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Sex Week

UNF Sex Week 2017 Logo

Mission Statement

UNF Sex Week 2017 is a week-long series of events that feature a sex-positive message designed to educate the campus community on a wide variety of topics including but not limited to: health and wellness, relationships and intimacy, identity and orientation, safety and risk awareness, and consent. Dr. Emily Nagoski defines sex positivity in the following way: "Each of us gets to decide how we feel about our body and what we do with it... We get to make decisions that feel safe for us in our body given the context we are in." We believe that this message is healthy, empowering, and inclusive, and communicating that message to the campus community is at the heart of our mission with Sex Week. 


Thank you to all of our community partners, sponsors, and volunteers for their generous contributions that helped make UNF Sex Week 2017 possible!  

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UNF Sex Week 2017

This past March, the UNF LGBT Resource Center hosted its first Sex Week, a full week committed to workshops designed to educate the campus community on a wide variety of topics including but not limited to: health and wellness, relationships and intimacy, identity and orientation, safety and risk awareness and consent. The six events featured as part of Sex Week 2017 attracted a total of 163 attendees and included week long access to free HIV/STI testing. The testing was administered by JASMYN, UF Cares and AIDS Healthcare Foundation, who collectively administered 110 individual HIV, STI, and/or pregnancy tests.


Surveys sent out post-event returned 57 responses, most of which were supportive and requesting more events like those hosted during sex week more often. “It was very interesting and I learned about many resources on and off campus that I did not know about [before]. They should do this at least twice throughout the year.”


Lollipop-shaped condoms in a Cake

Condoms, Lubricant, and Sexual Health Promotion

Prior to Sex Week, the UNF LGBT Resource Center already featured an impressive array of condoms and lubricants to provide students with accessible tools for safer sex. Through the generous donations of sponsors from Florida Health, One Condoms, Lifestyles, Good Clean Love, Uberlube, Gun oil and Pink, the Center boosted its inventory with over 10,000 individual units of condoms and lubricant samples. To bolster the atmosphere of sex positivity, staff members and volunteers from the Center and created a condom cake and two  tri-fold posters layered with condoms (taped, NOT stapled) that said “Have fun be safe.” Additionally, thanks to myLAB box, we were also able to hand out hundreds of coupons for discounted in-home HIV and STI testing.


Angel holding a board full of condoms


Events and Workshops

Full Bags with many different kinds of condoms

Navigating NRE

Billy Holder from the Relationship Equality Foundation walked us through basic elements of the science of attraction and New Relationship Energy (NRE) and supplemented that information with personal stories rich with tips avoiding some of the early mistakes of rushing into new relationships.


What is inside the Sex Week Goody Bags

Campus Safety Panel

Sex Week kicked off with an informational panel about rights and resources on campus regarding sexual harassment, sexual assault, and sexual violence. The Campus Safety Panel was a collaborative event including representatives from nine different UNF departments. Also featured during the conversation was UNF’s recently implemented Preferred Name Policy, which allows students and staff to officially register a preferred name and, once registered, allows individuals to utilize their preferred name and pronoun in lieu of legal name when it is not necessary for the legal name to be used. Additionally, the panel provided information and Q&A about the Clery Act, Violence Against Women’s Act, Title IX, counseling and mental health services, LGBTQ issues on campus and in the classroom, and general campus safety resources and protocol.


Sex Week safety panel picture

Dulce Garcia

Sex educator and documentary filmmaker Dulce Garcia flew in all the way from California to deliver not one, but two amazing workshops for Sex Week.


The first workshop, “May I kiss you? Sexual Communication and Consent”, was so interactive that we didn’t even have any chairs! Participants were encouraged to learn how to ask explicitly for consent and set up boundaries. Dulce guided attendees through the sources of discomfort in relationships and intimacy and stressed critical points, like the importance of consent in both sexual and nonsexual contexts.


The workshop that followed the next day focused on anti-oppression. Dulce introduced attendees to the fundamental elements of oppression and equipped them with tools for challenging its many manifestations within the context of romantic, platonic, civil and professional relationships.


Sex Week's HIV testing event.

