LGBTQIA Speakers Bureau

The UNF Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Resource Center offers educational resources for UNF Faculty. Each semester, faculty can request a Speakers Bureau panel to discuss issues of gender and sexuality in their classroom. Since we opened our doors in February 2006, we have spoken in over 200 classes, to over 8,000 students on LGBT 101 issues. The students are very responsive and our evaluations are overwhelmingly positive.


Speakers Bureau generally begins with a brief gender and sexuality 101 presentation and follows up with panel discussion to further educate students on LGBT topics. Panels are made up of trained LGBTQ and Ally students. The focus of the presentation differs depending on the class. Topics include understanding general LGBT identities, society’s impact on LGBT individuals, K-12 LGBT education, religion and LGBT, as well as specific requests. Moreover, students are able to ask questions and interact with LGBT students and staff. The program usually takes around one and a half hours, but can be lengthened or shortened as needed. If you are interested in scheduling a Speakers Bureau, please email Dwan Love.