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Resources in Special Collections Women's History in Northeast Florida

General Sources

Aldrich, Corinna Brown. Echoes from a distant frontier: the Brown sisters' correspondence from antebellum Florida. Edited by James M. Denham and Keith L. Huneycutt. Columbia : University of South Carolina Press, c2004.
    General Collections F315.A43 2004
    Special Collections F315.A43 2004

Ashley, Willie Mae Hardy. Far from home. [Fernandina Beach, Fla.] : W.M.H. Ashley, c1987.
    General Collections BV3625.L6D453 1987x
    Special Collections BV3625.L6D453 1987

Blackman, Lucy Worthington. The women of Florida. [Jacksonville, Fla.] : Southern Historical Pub. Associates, 1940.
    Special Collections F310.B58 v.2

[Chefixico Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution]. 1946. 2 leaves + member list.
    Special Collections E202.5.F6C54 1946

Colburn, David R. The African American heritage of Florida. Edited by David R. Colburn, Jane L. Landers. Gainesville : University Press of Florida, c1995.
    General Collections E185.93.F5C65 1995
    Special Collections E185.93.F5C65 1995

Cox, Leah Mary. Jacksonville greets the 20th century: the pictorial legacy of Leah Mary Cox. [Compiled by] Ann Hyman and photo editor, Ron Masucci. Gainesville, FL : University Press of Florida, 2002.
    General Collections F319.J157C69 2002
    Special Collections F319.J157C69 2002

Cozens, Eloise N. Florida women of distinction. [Daytona Beach, Fla.] : College Pub. Co., 1956-
    Special Collections F310.C6 v.1

Daughters of the American Revolution Florida State Society. History , 1892-1933, Daughters of the American revolution of Florida. Compiled by Committee on publication, Mrs. Glenville C. Frissell, honorary chairman, Mrs. George C. Harman, chairman, Mrs. J P. Dodge, Mrs. A. A. Sturgis ... Jacksonville, Fla., Press of Douglas printing co., inc., 1933-
    General Collections E202.5.F6A54 v.3
    Special Collections E202.5.F6A54 v.1, 2, 3, 5

Deegan, Donna.The good fight. Jacksonville, FL : Closet Books, 2004.
    General Collections RC280.B8D3878 2004
    Special Collections RC280.B8D3878 2004

Deegan, Donna.Through rose colored glasses. Jacksonville, FL : Closet Books, 2009.
    General Collections RC280.B8D388 2009
    Special Collections RC280.B8D388 2009

Donaldson, Connie. Heart of a lion: the courageous journey of Janet Lee Simpson. Jacksonville Beach, FL : High-Pitched Hum Pub., c2006.
    Special Collections CT275.S52166D66 2006

Fletcher, Dorothy K. Remembering Jacksonville: by the wayside. Charleston, SC : History Press, 2010.
    Special Collections F319.J157F54 2010

Gender equity resources: reviews and reprints. Bette J. Solwedel, Barbara Johnson, Carrol Wolverton. Jacksonville, Fla. : College of Education and Human Services, 1994. At head of title: University of North Florida Leadership Development Program for Sex Equity.
    Special Collections UNF.C2:G46

Gilkes, Lillian. Cora Crane: a biography of Mrs. Stephen Crane. Bloomington : Indiana University Press, 1960.
    General Collections PS1449.C85Z63
    Special Collections PS1449.C85Z63

Gold, Pleasant Daniel. History of Duval County, Florida: biographies of men and women who have done their part in making Duval County, past and present. Salem, Mass. : Higginson Book Co., [1998].
    General Collections F317.D9G6 1998
    Special Collections F317.D9G6 1998

Griffin, Patricia C. Mary Evans: woman of substance. Research by Eugenia B. Arana. St. Augustine, Fla. : St. Augustine Historical Society, 1977.
    Special Collections F319.S2G747 1977

