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Arthur N. Sollee Papers Container List

Beach Erosion / Protection (Duval County, Fla.)
Box Folder Description Dates
Atlantic Beach Seawall Project
Box: 1 Folder: 1 Correspondence, working materials 1932-35
Box: 1 Folder: 2 Specifications, contracts, data 1933-34
Bulkhead Projects / Florida Seawall / Jacksonville Beaches
Box: 1 Folder: 3 Correspondence 1938-56
Box: 1 Folder: 4 Legal File: Jacksonville Beaches Coast Erosion, May 18, 1948 (2 copies) 1948
Box: 2 Folder: 5 Legislative File 1935
Box: 2 Folder: 6 Newspaper clippings, articles 1931-78
Box: 2 Folder: 7 Project File, reports 1933-57
Box: 2 Folder: 8-9 Publication: Journal, "Shore and Beach" (includes correspondence, discussion) 1933-39
Box: 3 Folder: 10 Report: Interim Report of Beach Erosion Board, Office of the Chief of Engineers, U.S. Army. Washington : [U.S. Beach Erosion Board?], 1933. 1933
Box: 3 Folder: 11 Report for Jacksonville Beaches Chamber of Commerce / prepared by George W. Simons, Jr. [Jacksonville, Fla. : George W. Simons], 1944. 1944
Box: 3 Folder: 12 Special Report to the Florida State Legislature: Studies and recommendations for the control of beach erosion in Florida / prepared by the Coastal Engineering Staff, Department of Engineering Mechanics, University of Florida. Gainesville, Fla. : Florida Engineering and Industrial Experiment Station?, 1957. 1957
Box: 3 Folder: 13 Report: Information on beach protection in Florida : a non-technical explanation of essential facts and expert opinions of the causes and cures of the erosion of the sandy sea-fronting beaches of Florida / prepared and reproduced in office of Division of Water Survey and Research. Tallahassee, Fla. : Division of Water Survey & Research, [1952] 1952
Box: 3-4 Folder: 14-20 Miscellaneous reports, studies, publications 1927-60
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Consolidation / Annexation Issues (Duval County, Fla.)
Box Folder Description Dates
Box: 5 Folder: 21 Legal File: Proposed Charter of the Consolidated Government of Duval County, Florida and Appendices Thereto. [Jacksonville, Fla. : Local Government Study Commission?, 1967. 1967
Box: 5 Folder: 22 Sheet: The Facts on annexation : Jacksonville Area Chamber of Commerce, Forward Jacksonville Committee. [Jacksonville, Fla. : Forward Jacksonville Committee?, 1963?] Folder includes miscellaneous newspaper clippings re Annexation. 1963
Box: 5 Folder: 23 Report: A factual report on annexation for the metropolitan area of Jacksonville, Florida / prepared under the authorization of the City of Jacksonville by J.E. Dovell and Arthur W. Smith. [Gainesville, Fla. : Dovell and Smith, Consultants?], 1962. Folder includes miscellaneous data and maps. 1962
Box: 5 Folder: 24 Study: Blueprint for improvement / Local Government Study Commission of Duval County. [Jacksonville, Fla. : The Commission], 1966. 1966
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Duval County (Fla.) Courthouse / Jacksonville (Fla.) City Hall
Box Folder Description Dates
Box: 6 Folder: 25 Correspondence 1946-55
Box: 6 Folder: 26 Newspaper clippings 1944-55
Box: 6 Folder: 27 Project File: Courthouse site selection 1951-52
Box: 6 Folder: 28-29 Reports, studies, including maps / data 1950-52
Box: 6 Folder: 30 Program for the dedication of Jacksonville's new City Hall : Sunday, the twenty-third of October [1960]. [Jacksonville : The City?, 1960?] (Jacksonville, Fla. : Designed and lithographed by H. & W.B. Drew Co.) 1960
Box: 6 Folder: 31 Yearbook: Municipal Yearbook (City of Jacksonville, Florida) 1961-62
