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Lawrence V. Smith Image Collection Container List

Subject files (Images)
Box Folder Description
Slides, negatives, contact sheets and small photographic prints
Box: Folder: 1-650 Alphabetical list of subjects available. Major categories are: Air, Construction, CSX, Jacksonville International Airport, Jacksonville International Airport Baggage Shoot, JAXPORT, Marine, People, Railroads, Trucks.
Photographic prints/Advertisements
Box: 1 Folder: 1-27 Mounted photographs of civil and military airplanes, aircraft carriers, ordnance, and submarines. 28 x 35 ½ cm.
Box: 2 Folder: 1-23 Mounted photographs of Jacksonville port and ships, some aerials (28 x 35 ½ cm.); 1 unmounted (40 ½ x 50 ½ cm.)
Box: 3 Folder: 1-24 Mounted photographs of Jacksonville International and Craig Airports, Dames Point Bridge aerials (3), construction (2), industrial interiors (3), bus washing (1), Georgia-Florida game aerial (1) (28 x 35 ½ cm.); 6 unmounted of Craig control tower, Mathews Bridge, Jacksonville expressway, Amelia Island aerial, and ATP tournament play (various sizes)
Box: 3 Folder: 25 Mounted photographic print of Trailer Bridge truck with Dames Point Bridge in the background (41 x 26 ½ cm.) 
Box: 4 Folder: 1-11 Unmounted photographs of Jacksonville ports and ships, civilian and military airplanes, airplane maintenance, the Triple Crossing (railroad), trucks and miscellaneous transportation and distribution (smallest 20 ½  x  25 ½ cm., largest 28 x 41 ½ cm.)
Box: 5 Folder: 1-17 Unmounted photographs of sports, primarily Jaguar games (1998), some aerials; b&w steam railroad reenactments; miscellaneous local scenes, some aerials; miscellaneous mounted photographs from studio walls, very faded (19 x 24 cm.); production stills (including Ander Crenshaw and Hans Tanzler) and miscellaneous photographs not taken by Lawrence Smith (smallest 19 x 15 cm., largest 28 x 35 ½ cm.)
Box: 6 Folder: 1-27 Mounted transportation advertisements and published materials using Smith’s photography.
Box: 7 Folder: 1-32 Mounted and unmounted advertisements on a variety of subjects.
Box: 8 Folder: 1-14 Mounted and unmounted photographs and advertisements: CSX; Jacksonville port; Triple Crossing (railroad); Norfolk Southern, ‘Jacksonville, reflections of excellence,’ and Sea Jaguar reception (1997) posters; American Railroad Foundation and Occidental Chemical advertisements; Mayport carrier and Jaguars night game aerial photographs.
Box: 9 Folder: 1-2 Portfolio. 2 v. (126 p.) The portfolio contains photographs and published examples, mostly transportation, selected by the photographer to show his best work.
Box: 10-11 Folder: 1-12

Dawn and Dusk project. Includes all prints and negatives taken for the project, 2 poster boards (oversize), and 1 framed photograph, Dusk (oversize).


  • Box 10: 12 folders, 1 CD, 4 brass plates. Oversize poster boards in folder 12.
  • Box 11: Small prints, negatives and slides album


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Published materials
Box Folder Description
Box: 12-17 Folder: 1-206

Alphabetical list of contents available. File of publications which used Smith's images.

  • Box 16: 4 framed Jaxport magazine covers
  • Box 17: Oversize material
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Biographical materials
Box Folder Description
Box: 18-20 Folder: 1-46 Copies of newspaper and magazine articles, resumes, invoices, portions of scripts, some images, company promotional material and sample stationery related to primarily business activities of work for the television networks, freelance work, and production companies Smith established. Personal materials include photographic prints and information related to his Robert Broward residence.  Also includes awards (including 3 Emmy certificates), badges, passes, patches and tags related to his work.
Box: 21 Folder: 1 Chronological photo album of Smith’s activities.
Box: Folder: 2 Framed book jacket, 'Jacksonville, reflections of excellence.' (Smith was photography editor) In oversize collection.
Box: Folder: 3 House plans, “Gemini A-Go-Go,” (June, 1967; rev., Jan.,1968; office addition, July, 1990) of the Robert Broward residence owned by Mr. and Mrs. Smith,1976 to 2012. (In oversize collection.)
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Miscellaneous materials
Box Folder Description
Videorecordings, films and CDs
Box: 22 Folder: TransPixs website; JAXPORT web photo library; 36 CDs and 6 zip discs of general Jacksonville images including aerials, JIA, Jaguar games, and Ramses II exhibit.  DVDs provide examples of his work: Desco Marine: Building Tomorrow's Boats Today (18 mins.); The Fisherman (promotion) (7 mins., 30 secs.); Air National Guard Story (15 mins.); Various commercials and paid political advertisements (avg. 30 secs. to 1 min., total 14 mins.).
Box: 23 Folder: Nikon stuffed bear, 6 hats, Jacksonville Sheriff’s Aviation Unit mug, collection of stamps for slide labelling, film slate, Orben’s Camera Center calendar sleeve, single slide viewer, Florida Wire & Cable sample wire section.