Hansford, Sandra G. Citywide effort to minimize the dropout of teen mothers: a multigenerational model: project report [to] State of Florida - HRS [and] Jessie Ball duPont Fund. By Sandra G. Hansford, Robert J. Drummond, Shirley Webb ; for the Honorable Mayor Thomas L. Hazouri and the Mayor's Commission on the Status of Women and the Child Services Division, Jacksonville, Florida. [Jacksonville, Fla.? : TOPSS?, 1990?]
    Special Collections HQ759.4.H3678 1990

Hansford, Sandra G. Jacksonville's TOPSS: citywide effort to minimize the dropout of teen mothers : an [sic] multigenerational model : report. Prepared for the Jessie Ball duPont Fund, Florida Health and Rehabilitative Services, Florida Department of Education, U.S. Department of Education, WEEA; Sandra Hansford. [Jacksonville, Fla.? : TOPSS?, 1991?]
    General Collections HQ759.4.H368 1991
    Special Collections HRS.A2:J12/991

Hanson, Helen E. Sex equity resources. [Bibliography prepared by Helen E. Hanson (University of North Florida Sex Equity Program Research Associate)]. Jacksonville, Fla. : Florida Vocational Education Leadership Development Program for Sex Equity, University of North Florida, 1986-1989.
    Special Collections UNF.A8:S39/

Harvey, Karen G. Daring daughters: St. Augustine's feisty females, 1565-2000. Virginia Beach, VA : Donning Co. Publishers, c2002.
    General Collections HQ1439.S18H37 2002
    Special Collections HQ1439.S18H37 2002

Hewlett, Richard Greening. Jessie Ball duPont. Gainesville : University Press of Florida, c1992.
    General Collections HV28.D86H48 1992
    Special Collections HV28.D86H48 1992

History of Jacksonville Young Women's Christian Association. Complied by Letty M. Fifield. [Jacksonville, Fla.? : S.n., 1951?] (Jacksonville, Fla. : Miller Press).
    Special Collections BV1355.J3H55 1951

I am beautiful: a celebration of women. Edited by Dana Carpenter & Woody Winfree. Atlantic Beach, Fla. : Sole Sisters, Inc., 1999.
    Special Collections HQ1219.I2 1999b

Jacksonville Women's Movement: then and now: celebrating 20 years, 1970-1990. Program presented on March 9,1991, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the founding of Jacksonville N.O.W./The Jacksonville Women's Movement, August 26, 1970-August 26, 1990. [Jacksonville, Fla.? : Jacksonville Women's Movement?, 1991?]
    Special Collections HQ1439.J33J345 1991

Johnson, Kenny G. 20 living local African American achievers in Jacksonville, Florida coloring book. [Jacksonville, Fla.] : Kenny G. The Motivational Poet Publications, c2003.
    Special Collections F319.J19 A245 2003

Kinne, Frances Bartlett. Iowa girl: the president wears a skirt. Jacksonville, Fla. : Bailey Pub. & Communications, c2000.
    General Collections LD2598.K56 2000
    Special Collections LD2598.K56 2000

Landers, Jane. Black society in Spanish Florida. Urbana : University of Illinois Press, c1999.
    General Collections F320.N4L36 1999
    Special Collections F320.N4L36 1999

McGill, Nicole. Kindred spirits: family legends & childhood memories. Jacksonville, Fla. : China Grove, c1997.
    General Collections E185.97 .M455 1997
    Special Collections E185.97 .M455 1997

Making waves: female activists in twentieth-century Florida. Edited by Jack E. Davis and Kari Frederickson; foreword by Gary R. Mormino and Raymond Arsenault. Gainesville : University Press of Florida, c2003.
    General Collections HQ1438.F6M355 2003
    Special Collections HQ1438.F6M355 2003

Mason, Herman. African-American life in Jacksonville. Dover, New Hampshire : Arcadia, 1997.
    General Collections F319.J19 A255 1997
    Special Collections F319.J19 A255 1997

Neyland, Leedell W. Twelve black Floridians. Tallahassee, FL : Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University Foundation, 1970. (Chapter 5: Eartha M. M. White: Jacksonville's Angel of Mercy)
    Electronic version available on the World Wide Web as part of the Florida Heritage Collection.
    Special Collections E185.93.F5N4

