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LGBTQIA Speakers Bureau

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The UNF LGBTQ Center offers educational resources for UNF faculty and staff. Each semester, faculty and staff can request an LGBTQIA Speakers Bureau panel to discuss issues of gender and sexuality in their classrooms or departments. Since opening our doors in February 2006, we have spoken in over 200 classes and to over 8,000 students on LGBTQIA+ issues. The students are very responsive and our evaluations are overwhelmingly positive.


The LGBTQIA Speakers Bureau is a unique educational program that was created to provide general information, combat stereotypes and homophobia, and increase visibility of LGBTQ+ students at UNF. Our goals of the LGBTQIA Speakers Bureau are:

  • To increase knowledge on LGBTQIA+ identities and experiences.
  • Define and explain unfamiliar concepts in a brave, safe space where interactions are positive and non-defensive.
  • Discuss ways individuals, LGBT or non-LGBT, can be an effective ally
  • Create visibility for LGBTQIA+ resources on campus and beyond.
  • Raise awareness and show positive identities of LGBTQIA+ individuals at the University of North Florida.

Become A Member of the LGBTQIA Speakers Bureau

Are you a UNF student, staff, or faculty AND a member of the LGBTQIA+ community? Are you interested in sharing your story and experiences with others? Join the LGBTQIA Speakers Bureau as a volunteer panelist and educate your peers about LGBTQIA+ experiences and identities.


For more information or to schedule a training, contact Dwan Love-Dinkens

Bring Speakers Bureau to your class or department


Help increase cultural competency and LGBTQIA awareness in your classroom or department by bringing our LGBTQIA+ student leaders to answer questions and discuss their experiences. To schedule a Speakers Bureau panel for your classroom or department, fill out the Panel Request Form

What to expect during an LGBTQIA Speakers Bureau

  • Speakers Bureau panels are always moderated by a trained facilitator who is a representative of the LGBTQ Center
  • Consist of 3 - 5 trained student panelist who are LGBTQIA+ individuals and/or allies. 
  • Starts with a brief LGBTQ-101 presentation and an interactive activity, followed by a panel discussion to further educate the audience on LGBTQIA+ topics. 
  • The presentation is a unique, collaborative, and interactive experience where audience participation is encouraged and appreciated.
  • Presentations and topics covered differ depending on where it is being presented and the panelists available.
  • Typically runs an hour to one hour-twenty minutes in length.