LGBT 101

Modeled after the center’s popular Speaker’s Bureau series, LGBTQ+ students at UNF were featured on a panel allowing these students to share their stories and engage in real time with questions from attendees. Questions ranged from the general “How do you engage with LGBTQ communities?” to the very, very specific “Given unlimited funds to create it, what would your perfect outfit look like?”


Sex Week’s reach and variety of programming gave UNF students and community members myriad opportunities to learn about LGBTQ+ identities in a fun, inclusive, educational, and sex-positive environment.

Pride Club's Alt-Sex Week

Interested in continuing the conversation? Well, Pride Club is hosting Alt-Sex Week check out their events here.

Sex Week 2018 Logo

What is Sex Week?

“Sex Week is week-long series of events that feature a positive message designed to educate the campus community on a wide variety of topics including, but not limited to: health and wellness, relationships and intimacy, identity, gender, sexual orientation, safety, risk awareness, and consent. This healthy, empowering, and inclusive message is at the core of Sex Week programs.”

Sex Week 2018 Theme: InterSEXionality

The 2018 Sex Week theme is InterSEXionality: promoting existing campus-wide diversity and inclusion initiatives as they relate to the mission of Sex Week. The LGBT Resource Center will collaborate with a myriad of departments and individuals across campus to promote an interdisciplinary, intersectional approach to sexual health, identity, safety, and wellbeing.  The World Health Organization provides guidance for a holistic and inclusive approach to sexual health:


Sexual Health is a state of physical, emotional, mental, and social wellbeing in relation to sexuality; it is not merely the absence of disease, dysfunction, or infirmity. Sexual health requires a positive and respectful approach to sexuality and sexual relationships… free of coercion, discrimination, and violence.


Informed by this statement, Sex Week programming will discusses the ways that sexuality intersects with other identities and experiences. Speakers will share scholarly, scientific, and lived-experience viewpoints on topics such as LGBT identity, body positivity, religion, race, healthy relationships, safety, physical and emotional wellbeing, and consent. 


Monday, March 5

Tuesday, March 6

Wednesday, March 7

Thursday, March 8

Friday, March 9

Monday, March 5 – Sexual Safety Swoop!

10:00 am to 2:00 pm: RAPID HIV TESTING

     Student Union Ballrooms

     Provided by UF CARES


     Student Union Ballrooms

     Hosted by the UNF LGBT Resource Center in collaboration with a variety of campus partners.

     Brunch will be provided by CAN Community Health


A panel discussion about the rights and resources here in the campus community regarding sexual harassment, sexual assault, and sexual violence, and what’s new with Title IX under the new US Presidential Administration. The panel will include representatives from various UNF departments including:

  • The Counseling Center
  • The Women’s Center
  • Victim’s Advocacy
  • University Police Department
  • Dean of Students/SOS
  • The Student Ombuds 
  • The LGBT Resource Center

The panelists will discuss a variety of on-campus resources related to matters such as the Clery Act, Violence Against Women’s Act (VAWA), Title IX, counseling and mental health services, campus safety, and LGBTQ issues (such as the Preferred Name Policy). There will be extensive opportunity for audience participation/Q&A. This discussion covers topics of great importance to the entire Osprey community and is geared to students, faculty, and staff.


     Student Union Ballrooms

     Hosted by the UNF LGBT Resource Center and International Studies

     Brunch will be provided by CAN Community Health


Through our theme of InterSEXionality we seek to promote an interdisciplinary approach to sexual health and sexuality, which centers diverse and inclusive scholarly, scientific, and lived-experience viewpoints. It is our goal to examine the ways that sexual health and sexuality intersect with other identities and experiences. The symposium will showcase scholarly work in a series of oral presentations*, as well as a resource fair from departments all across campus and the greater Jacksonville community.


Full Symposium Program and More Information


The following organizations will have representatives present at tables around the ballroom from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. to share their resources and other helpful information.

  • Women’s Center of Jacksonville
  • CAN – Community Action Network
  • FC2 – Female/Internal Condom
  • Florida Department of Health
  • University of North Florida Department of Diversity Initiatives
  • University of North Florida Department of International Studies 
  • University of North Florida Counseling Center
  • University of North Florida LGBT Resource Center
  • University of North Florida Office of Undergraduate Research 
  • University of North Florida Recreation and Wellness


     Student Union Ballroom D

     Facilitated by UNF Victim’s Advocacy Program/Maurisha Bishop


What do online dating, safety, and consent have to do with each other? With the pervasiveness of online dating applications like Tinder, OK Cupid,, Grindr, and more, it’s becoming seemingly impossible to meet new people without going online. How do you know that you can trust a person on the other end of the screen? Join us for a discussion about reducing risk and increasing safety in a digital dating world.