Oliver, Kitty. Multicolored memories of a Black Southern girl. Lexington : University Press of Kentucky, c2001.
    General Collections F319.J153 O45 2001
    Special Collections F319.J153 O45 2001

Perspectives, fifty years of Bartram School, 1934-1984. Jacksonville, Fla. : Paramount Press, 1983.
    General Collections LD7501.J4855P47
    Special Collections LD7501.J4855P47

Pioneers of Florida's first coast. Compiled by the Southern Genealogists Exchange Society. Jacksonville, Fla. : The Southern Genealogist's Exchange Society, c2006-[2008].
    Special Collections F310.P56 2006 v.1-2

Race and gender in Jacksonville history: a reader / edited by James B. Crooks (Dept. of History, Philosophy & Religious Studies, University of North Florida) ; assembled by the UNF Bookstore. [Jacksonville, Fla.] : UNF Bookstore, 1997.
    General Collections F319.J19 A274 1997
    Special Collections F319.J19 A274 1997

Random ripplings. [Jacksonville, Fla. : Creative Writing Members, Jacksonville Beaches Woman's Club], c1963.
    Special Collections PS559.J34R35 1963

Rose Cottage chronicles: Civil War letters of the Bryant-Stephens families of North Florida. Edited by Arch Fredric Blakey, Ann Smith Lainhart, and Winston Bryant Stephens, Jr. Gainesville : University Press of Florida, c1998.
    General Collections E605.R77 1998
    Special Collections E605.R77 1998

Rosser, Ethel M. Brief history of the Jacksonville Woman's Club. [Ethel M. Rosser, Historian] Jacksonville, Fla. : [Woman's Club?, between 1941 and 1945-?]
    Special Collections HQ1906.J3B75 1940z

Rust, Ann O'Connell. Palatka. Orange Park, Fla. : Amaro Books, c1989.
    Special Collections PS3568.U8125F56 1988 v. 2

Schafer, Daniel L. Anna Madgigine, Jai Kingsley: African princess, Florida slave, plantation slaveowner. Gainesville : University Press of Florida, c2003.
    General Collections E444.K56S33 2003
    Special Collections E444.K56S33 2003

Sessions, B. J. Character pieces and bits of me / B.J. Sessions ; illustrated by Byron C. Sessions and B.J. Sessions. Jacksonville, Fla. : Jean-Aubrey Ideas, Inc., c1984.
    General Collections PS3569.E7585C45 1984
    Special Collections PS3569.E7585C45 1984

Sessions, B.J. A charge to keep: Brewster Hospital, Brewster Methodist Hospital, Brewster Hospital School of Nursing, Brewster-Duval School of Nursing, 1901-1966. Jacksonville, Fla. : Brewster and Community Nurses Alumni Association, 1996.
    Electronic version available on the World Wide Web as part of the Florida Heritage Collection.
    General Collections RA982.J23 B74 1996
    Special Collections RA982.J23B74 1996

Sessions, B. J. Deep. Jacksonville, Fla. : Jean-Aubrey Ideas, Inc., 1997.
    General Collections PS3569.E7585D44 1997
    Special Collections PS3569.E7585D44 1997

Sessions, B. J. Let the words of my mouth: an African American speaking out. Jacksonville, Fla. : Jean-Aubrey Ideas, 1995.
    General Collections E185.86 .S47 1995
    Special Collections E185.86 .S47 1995

Sessions, B. J. Rhythms of my heart. Jacksonville, Fla. : Jean-Aubrey Ideas, Inc., 1991.
    General Collections PS3569.E7585R45 1991
    Special Collections PS3569.E7585R45 1991

Sessions, B. J. A woman from Charleston: the life of Arnolta Johnston Williams (Mama Williams). Jacksonville, Fla. : Jean-Aubrey Ideas, 1991.
    Electronic version available on the World Wide Web as part of the Florida Heritage Collection.
    General Collections F319.J153W68 1991
    Special Collections F319.J153 W68 1991