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Metropolitan Park (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Box Folder Description Dates
Box: 6 Folder: 32 Newspaper clippings 1934
Box: 6 Folder: 33 Project File: Application for funding, maps, data 1933
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Transportation (Duval County, Fla.): General Materials
Box Folder Description Dates
Box: 7 Folder: 34 Duval County, Fla. budgets (1949-50, 1959-60, 1960-61) 1949-61
Box: 7-13 Folder: 35-64 Newspaper clippings, press releases, correspondence 1930-74
Box: 14 Folder: 65a Report: Road and Bridge Department and Jacksonville-St. Johns River (Toll) Bridge. Jacksonville, Fla. : Board of County Commissioners of Duval County, Florida, 1930. (folder includes additional miscellaneous materials) 1930-33
Box: 14 Folder: 65b Report: Road and Bridge Department and Jacksonville-St. Johns River (Toll) Bridge. Jacksonville, Fla. : Board of County Commissioners of Duval County, Florida, 1931. 1931
Box: 14 Folder: 66-67 Reports, minutes, agendas: Jacksonville Urban Area Transportation Study, Technical Coordinating Committee 1972
Box: 14 Folder: 68-69 Report: 1973-1974 Annual Certification and Unified Work Program for the Jacksonville Urban Area. Prepared by Jacksonville Area Planning Board, June 1, 1973. (Folder 69 includes working materials and data for report) 1973-78
Box: 14 Folder: 70 Handbook: Jacksonville Area Planning Board Policies and Standards Handbook, June 1973. Stamped on cover: Draft copy only. 1973
Box: 15 Folder: 71-74 Reports, Project File: Comprehensive Plan for the Consolidated City of Jacksonville, Jacksonville Area Planning Board. 1973-75
Box: 15 Folder: 75-76 Reports: Short Range Development Plan, Jacksonville Area Planning Board 1974
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Transportation (Duval County, Fla.): Bridges
Box Folder Description Dates
Acosta Bridge
Box: 16 Folder: 77 Miscellaneous data and statistics
Dames Point Bridge
Box: 16 Folder: 78 Correspondence 1970-72
Box: 16-18 Folder: 79-85 Newspaper clippings 1970-84
Box: 18 Folder: 86-88

Project Files, including reports, data.

Report: Official Comment Port of Jacksonville Maritime Ad Hoc Committee on the proposed Dames Point Bridge in response to United States Coast Guard Public Notice 16591/3382 May 13, 1978. Prepared by the Port of Jacksonville Maritime Ad Hoc Committee, May 11, 1978. (Folder 87)
(see also under Expressways / Roads - Southside Blvd., State Road 9A)

Fuller Warren Bridge
Box: Folder: See Mathews Bridge (Folder 98)
Hart Bridge (initially Commodore Bridge):
Box: 19 Folder: 89 Study: A Study of the downtown traffic and economic impact of the proposed Commodore Point bridge, Jacksonville, Florida : a report to the Jacksonville Expressway Authority / prepared by Mel Conner and Associates, Inc. Tallahassee, Fla. : Mel Conner and Associates, 1962. 1962
Box: 19 Folder: 90 Study (v.2): Jacksonville - Duval County transportation study - 1960 / prepared by Florida State Road Department in cooperation with Board of County Commissioners, Duval County and the U.S.Department of Commerce, Bureau of Public Roads. [Jacksonville, Fla.] : The Road Dept., [1962-1963]. (Vol. 2 includes assignment of traffic volumes for 1980 and improvements to major street and highway systems) 1963
McCormick Bridge, B. B.
Box: Folder: See Expressways / Roads - Beach Boulevard (Folder 106)
Main Street Bridge
Box: 19 Folder: 91a Newspaper clippings 1938-41
Box: 19 Folder: 91b

Postcard: Vote "YES" for the NEW FREE ST. JOHN'S RIVER BRIDGE Nov. 5th... 1938? Text and map.

