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Northeast Florida Regional Ephemera Collection. General Materials. Container List

Box Folder Description
Box: 1 Folder: 1-4

Black History Calendar. Jacksonville, Fla., Burger King Restaurants, 1989- . Other sponsors include: Florida State College at Jacksonville (former Florida Community College at Jacksonville (1989-2009); First Coast News; Jacksonville Public Library. Annual, themed calendar issued during Black History Month (February); provides valuable source material relating to local leaders, organizations, enterprises and other informative data not readily available elsewhere.

  • 1989-1990: Weaving the Fabric of Freedom: a Reflection of the Black Legacy in Jacksonville (2 copies; c.2 lacks title page)
  • 2001: Building the Future (2 copies)
  • 2003: The Souls of Black Folk
  • 2004: Brown v. Board of Education - 50th Anniversary
  • 2005: The Niagara Movement (2 copies)
  • 2006: Celebrating Community: a Tribute to Black Fraternal, Social and Civic Institutions (2 copies)
  • 2007: From Slavery to Freedom: the History of African Americans in the Americas
  • 2008: Carter G. Woodson & the Origins of Multiculturalism (2 copies)
  • 2009: Quest for Black Citizenship in the Americas (2 copies)
  • 2010: The History of Black Economic Empowerment (2 copies)
  • 2011: African Americans & the Civil War (3 copies)
  • 2012: Black Women in American Culture & History
  • 2013: At the Crossroads of Freedom & Equality: The Emancipation Proclamation and the March on Washington (3 copies)
  • 2014: Black History Calendar (2 copies)
Box: 1 Folder: 5 Botanical Gallery, a 2005 calendar: a month-by-month look at flowers that flourish on the First Coast. Jacksonville, Fla., Florida Times-Union, c2004.
Box: 1 Folder: 5 Botanical Gallery, a 2006 calendar: a month-by-month look at ornamental plants that flourish on the First Coast. Jacksonville, Fla., Florida Times-Union, c2005.
Box: 1 Folder: 6 Tales of Our City 2006 Calendar. Port of Jacksonville Pilot Club, with the Evergreen Cemetery Association, c2005. Small format calendar features photographs of significant events in Jacksonville history.
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Box Folder Description
Box: 1 Folder: 7 Amateur radio operator's QSL card. On top: A.R.R.L. [American Radio Relay League.] Cecil FFoulkes, 502 Spearing St., Jacksonville, Fla. 192-? Stamped in middle: U-4LK.  
Box: 1 Folder: 7 Homestead exemption renewal card. Postmarked Dec 31'54. Leon E. Forbes, Assessor... Jacksonville (2), Florida.
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Certificates and Awards
Box Folder Description
Box: 1 Folder: 8 Certificate of appointment. J. G. Rawls elected County Commissioner from District no. 1, Duval County, Dec. 8, 1926.
Box: 1 Folder: 9 Resolution of Appreciation, Volunteer War Worker, Jacksonville Beach, Florida. December 21, 1942. Blank form.
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Box Folder Description
Box: 2 Folder: 1 Christmas card. Imprinted: Mayor and Mrs. Haydon Burns. [Mayor of Jacksonville, 1949-1965; Governor of Florida, 1965-1967.]
Box: 2 Folder: 2 Envelope. Addressed to E. M. L' Engle Esq Jacksonville, Fla. (Captain in the 42nd Florida Regiment and prominent Jacksonville citizen.) Postmarked Fernandina 1861?. (Stamp issued 1861-62; Union issue.)
Box: 2 Folder: 3 Letter. Addressed to "Dear Brother and Sister," from "Your Affectionate Brother John Byron." Manchester?, June 6, 1857. 2 pages.
Box: 2 Folder: 4-6

Letters (3). Handwritten from unidentified Jacksonville correspondents.