Soldwedel, Bette J. Erasing sex bias through staff training. Jacksonville, Fla. : University of North Florida, 1980.
    General Collections LC1503.S642
    Special Collections LC1503.S642

Stockton, William Tennent. The correspondence of Will and Ju Stockton, 1845-1869. Transcribed and annotated by Herman Ulmer, Jr. Rev. April, 1989. [Jacksonville, Fla. : H. Ulmer], c1989.
    Special Collections E605.S863 1989

Vance, Linda D. May Mann Jennings, Florida's genteel activist. Gainesville : University Presses of Florida : University of Florida Press, c1985.
    General Collections HQ1413.J46V36 1985
    Special Collections HQ1413.J46V36 1985

The varieties of women's experiences: portraits of Southern women in the post-Civil War century. Edited by Larry Eugene Rivers & Canter Brown Jr. Gainesville : University Press of Florida, c2009.
    Special Collections HQ1438.S63V37 2009

Voices heard : women and girls speak: technical report. Jacksonville, FL : The Florida Center for Public Policy and Leadership at the University of North Florida, 2004.
    Special Collections UNF.A2:V54 TECH.

Voices heard: women & girls speak: the status of women and girls in 21st century northeast Florida. Jacksonville, FL : The Women's Giving Alliance ; The Florida Center for Public Policy and Leadership at the University of North Florida, 2004.
    Special Collections UNF.A2:V54

Walch, Barbara Hunter. New black voices: the growth and contributions of Sallye Mathis and Mary Singleton in Florida government. Jacksonville, Fla. : Barbara H. Walch, c1990.
    Electronic version available on the World Wide Web as part of the Florida Heritage Collection.
    General Collections F319.J19 A29 1990
    Special Collections F319.J19 A29 1990

Warren, Louise Stanton. A house on Hubbard Street. Jacksonville, Fla. : Olivette-Crooke Publications, [1996?]
    General Collections HV1447.J3W377 1996
    Special Collections HV1447.J3W377 1996

Wright, E. Lynne. Remarkable Florida women. Guilford, Conn. : TwoDot, c2001.
    General Collections CT3260.W75 2001
    Special Collections CT3260.W75 2001

Wright, E. Lynne. Remarkable Florida women. Guilford, Conn. : TwoDot, c2010.
    General Collections CT3260.W75 2010
    Special Collections CT3260.W75 2010

Personal Papers and Primary Resources Collections

Sanderson, Bessie Sollee. Retrospective experiences of one family during the great fire in Jacksonville on Friday, May 3rd, 1901. Signed: Bessie Sollee Sanderson, May 7th, 1954. [Draft manuscript]
    Special Collections F319.J145S36 1954

Walker, Rosa G. Holmes. Rosa G. Holmes Walker papers, 1871-1943. (bulk 1920-1930)
Personal and business documents of Rosa Holmes Walker, an African-American funeral home director and businesswoman active in Jacksonville, Florida, during the early twentieth century. Ledgers, volumes of client records, and funeral home bills comprise the majority of the collection. Inclusive years are 1871-1943, with the bulk of the materials from 1920-1930.
    Rosa G. Holmes Walker Papers
    Special Collections M85-1

[Walker, Rosa G. Holmes, Papers.] Florida Baptist Academy (Jacksonville, Fla.)  Register of the Florida Baptist Academy, Jacksonville, Florida, with catalog of students.  Jacksonville, Fla. : The Academy.
    Electronic version available on the World Wide Web as part of the Florida Heritage Collection.
    Special Collections M85-1, Box 8, Folder 54

[Walker, Rosa G. Holmes, Papers.] St. Joseph Aid Society [picture]. [ Jacksonville, Fla.? : The Society?, 192-?].
    Electronic version available on the World Wide Web as part of the Florida Heritage Collection.
    Special Collections M85-1, Box 5, folder 39

