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Interlibrary Loan Policy

Policy #0005
Access Services

General Information

Interlibrary Loan is the resource sharing/document delivery service that supplies library materials not owned by Carpenter Library to UNF library users. Reciprocally, this service supplies books and photocopies to other libraries for the use of their patrons.


ILL accepts orders for a variety of materials such as books, articles, maps, government documents, etc. The following materials are typically not available for borrowing: whole volumes of periodicals, reference books, computer programs, pre-1800 imprints, rare books, popular videos, manuscripts, and genealogical materials. Some libraries may have lending restrictions or prohibitions on videotapes, media materials, compact discs, dissertations/theses and other expensive, fragile, or unique items.   


Interlibrary Loan services are available to all currently affiliated UNF faculty, staff and students.

Submitting Requests

  • Tipasa is the online resource sharing and ILL management system used by the UNF Library to send, receive and process interlibrary loan requests. The system allows us to provide expedited services to our ILL users and allows users to track the progress of their requests online.
  • Your UNF login ID is used as your username in the Tipasa system. System authentication is controlled by the campus single sign-on system. No account setup is required for current UNF affiliates, but notification preferences can be updated in the Tipasa interface.

Please be sure to check the library's catalog before ordering items through ILL.


Through participation in regional and statewide resource sharing partnerships, and special funding for document delivery, the Library can supply most ILL materials to its clients without charge. All avenues for " free " loans and copies are pursued first. However, some materials are not available without charge and can only be obtained if a fee is paid to the supplier. In these cases, the charges are billed to the borrower. For this reason, always indicate on the request form whether you are willing to pay a fee for the item, and if so, the amount you are willing to pay. The library will not exceed the amount you authorize without consulting you first.

Cost Estimates for Books and Copies


Books: Books are usually loaned reciprocally without charge. However, some items are only available from suppliers with whom we have no reciprocal resource sharing agreement In the unlikely event that there is a charge you will be contacted to authorize the fee prior to filling your request. 


Photocopies: Unless there is a reciprocal agreement in effect, most sources charge fees for photocopying articles. Charges vary greatly.The library will not exceed the amount you are willing to pay without consulting you first.

Copyright Restrictions

Interlibrary Loan photocopy requests must comply with copyright law and subsequent guidelines for reproducing copyrighted materials. Articles requested may require copyright royalty fees to be paid, especially if you are requesting many articles from the same journal.Consult with the Interlibrary Loan staff regarding specific costs and the feasibility of receiving the items by your deadline.


Allow a minimum of 10 working days to receive your requested material.

Rush Request and International Loans

The ILL Office processes every request as quickly as volume and staff will allow. Rush requests and international loans require special handling by the borrower and by the supplier. Some suppliers charge a service fee for faxing articles or supplying materials by priority mail. Such charges are in turn billed to the borrower. Always consult with the ILL staff on rush requests and international loans, particularly regarding the cost and the feasibility of receiving the item by your deadline.


The Tipasa system by default sends e-mail notification of patrons regarding their requested material. Patrons may opt into text messaging notifications through the Tipasa system. If patrons opt out of notifications for interlibrary loan library staff may not be able to complete Interlibrary loan requests.

Loan Period

The loan period for borrowed materials is determined by the supplier. Most libraries allow three to four week loans with a renewal of two additional weeks upon request and approval. You must request the renewal before the original due date, which is clearly marked on the paper book jacket attached to each item. Any restrictions placed on the use of the material are also indicated on the book jacket. The book jacket is to remain attached to the borrowed material until it is sent back to the lending institution.

Fines and Bills

The overdue fine for ILL materials is $1.00 per day. There is no grace period and no maximum fine. Charges for lost or damaged materials are billed to the borrower and are determined by the supplier. The continuous inability or unwillingness to adhere to ILL policies and procedures, as determined by the Access Services Librarian, will result in the loss of ILL and Library privileges.

Returning ILL Materials

Return all ILL borrowed materials to the Main Information Desk. Do not place ILL materials in bookdrops.