Co-hosted with Campus Life

Tuesday, March 6

10:00 am to 2:00 pm: RAPID HIV TESTING

     UNF LGBT RC Conference Room

     Provided by JASMYN


     Student Union Auditorium

     Hosted by the UNF LGBT Resource Center


Safe Space training is offered regularly for UNF faculty and staff, and students want the opportunity to earn their rainbow sticker, too! In response to popular demand, the LGBT Resource Center staff are delighted to open this LGBTQIA+ cultural competency training to the general student body. A Participants in this workshop will have the opportunity to learn about LGBTQIA+ terminology and identities, discuss society’s impact on LGBTQIA+ individuals, become aware of resources, dialogue on strategies to reduce homophobia and heterosexism on campus, and ask questions throughout. All attendees receive a Safe Space sticker at the conclusion of the session.


     Co-hosted with Campus Life

Wednesday, March 7

10:00 am to 2:00 pm: RAPID HIV TESTING

     UNF LGBT RC Conference Room 

     Provided by JASMYN


     Student Union Ballroom D

     Hosted by the UNF LGBT Resource Center and the M&M’s Discussion Group


Join us for a discussion about sexual health, society, and experiences of people who fall on the male or masculine spectrum, including but not limited to: gay and bisexual men, non-binary and genderfluid people, masculine women, transgender individuals, and queer people. All are welcome to attend.

Thursday, March 8 – Queers in SPAAAAAACE

10:00 am to 2:00 pm: RAPID HIV TESTING

     UNF LGBT RC Conference Room

     Provided by JASMYN


     Student Union, Room 3804

     Hosted by the UNF LGBT Resource Center


Our bodies determine so much about how we move through the world, how we interact with others, and how we relate to ourselves. Panelists, including UNF professors and local educators, will share their expertise and lived experiences in different types of bodies and how that relates to other topics such as race, body type and size, dis/ability, gender, aging, and the identity politics of desirability (conventional versus unconventional attractiveness). The discussion will also examine the inequitable ways that different bodies move through the world and attain access (or not) to resources about sexual health and education, relationships, and more.

7:00 pm – 11:00 pm: Inspire the Fire presents: SEX ED A-GO-GO with Lola and Queer Prom

     Student Union Ballrooms

     Sex Ed A GO-GO with Lola is funded by Student Life and Services Fee

     Queer Prom is hosted by the UNF Pride Club and partially funded by the UNF Alumni Association


One part Q & A and one part variety show, Sex Ed A-Go-Go is a stage show based in NYC that has travelled to colleges and universities across the country. Hosted by its creator, Lola, and featuring local talent and personalities, this engaging show will provide important information in a welcoming and inclusive setting. Attendees can expect to receive sex education, facts and statistics with comedy and dancing mixed in! Come for the education and stay for the inclusive and positive environment. Students can expect to ask questions about sexuality and relationships and receive honest, informed answers. Come ready to have fun and learn something new! This event is supported with SLS funds as part of the Inspire the Fire series.

Friday, March 9

10:00 am to 2:00 pm: RAPID HIV TESTING

     UNF LGBT RC Conference Room 

     Provided by JASMYN


     Student Union Auditorium

     Hosted by the UNF Interfaith Department


Hear from a panel of local religious leaders as they discuss how their faith traditions impact what they believe about sexual orientation, sexual health and sexual education.

6:30 pm to 8:00 pm: THE SCIENCE OF SEX EDUCATION

     Student Union Auditorium

     Hosted by the LGBT Resource Center and RecWell


This straightforward and inclusive presentation focuses on scientifically-backed, medically accurate sex and sexuality education. Students will learn about the science of human sexuality, including such topics as anatomy, attraction, intimacy, risk awareness, and the role of communication and consent. Students will walk away with the knowledge and resources they need for developing a safe and responsible approach to sexual and romantic relationships.