florida. Sophia Nickerson Starks, founder and President. Brochure gives course details and pictures of the graduating class of 1940.
I 2869
License: City of Jacksonville, Florida license to the U.S. Annuity and Life Insurance Co., 1915-16.
I 2885
Photograph: Burial caskets in the C. M. Shaw Funeral Home. Date not given.
O2 0551
Business advertisements in Tri-Celebration program from The Lincoln Memorial Association, Jacksonville, Florida. February 12, 1913. (Full text from UNF Digital Commons.)
Z3 1034
See also Folder Z3 - Lawton Pratt Funeral Home.
P 0167
Program: Seventy-ninth Annual Session of the National Baptist Convention, Kansas City, Missouri. September 9-13, 1959.
P 0171
Booklet: Official Directory, Thirtieth Quadrennial Session of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, New York, New York. May 6-26, 1936.
P 0172
Booklet: The Spirit and Ideals of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. By Bishop Reverdy C. Ransom, of Wilberforce, Ohio. 192-?
P 0174
Photograph: Unidentified church with inset of minister. No date given.
P 2108
Photograph: Baptismal scene in unidentified river. No date given.
P 2113-2116
Photographs (2113-2116): Scene from Trial of African Methodist Episcopal Church Bishop, charged with misappropriation of funds. No date given.
P 2653
Program: "The Missionary Society's Annual Harvest Home Program," November 23, 1952.
P 0178
Newsclipping: The Admission to the Florida Bar of Father Thomas J. Brophy, priest at St. Pius Colored Mission. No date.
P 2013
Photograph: Rev. James Paige, first ordained Baptist Minister of Florida. (Picture sold for benefit of Old Folks Home.) 2 copies.
P 2137
Newspaper, with headline: "Pastor Coleman expels 20 deacons and 2 trustees from Shiloh Church for signing subpoena - Coleman is now worried." The Florida Tattler, June 28, 1958. (Full text in UNF Digital Commons.)
P 0159
Photograph: Church of God in Christ; located at the corner of Steel and Blue Streets, Jacksonville, Florida.
P 0160
Photograph: Mt. Ararat Baptist Church, Moncrief Road, Jacksonville, Florida.
P 0161
Photograph: Rev. R.A. Jackson and family, Abyssinia Baptist Church, Jacksonville, Florida.
P 0162
Photograph: St. Paul's African Methodist Episcopal Church, Jacksonville, Florida. Note discrepancy: Photo inscription says, "Ebenezer Methodist Episcopal Church, now United Methodist C.P.T."


