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LGBTQ+ and Disability

Spring meeting schedule: Bimonthly on Fridays from 3:45 - 4:45 p.m.

Date Topic
February 1 Introduction and Gathering Input
February 15 Dating
March 1 Accessibility at Pride and Other Queer Spaces
March 15 Homo/Transphobia from Medical Professionals
April 12 Temporary vs. Chronic Disability

Discussion and Information

LQBTQ+ and Disability takes a closer look at the dynamics of being LGBTQ+ while having a disability. Open to all to discuss and learn more about navigating this intersection. Inclusive of all disabilities: physical, mental, and neurodivergences.


Contact the group facilitators Kii and Charlie for more information on the group. Please note that LGBTQ+ and Disability is a peer led group and that there is no mental health counselor or other accredited professional available at these events.

Social and Discussion Group Policy

The primary mission of these groups, as well as the UNF LGBT Resource Center, is to support LGBTQIA+ college students. Due to increasing attendance and need, the Center can no longer support community members within support and social groups. In addition to the scope of the Center’s mission, social groups must also follow safety and confidentiality agreements and safe space guidelines, which restrict most areas of service to college students and the campus community.