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Loan Periods and Fines

Policy #0010
Access Services

Loan Periods

Most circulating materials from the general collection are loaned as follows:

  • UNF Undergraduate Students-- 3 weeks
  • UNF Graduate Students -- 5 weeks
  • UNF Faculty -- 18 weeks
  • UNF Staff -- 3 weeks
  • SUS Faculty and students -- 3 weeks
  • Special Borrowers -- 2 weeks

* One year (365 days) maximum checkout period.

Overdue Fines

The UNF Board of Trustee sets the fine schedule which applies to ALL borrowers: students, faculty, staff, and non-UNF borrowers.

  • $ .25 per day on regular loans
  • Minimum fine charged per overdue item is $2.00
  • All partial day and partial hour fines are rounded up. For example, an item 8 days and one minute late is charged as 9 days overdue.

Special fines apply in the following instances:

  • Course Reserve, overdue hourly loan, $1.00 per hour
  • Course Reserve, overdue daily loan, $1.00 per day
  • Recalled overdue item, $1.00 per day in addition to any other fine
  • Interlibrary Loan overdue, $1.00 per day (no maximum)

Replacement Costs

  • Costs are charged in addition to any accrued fines.
  • Library items that are 20 days overdue are assumed lost and the borrower is billed for replacement of the item. Generally, the average cost of a book within a specific subject area is charged, but not less than the average cost of all North America hardback books as found in The Bowker Annual of Library Book Trade Information. Alternately, the Library may charge the current retail price of a title as found in Books In Print.
  • The minimum replacement charge will never be less than the average cost of all North America Hardback Books, currently $57.65.
  • Borrowers' accounts are credited for books returned after billing. Replacement costs are automatically removed from the account if returned within 180 days of the due date, but the borrower still must pay any overdue fine.

Appeals and Refunds

  • Appeals for library fines and charges must be received IN WRITING within 90 days of the billing date. Verbal appeals do not protect your rights under this time limitation. Appeals must contain the borrower's name and UNF N number as it appears on University records, the invoice numbers of the charges being appealed, and an explanation of the extraordinary circumstances why the charges should be waived or adjusted. Inclusion of substantiating documentation is recommended.
  • Should an item be returned more than 180 days after the due date, the replacement value is not refundable.
  • If the borrower appeals the amount of the replacement charge, the library will research the exact amount to replace the item, including out-of-print and shipping charges. Presenting an exact usable replacement copy may be substituted for paying the replacement charge, although cataloging and binding charges may still apply.

Appeals should be addressed to:

Thomas G. Carpenter Library

Access Services Department

1 UNF Drive

Jacksonville, FL 32224-2645

Maximum Borrowing Limits

  • UNF undergraduates and staff, 100 items
  • UNF graduate students and faculty, 250 items
  • Non-UNF borrowers, 10 items
  • Media materials limits, apply to ALL UNF borrowers: 40 items