Walker, Wilma. I remember Providence. 1983?
This manuscript recounts the author's childhood at her home, Providence, in the community of Sandhills, near the St. Marys River, in Nassau County, Fla. It covers the period up to World War I with some information on the author's family history prior to her birth. Included is a description of the social life of a rural, farming area with emphasis on activities seen from a child's perspective, and material on nearby places such as Hilliard and Jacksonville.
    Special Collections M94-1

White, Eartha M. M. Eartha M.M. White Papers, 1831-1974. (bulk 1930-1974)
The collection consists of more than 1,000 items, including Eartha White's personal papers, documents, photographs and other memorabilia. The bulk of the collection are photographs depicting friends, relatives and events from her long life. A significant amount of her business and personal correspondence is also included. An extensive subject index, with links to digitized sources, is available for use with the collection.

    Eartha M. M. White Collection

    Eartha M. M. White Subject Index

    Special Collections M75-1

[White, Eartha M. M., Papers.] A Pictorial review of activities conducted under auspices of the Clara White Mission. Jacksonville, Florida. [Jacksonville, Fla.? : Clara White Mission?, 193-]
    Electronic version available on the World Wide Web as part of the Florida Heritage Collection.
    Special Collections M75-1, Folder R, no. 232

[White, Eartha M. M., Papers.] 75th diamond birthday observance of useful life of Eartha Mary Magdalene White, "Doctor of Humanities": [souvenir program]. [Jacksonville, Fla.? : Eartha Mary Magdalene White Diamond (75th) Birthday Observance Committee of the Florida State Federation of Colored Women's Clubs, 1951]
    Electronic version available on the World Wide Web as part of the Florida Heritage Collection.
    Special Collections M75-1, Folder W4, no. 2787

[White, Eartha M. M., Papers.] Who is who in Jacksonville business and professions / compiled by Eartha Mary Magdalene White (Founder-President Clara White Mission, Inc.). Jacksonville, Fla. : [Clara White Mission?, 1957?]
    Electronic version available on the World Wide Web as part of the Florida Heritage Collection.
    Special Collections M75-1, Folder I, no. 58


Music Scores

Scheuyeaulle, J.H.B. The shades of voteresses. [Music by Harry Jay]. Arlington, Fla. : J.H.B. Scheuyeaulle, c1922.

    Special Collections M1665.W8S328 1922

Organizational Records

National Organization for Women, Jacksonville, Florida, and Jacksonville Women's Movement Collection. 1969-2002 (bulk 1970-1976).

The Jacksonville, Florida chapter of the National Organization for Women was founded on August 26, 1970. The collection contains subject files which chronicle the formative years and development of the Jacksonville Chapter and the Jacksonville Women's Movement from 1969 to 2002. Resources include printed materials, such as correspondence, publications, newspaper clippings, newsletters, publicity announcements and flyers of local activities, event programs, and early telephone and membership lists. The subject contents are primarily local in scope with some Florida and national coverage of marches and other events. General feminist literature and national NOW publications provide additional background information on relevant social and political issues. The collection also contains printed materials from the three anniversary reunions of the Jacksonville chapter and Women's Movement held on August 28-30, 1986, August 26, 1990, and March 9, 1991. A videorecording of the March 9, 1991 reunion provides unique visual highlights of the event.

    Special Collections M09-5

Papers of the Women's Public Leadership Consortium. 1979-1994.
The Consortium was organized in Spring 1979 by Dr. Bette Soldwedel, University of North Florida, Jacksonville, Florida. A steering committee consisted of women representatives (faculty, administrators, and students) from four area colleges: Edward Waters College, Florida Junior (later Community) College, Jacksonville University and UNF. The Consortium's purpose was to develop innovative programs for political education and to encourage women's political and public leadership. In November 1991, the Consortium changed it's name to Women in Higher Education in Jacksonville. It held regular programs focusing on issues affecting the female faculty, students, and staff of local institutions of higher learning. The organization ceased to exist in 1995. The collection consists of subject files which chronicle the group's activities and development from 1979-1994. Materials include primarily correspondence, minutes and agendas of meetings, awards recognition, event planning, event programs and membership lists.
    Special Collections M03-1