P 0163
Photograph: Rev. C.A. Gibbs, Bishop of African Methodist Episcopal Church, Jacksonville, Florida.
P 0164
Photograph: Ebenezer Baptist Church, Jacksonville, Florida.
P 0165
Photograph: Mt. Ararat Baptist Church, Myrtle Avenue, Jacksonville, Florida.
P 0166
Bulletin: Trinity Baptist Church, Jacksonville, Florida. May 18, 1958.
P 0168a-c
Card: Baptist Golden Jubilee, Jacksonville, Florida. April 8-14, 1930. (3 copies) Note: Small blotter-cards.
P 0169
Donation envelope: Greater Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Dated September 15, 1929.
P 0170
Program: Sunday School and Epworth League Convention of Jacksonville District, Methodist Episcopal Church, Palatka, Florida. June 18-21, 1931.
P 0177
Photograph: Board of Church extension of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, 1932-1936. Oversize photograph.
P 2170
Badge: Eighty-fifth Annual Session, National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc., Jacksonville, Florida. September 7-12, 1965. (See Badges Box - end of collection.)
P 2187a-b
Badges: Daughters of Gethsemane Baptist Church, Jacksonville, Florida. 2 copies (See Badges Box - end of collection.)
P 2661
Photograph: Mount Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church.
P 2662
Photograph: Mount Olive Primitive Baptist Church, Cleveland and Monroe Streets.
P 2663
Photograph: Central Baptist Church, 115 West State Street.
P 2664
Photograph: St. Stephens African Methodist Episcopal Church, Davis and 5th Streets.
P 2665
Photograph: St. Luke Baptist Church, 1440 East Church Street.
P 2666
Photograph: Grant Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Church, 424 West Orange Street.
P 2049a-b
Photograph: Bethel Baptist Church of Tallahassee, Florida. (old church) 2 copies (original in P - Oversize, photocopy).
P 2050a-b
Photograph: Bethel Baptist Church of Tallahassee, Florida. (new church) 2 copies.
K 1130
Announcement: Biography and accomplishments of Mary Church Terrell. First woman to serve Washington School Board; first president of the National Association of Colored Women, to which position she was elected three times and made honorary President for life. Platform speaker, Slayton Lyceum Bureau, including Chautauqua season.
K 1131
Resume: Brief summary of educational background and work experience of Jesse O. Thomas. (3 typed pages)
K 1157
Photograph: Robert Russa Moton, president of Tuskegee Institute. Robert R. Moton (1867-1940) was an African American educator. He succeeded his close friend Booker T. Washington, as president of Tuskegee Institute in 1915 and served the United States government in several capacities.
K 2839
Print: First Black Senator and Representatives in the 41st and 42nd Congress of the United States. Currier and Ives print, 1872. Oversize - 13" x 17".
K 2855
Copy of magazine photograph of George Washington Carver found among Eartha White's papers. Biography from World Book is on the reverse side of the photograph.
K 2856
Photograph: Adam Clayton Powell. Signed 8 x 10 glossy print.
K 2867
Music score: Book of twenty-four melodies transcribed for the piano by S. Coleridge-Taylor with a preface by Booker T. Washington (signed at Tuskegee Institute, Alabama, Oct 24, 1904). Owned by Sadye Mae Hunter (April 1917). See also photographs of children of Sadye Hunter. (Folder Q3, 825-7; 875)
K 2874
Photograph: Paul Laurence Dunbar, American novelist and poet. No date given.
Q4 2854
Photograph: Booker T. Washington. No date given.
V2 2877
Photograph: Benjamin Davis. No date given.
Z10 2890-2897
Photographic reprints (2890-2897): Mounted photographs of eight notable African American historical leaders: Mary Bethune, Joseph Blodgett, Jonathan Gibbs, J. W. Johnson, Joseph Lee, A. L. Lewis, Simuel McGill, Asa Philip Randolph.
J 0062
Notes: By Eartha White, compiled for the Conference of Black History of Florida. 17 handwritten notes, 23 pieces plus copies.
J 0063
Letter: From A. Philip Randolph to Eartha White, informing Eartha White of a forthcoming conference which will write the "Negro History of Florida," January 30, 1957. 3 copies, 4 reply cards.
J 0064
Notes: By Eartha White, concerning slave prayer meetings in the Jacksonville area, beginning in 1820. These notes were written on the back of a September 1928 mass meeting flyer. (Two pages)
J 2857
Copy of photograph from Collier's Magazine, May 25, 1907. Depicts the First Petit Jury impaneled to try Jefferson Davis for high treason in May 1867. Twelve of the twenty-four jurors were African Americans.
J 2865
Copy of photograph: Crispus Attucks dies a martyr in the Boston Massacre, March 5, 1770. "The first Negro to die in the American Revolution."
Z10 2890-2897
Photographic reprints: Mounted photographs of eight notable African American historical leaders: Mary Bethune, Joseph Blodgett, Jonathan Gibbs, J. W. Johnson, Joseph Lee, A. L. Lewis, Simuel McGill, Asa Philip Randolph. No dates given.
B 0020
Form: Sick blank (Afro-American Industrial Insurance Company). No date given.


B 2110a
Calendar: Afro-American Industrial Insurance Co., Jacksonville, Florida, 1916. [Jacksonville, Fla. : The Company : Lloyd Printing Co., 1915?] Image from UNF Digital Commons.
A 0459
Photograph of James Lewis, President of Afro-American Life Insurance Co. No date given.
B 0019
Program: Annual stockholder dinner. February 27, 1960.
B 0019a
Brochure: A History of Afro-American Life Insurance Company. 197-? See page 2, Disaster Strikes..., for information on Eartha White's role in the Company.
B-0019a Brochure
B 0021
Photograph: Eartha M. M. White with mid-century memorial plaque showing founders, officers and directors of the Afro-American Insurance Company. March 1956.
B 0022
Photograph: A. L. Lewis, President of Afro-American Life Insurance Company. No date given.
B 0023
Receipt book: Members' fees. 1958-1959.
B 0024
Program: Fortieth Anniversary, July 1, 1941. (Full text from UNF Digital Commons.)
B 0025

Directory: 1901-1941, fortieth anniversary, Afro-American Life Insurance Co., Jacksonville, Florida. Jacksonville, Fla.: Afro-American Life Insurance Co., [1941?]