announcement in newspaper map of bridge

Box: 19 Folder: 92 Report of Gilbert A. Youngberg and W. E. Reynolds, Associated Consulting Engineers on Approaches to St. Johns River Bridge, Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida. Jacksonville, Fla.: Gilbert A. Youngberg and W.E. Reynolds, 1931. On title page: April 10, 1931. 1931
Mathews Bridge (initially Arlington Bridge) / Chaseville Arlington Area Bridges
Box: 19 Folder: 93 Newspaper clippings re Mathews Bridge 1930-59
Box: 19 Folder: 94 Newspaper clippings re Chaseville Bridges 1946-57
Box: 19 Folder: 95 Report: Proposed Arlington Bridge over St. Johns River / by Earle P. Luce, County Engineer, W. E. Reynolds, Consulting Engineer. September 1932. 1932
Box: 19 Folder: 96 Report: Proposed bridge across St. Johns River in the Vicinity of Arlington / by [Bridge Committee], Board of County Commissioners of Duval County, Florida. May 9, 1941. Committee members: J. Henry Blount, Arthur N. Sollee, John F. Reynolds. 1941
Box: 19 Folder: 97 Report: Discussion relative to the proposed construction of Interstate Highway Project and Arlington Bridge Project in Duval County, Florida / by Arthur N. Sollee, County Engineer. Accompanying letter dated November 17, 1947. (2 copies) 1947
Box: 19 Folder: 98 Report: Preliminary Report for the Arlington Bridge, Gilmore Street Bridge, Myrtle Avenue Overpass, Jacksonville, Florida. Prepared for State Road Department of Florida by Reynolds, Smith and Hills. Jacksonville, Fla. : Reynolds, Smith and Hills, 1949. Date on cover: September 15, 1949. 1949
Twentieth Street Bridge (proposed)
Box: 20 Folder: 99-101 Project File: Reports, minutes of meetings, maps, newsclippings, data 1954-68
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Transportation (Duval County, Fla.): Expressways / Roads
Box Folder Description Dates
Arlington Expressway / Chaseville Area roads
Box: 20 Folder: 102 Minutes: Public Hearing on Expressway 1959
Box: 20 Folder: 103 Report: Engineering Report "Arlington Triangle" Intersection of State Road 115 and State Road 10A. Prepared by Reynolds, Smith and Hills. Jacksonville, Fla. : Reynolds, Smith and Hills, 1970. On title page: April 6, 1970. 1970
Box: 20 Folder: 104 Report: Proposed Traffic Pattern Change, Arlington Expressway Service Roads. [Jacksonville, Fla. : Traffic Engineering Office, 1971?] 1971
Box: 20 Folder: 105a-b Report: Traffic Report Chaseville-Arlington Area, Duval County, Florida. [Tallahassee, Fla.?] : Traffic and Planning Division, State Road Department of Florida, 1958. (2 copies) (folder includes supporting data, working materials) 1958
Beach Boulevard:
Box: 21 Folder: 106 Program: Official Dedication Program for Beach Boulevard and the B.B. McCormick Bridge: Saturday, December 17, 1949. (Folder includes newsclippings) 1949
J. Turner Butler Boulevard
Box: 21 Folder: 107 Correspondence (includes letter from UNF President Thomas Carpenter re Butler Boulevard tolls) 1976-83
Box: 21 Folder: 108 Manuscript: History of Hogan Road - Jose Vedra Boulevard - J. Turner Butler Boulevard. By Arthur N. Sollee. 1970?
Box: 21 Folder: 109 Newsclippings 1973-84
Box: 21 Folder: 110 Project File: Minutes of Jacksonville Expressway Authority meetings; Report on Annual Toll Revenues 1969-76
Box: 15 Folder: 111 Report: J. Turner Butler Boulevard Eastward Extension and Toll Plaza Improvements (In Oversize Box no. 15) 1977
Jacksonville Expressway / Interstate System
Box: 22 Folder: 112 Correspondence, General 1935-63
Box: 22 Folder: 113 Correspondence, newsclippings: Toll Roads and Freeways in Duval County 1951-57
Box: 22 Folder: 114 Correspondence: Jacksonville Expressway Authority renamed Jacksonville Transportation Authority (includes transcript of local legislative delegation meeting, March 23, 1971) 1971
Box: 22 Folder: 115 Memorabilia: Program from Jacksonville Expressway Authority dinner (October 7, 1964); JEA letterhead stationery (1 sheet); cover from JEA Progress Report, no. 4 (June 30, 1965) (shows JEA seal) 1964-65
Box: 22 Folder: 116 Newsclippings: Interstate 95 Turnpike 1939-68
Box: 22 Folder: 117 Report: Special Traffic Committee 1941
Box: 22 Folder: 118 Report: A Traffic survey report and Interstate highway plan of the Jacksonville Metropolitan Area / by the State Road Department of Florida, Division of Research and Records in cooperation with the Public Roads Administration, Federal Works Agency and the City of Jacksonville, 1945-1946. [Tallahassee, Fla.] : State Road Dept. Florida : [1947?] 1947?