Women's History Month (Jacksonville, Fla.) Collection. 1973-2012.
Women's History Month (March) is celebrated annually in Jacksonville, Florida with a number of special activities, including the publication of a commemorative poster and other printed materials issued by the Mayor's Commission on the Status of Women. The posters honor three or four local women for their outstanding contributions to the Jacksonville community. This collection consists of twenty-five framed posters since their inception in 1986 to 2011, and other printed materials relating to Women's History Month activities in Jacksonville. The framed posters can be viewed on the third floor of the Library. Digital copies of the posters and recent printed materials are available for viewing at UNF Digital Commons. A complete list of past honorees is available on the Mayor's Commission on the Status of Women website.
    Special Collections M08-1


Boylan School. Year book: Boylan School, under the auspices of the Woman's Home Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Jacksonville, Fla. : Boylan School, 19--
    Electronic version available on the World Wide Web as part of the Florida Heritage Collection.
    Special Collections LC2853.J3 B69

Daughters of the American Revolution Jacksonville Chapter (Fla.) Year book. Jacksonville Chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Jacksonville, Fla. : The Chapter,
Holdings: 1934-1935
    Special Collections E202.5.F6J34

GFWC Southside Woman's Club of Jacksonville. Jacksonville, Fla. : GFWC Southside Woman's Club, 1993-
Holdings: 1995-1996 - 1998-1999; 2000-2001; 2002-2003
    Special Collections HQ1906.J3W68

Jacksonville Woman. Jacksonville, FL : Jacksonville Woman Magazine, 1996-2000.
Holdings: Spring 1996-February / March 2000. Publication ceased in March 2000.
Periodicals Collection HQ1439.J33J8
    Special Collections HQ1439.J33J8

Jacksonville Women's Movement. Jacksonville, Fl. : Jacksonville NOW. Jan.1, 1973-March 1976.
Newsletter continues: NOW, Jacksonville Call to Action.
    Special Collections F319.J1N3 1973-1976

Jacksonville Women's Network, Inc. Membership roster. Jacksonville, Fla. : Jacksonville Women's Network, Inc., 2009.
    Special Collections HQ1906.J3J33

The Monthly pause. Jacksonville, Fl. : Jacksonville Women's Movement, April 1976-Aug. 1977.
    Special Collections F319.J1N3 1976-1977

NOW, Jacksonville call to action. Jacksonville, Fl. : Jacksonville NOW. v.1, no.1-16; Nov. 1970-Nov.1, 1972.
    Special Collections F319.J1N3

Skirt!: magazine. [Jacksonville, FL : Skirt Magazine], July 2004-May 2009.
Absorbed by Florida Times-Union. Now published once a week as part of Lifestyle section issues.
    Special Collections HQ1439.J33S55

Southside Woman's Club, Jacksonville, Florida. Jacksonville, Fla. : Southside Woman's Club, 1964-
Holdings: 1964-1965 - 1974-1975; 1980-1981; 1982-1983; 1985-1986-1990-1991; 1992-1993
    Special Collections HQ1906.J3W68

Woman's Club of Jacksonville, Florida. [Jacksonville, Fla.] : The Club, 1927-
Holdings: 1927/28; 1950/51
    Special Collections HQ1906.J3W66

Women's Club of South Jacksonville, Florida. Jacksonville, Fla. : Woman's Club of South Jacksonville, 1917-
Holdings: 1917-18 - 1918-19; 1930-1931; 1950-1951 - 1963-1964
    Special Collections HQ1906.J3W68

Theses and Dissertations

Barrett, J. Lynn. Cautious crossings: investigating Muslim women's perceptions of post-secondary education in north Florida. Thesis (Doctor of Education)--University of North Florida, College of Education and Human Services, 2007.
    General Collections XHQ1170.B3625
    Special Collections XHQ1170.B3625

Barrett, Lisa. The internal and intergenerational processes of repeat teen pregnancy among African American women. Thesis (M.A. in Counseling Psychology)--University of North Florida, College of Arts and Sciences, 2009.
    General Collections XHQ759.4.B377
    Special Collections XHQ759.4.B377

