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Skyline of downtown Jacksonville at night and Jacksonville commitment banner

The Jacksonville Commitment

What is The Commitment?

Thousands of Duval County public school students who have the desire to further their educational goals may fear that they lack the resources to continue their academic careers beyond high school. However, many students may qualify for scholarships. The University of North Florida offers Jacksonville Commitment scholarships to eligible students who meet the academic standards required for admission to the University. 


“If Jacksonville is going to prosper, we must ensure that our citizens are well educated. Too many high school students don’t think a college degree is possible because of the cost. The Jacksonville Commitment is our way, the community’s way, of eliminating the cost barrier.” 


-- Dr. Nat Glover, the former Jacksonville Sheriff and current President of Edward Waters College  


“This [The Jacksonville Commitment] is the best possible investment for a strong Jacksonville. An educated workforce ensures a robust economy. We want to raise the per capita income in Jacksonville, and The Jacksonville Commitment is a great way to achieve that goal."  


-- Former Jacksonville Mayor Peyton


The goal of the Jacksonville Commitment is to successfully increase the percentage of students from low-income families that complete a post-secondary education program, creating a "college going" culture in Jacksonville.