Box: 22 Folder: 119 Reports, reviews: Postwar Highway Program 1945-48
Box: 22 Folder: 120 Report: The Express parkway and toll bridge system connecting inter-state highways at Jacksonville, Florida / submitted by the Highway Committee of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce. [Jacksonville, Fla.? : Chamber of Commerce, 1947?] 1947
Box: 23 Folder: 121-122 Report: Proposed Interstate Highway, Arlington Bridge, and Auxiliary Roads (includes 1947 discussion document) By Arthur N. Sollee. 2 copies 1947-48
Box: 23 Folder: 123-124 Reports: Traffic and Revenues on Interstate and Bridges 1948-50
Box: 23 Folder: 125 Report: Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce Highway Plan 1949
Box: 23-24 Folder: 126-128 Report, correspondence, data: Bond issues 1950-72
Box: 24 Folder: 129 Report: Statement of Board of County Commissioners of Duval County relating to its position on proposed legislation creating the Jacksonville Expressway Authority 1955
Box: 24 Folder: 130 Report: Proposal from Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce re Express Parkway and Bridge System 1955
Box: 24 Folder: 131 Report: Preliminary Civil Engineering Report for the Jacksonville Expressway System 1955
Box: 24 Folder: 132 Working Materials: Notes of Arthur Sollee 1955-60
Box: 24 Folder: 133-134 Reports: Civil Engineering Reports for the Jacksonville Expressway System. (1956 - 2 copies); 1957 Supplements - 2 copies 1956-57
Box: 25 Folder: 135 Report: Progress Report of the Construction of the Jacksonville Expressway System 1957
Box: 25 Folder: 136-137 Reports, Correspondence, newsclippings, data: Interstate 295 in Duval County 1957-78
Box: 25 Folder: 138 Report: Approaches to South Jacksonville Expressway 1958
Box: 25 Folder: 139 Report: Extensions to the Jacksonville Expressway System 1960
Box: 26 Folder: 140 Report: Jacksonville - Duval County Transportation study - 1960 / prepared by Florida State Road Department in cooperation with Board of County Commissioners, Duval County and the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Public Roads. [Jacksonville, Fla.] : The Road Dept., [1962-1963]. Vol. 1 presents basic 1960 statistical data with projections of travel characteristics to 1980. Vol. 2 includes assignment of traffic volumes for 1980 and improvements to major street and highway systems. 1960-63
Box: 26 Folder: 141 Report: Jacksonville Expressway Authority Traffic Data 1962
Box: 26 Folder: 142 Reports, Working Materials: Blatnik Committee, Washington, D.C. 1965-66
Box: 26 Folder: 143 Working Materials, maps: Mayport Road Connection to Wonderwood Road 1965-84
Box: 26 Folder: 144 Working Materials, correspondence: Review of New Expressway - Route Proposals 1968-70
Box: 26 Folder: 145 Report: Intersection of State Road 115 and State Road 212 1970
Road Drainage / Sewage Planning
Box: 27 Folder: 146 Report: Sewerage and Sewage Disposal Problems of Jacksonville, Florida 1953
Box: 27 Folder: 147-148 Report, working Materials: Sanitary Sewerage and Storm Drainage Master Plan, Jacksonville, Florida 1955-81
Box: 27 Folder: 149 Report: Engineering Report for Sewerage Improvement Program 1970
Southside Boulevard (SR-9A) Extension
Box: 28 Folder: 150-153 Correspondence, minutes, reports: Public Participation Hearings 1974-77
Box: 28 Folder: 154 Newsclippings 1964-76
Box: 28 Folder: 155 Report: Analyses of Alternate Transportation Plans, Jacksonville Urban Area Transportation Study 1973
Box: 29 Folder: 156 Report: Draft Environmental Statement, Administrative Action for Southside Boulevard Extension 1973
Box: 29 Folder: 157-158 Report, correspondence: Draft Environmental Impact Statement, Southeastern Extension of SR-9A 1976
State Road 105 (Fernandina Port Authority Toll Road Project)
Box: 29 Folder: 159 Newsclippings 1948-52
Box: 29 Folder: 160 Reports, statements 1948
University of North Florida - Site Selection
Box: 29 Folder: 161 Correspondence 1968-69
Box: 29 Folder: 162 Newsclippings, television editorials 1963-72
Zoning Laws and Regulations
Box: 30 Folder: 163-170 Publication: Laws and regulations: Duval County Zoning Regulations, effective March, 29, 1957. [Jacksonville, Fla?] : Board of County Commissioners of Duval County, Florida, 1957. 1939-57
Box: 30 Folder: 171 Publication: Jacksonville (Fla.). City Council. Zoning Atlas with zoning regulations / City of Jacksonville, Florida. [Jacksonville, Fla. : City Council], 1955. 1955
Box: 30 Folder: 172 Transcript of Proceedings, Public Hearing re Comprehensive Zoning Plan. Includes: Zoning atlas with zoning regulations / City of Jacksonville, Florida. Rev. June 1st, 1955. [Jacksonville, Fla. : City Council], 1955. 1945-55
