Elements of The Jacksonville Commitment


College awareness

Many students who desire to attend college have unrealistic ideas and very little experience with college expectations. The Jacksonville Commitment will help to introduce college culture to students and will provide activities on the college campuses of our post-secondary partner institutions. The ultimate goal is to familiarize JC students with college campuses, allowing for a smoother transition period between high school and college.

Middle and high school academic fitness

Students will be encouraged to take part in academic enhancement activities and academic safety net programs available at their schools and/or provided through our community college access partners. Students will also be encouraged to enroll in a challenging academic curriculum.

College scholarship

Each postsecondary partner institution has committed to providing funding to help with the cost of tuition for eligible students. The scholarship award varies by institution.

Parent engagement 

Parent participation and investment are critical for student success. Parents will be involved and informed throughout the program. Information sessions intended for parents will include (but not be limited to) financial planning, financial aid, and how to encourage children to pursue academic excellence.

Our unique characterisitics

• Inter-institutional collaboration
• College access program partnering
• Middle school, high school and college pipeline services
• Postsecondary recruitment partnering