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If you offer a resource that is accessible and relevant to UNF LGBTQ+ students, please email for consideration to be included to our listing.


National Organizations

Coming Out

*Note: UNF students can contact the Director or Program Coordinator, at any time to confidentially discuss the coming out process, work through a plan, and get advice.


Since language is always evolving and may differ from person to person, there is no definitive source for key terms relating to the LGBTQ community. Below, are some links from current and reputable organizations that offer commonly used key terms.





Faculty Resources

We are currently working on adding faculty resources to our website. For now, please check our Local and National Resources page or browse our Resource Library holdings.

On Campus

Safe Space Training

More Information on Safe Space Training

LGBTQIA Speakers Bureau

Our LGBTQIA Speakers Bureau can come speak in your class on many topics:

  • LGBTQ 101 Issues
  • Transgender Issues
  • Marriage equality
  • Interrupting heteronormativity in the classroom

To schedule a LGBTQIA Speakers Bureau presentation for your class, please email Dwan Love-Dinkens.

Club Can-Do

Club Can-Do Mentoring Program

More Information on Club Can-Do

Preferred Name

More Information on Preferred Names


More Information on Pronouns

Other Resources

Athlete Ally Learning Tools

Asexual and Aromantic Resources

On Campus

Asexual Awareness Week Events (October 26th - November 1st)


General Resources

Asexual Blogs

Asexual Research

Asexual Census

Other Resources

Resources for Ace Survivors


Non-Monosexual Resources

On Campus

  • Bisexuality Day Events (September 23rd)
  • Bisexual Health Month (March)


Sex and Gender Resources


On Campus

In the Community

  • PFLAG of Jacksonville – group that supports LGBT people and their families: Meets third Thursday of every month at Christ Church of Peace, 1240 McDuff Ave Jacksonville, Fl 32205. Contact for help or questions
  • Change Your Name and Gender Marker in Florida: This website is a complete guide for changing name and gender marker in Florida. It includes the forms and will help you though them. The guide covers filing the petition, updating with social security card, driver license, passport and birth certificate.


On Campus

Intersex Awareness Day, Tuesday, Oct. 27



On Campus

Florida Transgender Resource Guide:

The Florida Transgender Resource Guide contains list of transgender resources within Florida (Includes therapists, endocrinologists, primary care providers, etc).

FL TransResource Guide

In the Community


Support Groups

  • Transgender Support Group - "Transitions of Northeast Florida"
  • Parent/Partner/Family/Friends of Transgender Loved Ones Support Group: First Thursday every month 5:30p-7:00p at Christ Church of Peace. 1240 McDuff Ave S. Jacksonville, FL 32205. 
  • Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Support Group in Mandarin: FREE and OPEN to all transgender and questioning people! Led by Cosmos Cranston. Website: Location: Jacksonville Public Library – South Mandarin Branch, 12125 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32223
  • Transgender Support Group in Orange Park: FREE and OPEN to all trans folks. Led by Edna Schafer, LMHC. The second Tuesday of the month at 4pm. The attendees can register by emailing Location: 406 McIntosh Avenue, Orange Park, FL 32073 


Campuses with Trans Policies

The Trans Policy Clearinghouse:

Go to the Trans Policy Clearinghouse for the most comprehensive list of:

  • Colleges and Universities with Nondiscrimination Policies that Include Gender Identity/Expression
  • Colleges and Universities that Cover Transition-Related Medical Expenses Under Student Health Insurance
  • Colleges and Universities that Cover Transition-Related Medical Expenses Under Employee Health Insurance
  • Colleges and Universities that Provide Gender-Inclusive Housing
  • Colleges and Universities that Allow Students to Change the Name and Gender on Campus Records
  • Colleges and Universities with a Trans-Inclusive Intramural Athletic Policy
Transgender Youth Resources