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Other Transportation (Buses / Ferries / Ships / Mass Transit)
Box Folder Description Dates
Atlantic Gulf Ship Canal
Box: 31 Folder: 173 Correspondence 1937
Blount Island / Port Industry / Ferries
Box: 31 Folder: 174 Newsclippings, Resolution: Sea-Train/ Car-Ferry Service to Venezuela 1945
Box: 31 Folder: 175 Report: Port and industrial survey of Jacksonville, Florida : June 20, 1945 / Coverdale & Colpitts, Consulting Engineers. New York : Coverdale & Colpitts, [1945] 1945
Box: 31 Folder: 176 Report: The port of Jacksonville, Florida / prepared by the Board of Engineers for Rivers and Harbors and United States Maritime Commission. Washington : U.S. G.P.O., 1948. 1948
Box: 31 Folder: 177-178 Working Materials, newsclippings: Development of Blount Island, Creation of Duval County Port Authority, Offshore Power Systems 1954-81
Buses: Jacksonville Coach Co. Acquisition
Box: 32 Folder: 179-182 Correspondence, Project File: Mass transit, Acquisition of Jacksonville Coach Co. 1969-72
Box: 32-33 Folder: 183-184 Newspaper clippings 1972-83
Box: 33 Folder: 185 Report: Valuation Study of Physical Property of Jacksonville Coach Company 1972
Urban Mass Transit / Automated Skyway Express
Box: 33-34 Folder: 186-191 Newspaper Clippings: Mass Transit, including Urban Renewal, Environment Issues, Jacksonville City Government, People Mover 1946-75
Box: 35 Folder: 192 Publications re: BART Mass Transit System 1970-72
Box: 35 Folder: 193 Report: Motor Bus Transportation, Jacksonville, Florida 1959
Box: 35 Folder: 194 Report: Study Design for a Comprehensive Planning Program for the Jacksonville Urban Area 1967
Box: 35 Folder: 195 Report: The Legal Lawbreakers 1970
Box: 35 Folder: 196 Report: Public Transit in the Low Income Areas of Jacksonville 1970
Box: 35 Folder: 197 Reports: Present and Future Transit Needs, Final Report. McLean, Va. : Voorhees & Associates, 1970. Financial Resources Available for Transportation. 1970-71
Box: 36 Folder: 198a-b Reports (2): Application for a Technical Study Grant for Urban Mass Transportation (Jacksonville Area Planning Board, July 1971). Revised Application for a Technical Study Grant for Urban Mass Transportation (Jacksonville Area Planning Board, October 1971) 1971
Box: 36 Folder: 199 Report (Draft): Second Draft Technical Report, Jacksonville Downtown People-Mover Study, Goals and Objectives / prepared for Florida State Department of Transportation in cooperation with Jacksonville Area Planning Board... Prepared by Daniel, Mann, Johnson & Mendenhall and Reiff-Felllman and Associates. Date on title page: October 25, 1972. 1972
Box: 36 Folder: 200a-b Report: Urban transportation in Jacksonville, Florida : final report. Jacksonville, Fla. : Jacksonville University, 1972. At head of title: Student originated study program. National Science Foundation. Grant number 9133--summer 1971. (2 copies: c.2 heavily annotated in manuscript by Arthur Sollee) 1972
Box: 36 Folder: 201 Report: Jacksonville Urban Area Mass Transportation Study / prepared for Jacksonville Area Planning Campbell, Foxworth and Pugh, Consulting Engineers and Planners; Reynolds, Smith and Hills. [Jacksonville, Fla. : Campbell, Foxworth and Pugh?, 1973?] Date written on title page: May 29, 1973. 1973
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Personal Files, 1938-84
Box Folder Description Dates
Awards and Honors
Box: 36 Folder: 202-203 Certificates of Appreciation, Recognition: United States of America War Production Board National Salvage Program of 1942-43; Guest Speaker at Jacksonville Downtown Lions Club, Dec. 14, 1966 1942-66
Biographical Materials
Box: 36 Folder: 204 Correspondence re Application for Executive Director position for the Jacksonville Expressway Authority (includes biographical information) 1956
Box: 36 Folder: 205-206 Newspaper clippings (includes Florida Times-Union obituary, November 11, 1984) 1941-84
Speech Files
Box: 36 Folder: 207 Program, correspondence for Spring Meeting of Florida Chapter of American Society of Civil Engineers (Sollee listed as speaker for the meeting) 1938
Box: 36 Folder: 208 Program, correspondence for speech given at Jacksonville Civitan Club, December 6, 1972 1972
Box: 36 Folder: 209 Article: "Mapping in Duval County, Fla." Civil Engineering, July 1938:451. 1938
Box: 37 Folder: 210 Book: The Engineer Speaks: Memoirs Covering Five Decades of Highway Problems in Duval County. [Jacksonville, Fla.] : A.N. Sollee, Sr., [1982?] 1982