  • Addressed to "My Only True Girl" from "Your True Boy JRR. Home, Nov 14, 1903." 2 pages.
  • Addressed to "My Darling Sweetheart" from "JRR." Moore, Pa., no date. 2 pages.
  • Addressed to "My Darling Girl" from "JRR." Moore, Pa. no date. 4 pages.
Box: 2 Folder: 7 Typed note from St. Elmo W. Acosta to Mrs. W. A. Williams, Feb. 7, 1946. Contents relate to organization of Greater Southside Improvement Association. Letterhead: St. Elmo W. Acosta Wholesale Merchandise Broker, Jacksonville, Florida. [Acosta was a Jacksonville City Commissioner and State Representative; for many years, he championed a bridge over the St. Johns River and the 'Jacksonville-St. Johns River Bridge' was re-named in his honor on August 17, 1949.]
Box: 2 Folder: 8 Letter. Addressed to "Mrs. John M. Round," from "F.C.W." Typed, on letterhead stationery: The First National Bank of Fernandina, Fernandina, Fla., Sept. 11, 1921. 2 pages.
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Journals and Serials
Box Folder Description
Box: 3 Folder: 1 Daily Journal, Sovereign Camp, Woodmen of the World, Jacksonville, Fla. Eighth Day's Proceedings, Wednesday, June 18, 1913.
Box: 3 Folder: 1 Reef Trader's Journal. vol. 1, no. 1. Published by Holiday Inn, Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Headline: Jacksonville Beach The Way It Was. No date given. Includes menu on interior pages.  4 pages.
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Box Folder Description
Box: 3 Folder: 2 Forest High School, 10th Anniversary, Curriculum Guide. Jacksonville, Fla., Forest High School, 1980?
Box: 3 Folder: 3 Giving... And Your Income Tax. Community Chest National War Fund, Jacksonville and Duval County, Florida, [1944?]
Box: 3 Folder: 3 Help complete the Atlantic Coastal Highway in Florida. Jacksonville Beach, Fla., Atlantic Coastal Highway Assn. of Florida, 1929.
Box: 3 Folder: 3 River Club: River Club at Independent Square. Promotional brochure includes pre-construction information and floor plans. [Jacksonville, Fla., Independent Life?, 197-?]
Box: 3 Folder: 3 Rochester, N.Y. to Jacksonville, Fla. 1533 miles, 1919-1920. Automobile Club of Rochester. [mileage table and driving directions]
Box: 3 Folder: 3 A short history of the development of the United States Flag with rules for Flag Etiquette: for the use of civilians, school children and foreign-born citizens. Published by the Jacksonville (Florida) Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Title on cover: The United States Flag. Compiled and copyrighted 1922 by Mrs. Thos. P. Denham (Mary Church Simkins)... 109 Lomax Street, Jacksonville, Fla. ; Arnold Printing Company.
Box: 3 Folder: 3 What a notary public may and may not do under the laws of the State of Florida. Compliments of Elliot W. Butts, Clerk, Circuit Court, Jacksonville, Florida, 1943.
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Posters and Advertisements
Box Folder Description
Box: Maps Folder: 4 The Doors of Jacksonville. Jacksonville, Fla., The Dalton Agency, Inc., 2001. (Oversize poster in map cabinet.)
Box: Maps Folder: 4 it flows through all of us. 2011?. Includes two information cards. (Oversize poster in map cabinet.)
Box: Maps Folder: 4 San Marco 85 [?] Jacksonville. Poster depicts San Marco Square, retail stores and Little Theatre. (Oversize poster in map cabinet.)
Box: Maps Folder: 4 A Taste of San Marco: (and You Be The Judge!). Duval Acura & Esprit de Corps present an afternoon of good taste to benefit Hospice Northeast. May 21, 1995, San Marco Square. (Oversize poster in map cabinet.)
Box: Maps Folder: 4 Welcome to Riverside * Avondale * Ortega Florida. Jacksonville, Fla., 200-? Poster shows images and locations of commercial enterprises, churches, social and cultural buildings and sites. (2 copies in map cabinet.)
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Box Folder Description
Box: 3 Folder: 5 Miscellaneous notecards, imprinted with views of Jacksonville historic sites and buildings. Views / drawings: Anne Marie's Tea House, The Cummer Oak, First Baptist Church, Historical sites in Mandarin, Jacksonville Power Boat Club House, St. Andrews Episcopal Church.
Box: 3 Folder: 6 Envelope. Return address on upper left: The Giant Bull Frog & Muskrat Farm Incorporated, Executive Offices, 506 Hildebrandt Building, Jacksonville, Fla. Postmarked Nov 16'34 Jacksonville Fla..
Box: 3 Folder: 6 Envelope, Souvenir. On left: View of Jacksonville with inscription: Jacksonville The Gateway City to Florida.
Box: 3 Folder: 6 Postal folder. Drawing of Florida Ostrich Farm on left side. Postmarked Dec 13'15.
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Tax Receipts
Box Folder Description
Box: 3 Folder: 7 Tax receipts (3). State of Florida, Duval County. 1911, 1922,1925.
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Tickets and Trip Pass
Box Folder Description
Box: 3 Folder: 8 Ticket. The Players Championship, March 31, 1991. Final round.
Box: 3 Folder: 8 Toll tickets and books. Jacksonville Expressway System. 3 toll books; 1 book contains unused tickets. Books dated: July 14, 1985; Feb. 19, 1988; June 30, 1988.
Box: 3 Folder: 9 Trip pass for employee, Jacksonville Southeastern Line [St. Johns River steamboat]. November 10, 1890.
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Artifacts and Memorabilia
Box Folder Description
Box: 4 Folder: 1