Godwin, Carmen. "To serve God and humanity": Jacksonville's Eartha Mary Magdalene White (1876-1974). Thesis (M.A. in History)--University of Florida, 2001.
    Special Collections F319.J153W63 2001

Grant, Antonia M. (Antonia Marcia). Student perception and school responsibility: young women's voices on dropping out of school. Thesis (D. of Ed. in Educational Leadership)--University of North Florida, College of Education and Human Services, 1999.
    General Collections XLC146.7.F6G73
    Special Collections XLC146.7.F6G73

Laing, Brien. Henry Beard Delany and Emma Beard Delaney: two African-Americans who rose from the obscurity of an enslaved family to achieve distinguished success in their individual lives. 2003. Thesis (Ph.D.)--Union Institute Graduate College, 2003.
    Electronic version available on the World Wide Web as part of the Florida Heritage Collection.
    General Collections BX5979.L355 2003
    Special Collections BX5979.L355 2003

McKenzie, Kathleen Bell. On becoming women: adolescent female Muslim refugees negotiating their identitites in the United States. 2006. Thesis (D. of Education)--University of North Florida, College of Education and Human Services, Department of Educational Leadership, 2006.
    General Collections XE184.A23M354
    Special Collections XE184.A23M354

Sabin, Linda Emerson. Nursing and health care in Jacksonville, Florida, 1900-1930. 1988. Thesis (M.A.)--University of Florida, 1988.
Electronic version available on the World Wide Web as part of the Florida Heritage Collection.
    General Collections XRT5.F6S335 1988x
    Special Collections XRT5.F6S335 1988x

Walch, Barbara Hunter. Sallye B. Mathis and Mary L. Singleton: Black pioneers on the Jacksonville, Florida, City Council. 1988. Thesis (M.A.)--University of Florida, 1988.
    General Collections XF319.J19 A29 1988
    Special Collections XF319.J19 A29 1988

Video Recordings

Behind closed doors. [videorecording] / [produced by] WJXT/TV4 ; producer, Bobby Thomas. Jacksonville, Fla. : WJXT, 2000.
Abused women describe their intolerable living circumstances during interviews at Jacksonville's shelter for women and children, Hubbard House. Includes interviews with Hubbard House staff who describe the plight of abused woman and their children. Describes the "First Step" program of court ordered batterer intervention counseling sponsored by Hubbard House.
    Media HV1447.J3B44 2000
    Special Collections HV1447.J3B44 2000

Black, Susan H. Face to face with Judge Susan H. Black. [videorecording] / [presented by] the University of North Florida Honors Program and the Undergraduate Academic Enrichment Program. Recorded live at the University of North Florida, Jacksonville, Fla., October 15, 2009.
Judge Black, appointed to the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit on August 12, 1992, discusses her career, legal education, safety in the court room, attorney advertising, the use of sentencing guidelines and others topics relevant to her career in law.
    Special Collections KF373.B538F32 2009

Crossing the millennium. [videorecording] / [produced by] First Coast News Production. Jacksonville, Fla. : First Coast News Production, [2000?]
Profiles some of the men and women of the 20th century who helped shape Jacksonville into the city it is today.
    Special Collections F319.J157C77 2000

Kesler, Delores. Face to face with Delores Kesler. [videorecording] / [presented by] the University of North Florida Honors Program and the Office of Undergraduate Academic Achievement. Recorded live at the University of North Florida, Jacksonville, Fla., February 4, 2004.
Delores Kesler, founder of the Jacksonville based temporary employment agency Accustaff (now Modis), discusses the founding of the company, some of the obstacles she overcame as a woman starting a business in 1978 and her philosophy of giving back to the community.
    Special Collections HC102.5.K475A5 2004

Women at work : the year 2000. [videorecording] / [produced by] Ivanhoe Communications, Inc. Jacksonville, FL : University of North Florida, Leadership Development Program for Sex Equity, c1989.
    Media LC1410.F6 W66
    Special Collections LC1410.F6 W66