Page 6 - Miss Eartha M. M. White, clerk in the Home Office, "heroine of the hour."

B 0026
Christmas card from the Afro-American Life Insurance Company. No date given.
B 0027
Newsclipping: Announcement of a one man art show by Forest Murphy in the library of the Afro-American Life Insurance Company building. No date given.
B 1965
Members receipt book, 1961.
B 2110
Photograph: Group of employees of Afro-American Life Insurance Company. No date given.
B 2433
Receipt: To Miss Eartha White for renewal of policy, July 12, 1934.
B 2655
Postcard: Home office of Afro-American Life Insurance Company. No date given.
B 2782
Photograph: President of Afro-American Life Insurance Company. No identification given.
B 2802
Premium books for Edith Dennis.
D1 0330
Full-page advertisement (page 8) in The Crisis Magazine (January 1942 issue). Five photographs included.
N 0093
Business card: Afro-American Insurance Co. - A. R. Robinson, Tampa District Manager, 707 Constant St., Tampa, Florida.
C 0028
Photograph on front of postcard. Written in pencil on back: Mrs. M. E. Smith, first African American clubwoman in Florida; organized club in 1896. No date given.
ALLEN, RICHARD, 1760-1831
D 0029
Booklet: Wright, Richard. Allen Day Address: Greatest Negro born in America, Richard Allen, 1760-1831. Philadelphia, The author, 1930-1939? 31 pages. (Richard Allen was the founder of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.)
I4 0423
Letter: From Jacksonville Mayor John T. Alsop, Jr., to Eartha White, concerning authorization to hold Silas Green Show on Northwest corner of Kings Road and Davis Street. January 25, 1929.
U2 0614
Letter: Solicitation from Merry Hearts Club for Christmas gifts, with an endorsement from Jacksonville Mayor John T. Alsop, Jr., 1935.
Da 2406-2407
Photographs: Miss American Beach beauty pageant contestants. Nos. 2406-2407.
E 0030
Program: Forty-ninth annual meeting of the Duval Chapter of the American Red Cross, April 24, 1963.

E 0031
Card: American National Red Cross certification card belonging to Eartha White. Dated April 28, 1942.


E 0032
Photograph: Jacob F. Bryan III, chairman of the Duval Chapter of the American Red Cross, 1963.
E 0033
Newsclipping: Solicitation for help for the American National Red Cross, November 19--?
E 1995
Minutes: Fiftieth Anniversary of the Red Cross, 19--?. Eartha White was President of the Duval chapter of the ARC.
E 1996
Photograph: Home hygiene and care of the sick class of the American Red Cross held at the Clara White Mission, May 29, 1933. Glaydes Love, instructor.
E 2145
Newsclipping: "Women to help Red Cross Drive," Jacksonville Journal, March 18, 1936.
E 2654
Photograph: Mrs. Margaret Simms, Chairman, Red Cross Roll Call pledges. (See newspaper clipping - number 33)
See Military Activities (Folder V2)
U4 1241
Photograph: Eartha White with Reubin Askew, Governor of Florida. Eartha White shown holding picture of U. S. Congressman Charles E. Bennett, who nominated her for the Lane Bryant Award. March 12, 1971.
U4 1242a-c
Photograph: Mrs. Martha L. Gadsden, Mrs. Juliette Winter, Mrs. Amy S. Currie, Eartha White, Governor Askew in the Governor's office, displaying the Lane Bryant Award. March 12, 1971. (Three copies)
U4 2079
Photograph: Governor Askew presenting Presidential Commendation to Eartha White, March 12, 1971.