  • Cap, "Bulls." [The Bulls were a professional football team based in Jacksonville, 1984-1985.]
  • T-shirts (6). Screened text:
  • The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens
  • Jacksonville Historical Society
  • Jacksonville's Great Fire 1901 * Centennial Celebration * 2001
  • Much Ado About Books, a Literary Celebration... to benefit the Jacksonville Public Library
  • Ocean front First Street Grille Jacksonville Beach, FL
  • PALMM publication of archival library & museum materials
Box: 4 Folder: 2 Ashtray, Glass. On bottom: Attached cameo view of palm tree, inscription "Jacksonville, Florida."
Box: 4 Folder: 3 Backpack, Mesh. Imprinted on bottom: Jacksonville Axemen Rugby League,, 2012 member. Holds cup, souvenir program, vanity license plate, etc.
Box: 4 Folder: 4 Baseball bat, souvenir. Imprinted on end: JAX TARS. [The Jacksonville Tars was a South Atlantic League team based in Jacksonville, 1936-1953.] 
Box: 4 Folder: 5 Book clip. Metal; 1" x 3". Miscellaneous views of Jacksonville shown on top of clip. Accompanying informational sheet provides details on each view. Accompanying box stamped: City of Jacksonville Florida.
Box: 4 Folder: 6 Bottle. Brown glass; 1.5" x 5". Raised lettering: WM D. Jones Jacksonville.
Box: 4 Folder: 7-8

Buttons (4). Imprinted:

  • I'm a Tea Men Groupie (2) [Soccer team based in Jacksonville, 1980-1984]
  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Tournament Players Championship 1986 Patio Club
Box: 4 Folder: 9 Charm, bracelet. Design in shape of State of Florida. Engraved: Florida Tallahassee Sarasota Palm Beach Miami.
Box: 4 Folder: 10 Clock. 8.5" diameter. Stamped: Jacksonville History Magazine.
Box: 4 Folder: 11 Commemorative coins. Jacksonville, Fla. Sesquicentennial, 1822-1972. 2 five-coin sets. #1 Ribault Monument 1562; #2 Andrew Jackson 1822; #3 Yacht America 1861; #4 First Railroad Bridge 1890; #5 Great Fire 1901.
Box: 5 Folder: 1 Commemorative flask. Jacksonville Sesquicentennial, 1822-1972. White porcelain whisky container. Text on bottom: Exclusive design by Marita Spirits Ltd. From the Anniversary collection of Authentic Liverpool Porcelain. Front views on flask: "The America"; Andrew Jackson; Fort Caroline, 1564; The Great Fire, 1901.
Box: 6 Folder: 1 Commemorative glasses, cups and coffee mugs (8). Text varies: River Run / Gate River Run. 1981;1992; 1996; 1997 (cup and glass); 1999; 2001; 2002.
Box: 6 Folder: 2 Commemorative glasses, cups and coffee mugs. White coffee mug; with stamped insignia. Text: American Military Engineers, Jacksonville Post. [U.S. Army District Corps of Engineers]
Box: 7 Folder: 1 Commemorative plate. Text on back: From a 16th century painting by Jacques Le Moyne. The 1564 meeting of Timucuan Chief Athore and the Commander Rene de Laudonniere at the monument erected by French Captain Jean Ribault in 1562 near the mouth of the St. Johns River. Made in Staffordshire, England. Imported exclusively for the Jacksonville Historical Society, Jacksonville, Florida.
Box: 7 Folder: 2-3

Commemorative / souvenir plates (2).

  • White porcelain plate. 7.5" diameter. Gold stamped: Souvenir of Jacksonville, Fla. Painted gold rim. Marked on back: Germany 81.
  • Blue and white souvenir plate. Flow blue transferware; 10" diameter. Engraved in center: Souvenir of Jacksonville Fla. 7 views on plate: Government and Post Office Building; City Hall; Windsor Hotel; City Gates, St. Augustine, Fla.; St. Johns River and Bridge; St. John's Episcopal Church; Hemming Park. Text on back: Staffordshire, England. Bawo & Dotter New York City. Imported by The Knight Crockery & Furniture Co. Jacksonville, Fla.  
Box: 8 Folder: 1

License plates (3). Souvenir / Dealer's plates.

  • Buddy Hutchinson Pontiac Florida 1 Jacksonville
  • Florida Jacksonville Beach The World's Finest Beach
  • Jacksonville...bold new city of the south! Mayor's Action Committee 1968 Member 1969
Box: 8 Folder: 2 Lifesaver ring, miniature. Stamped: Jacksonville, Florida.
Box: 8 Folder: 3-5 Ornaments (3). Handmade by Hestia, Marblehead, Mass. With views of historic buildings and sites in Jacksonville. Views with inscriptions: Jacksonville, FL; Jacksonville Terminal; St. Andrew's Episcopal Church.
Box: 8 Folder: 6-7

Ornaments, Holiday (2).

  • Jacksonville holiday ornament. Text on accompanying card: Official Jacksonville holiday ornament, first edition, 1997. 24k gold plate on brass. Issued for the "Cities in Service Ornament Program. Desmark Industries, Inc. Smithfield, Rhode Island."  Stamped on box cover: HealthSouth UCP United Cerebral Palsy.
  • Jacksonville holiday ornament. 24k gold plate on brass. Stamped on box cover: Easter Seals.
Box: 8 Folder: 8-9

Pins, ribbons, and tie tacks (3). Text:

  • 20th Annual Convention, American Legion, Department of Florida, Jacksonville, May 26-28, 1938
  • City of Jacksonville, Florida seal (tie tack)
  • Florida's First Coast
  • Great Seal of the State of Florida In God We Trust
Box: 8 Folder: 10-12

Souvenir cutlery (3).

  • Fork. Marked: International S. Co. XII. Triple. On handle: Hotel G. W. [Hotel George Washington, Jacksonville, Fla.]
  • Spoon. Marked: Sterling Silver Manufacturing Company, 1909. "Jacksonville Fla" engraved in bowl of spoon. Views on handle: Main Street, Hemming Park, Masonic Temple, City Hall, Alligator.
  • Spoon. On handle: attached cameo with pelican image, stamped "Florida." 
Box: 8 Folder: 13 Sticker. Imprinted: Jacksonville All America City.
Box: 8 Folder: 14 Tokens (7). Trolley tokens? Raised text on front: Jacksonville Florida; on back: Jacksonville Coach Co.