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UNF-Wireless Completion Status 

Below is the completion status for converting UNF buildings from the legacy network to the new UNF-Wireless network. Contact the ITS Help Desk if you need to verify when a particular building will be converted. 

Phase 2 Status
Thomas G. Carpenter Library, Building 12 Completed
Biological Sciences, Building 59  Completed
John E. Mathews, Jr. Computer Science. Building 15 Completed
Founders Hall, Building 2 Completed
J.J. Daniel Hall, Building 1  Plan to complete by Oct.
Tom and Betty Petway Hall, Building 57 Plan to complete by Oct.
Science and Engineering, Building 50  Plan to complete by Oct.



Phase 1  Status
Skinner Jones Hall, Building 4 Completed 
Osprey Cove, Osprey Crossings Osprey Hall, Osprey Landing Completed
Osprey Fountains, UNF Flats, Osprey Village * Completed
Coggin College of Business, Building 42 Completed
Social Sciences, Building 51 Completed
Schultz Hall, Building 9 Completed
Parking Services, Buildings 47 and 52 Completed
Maintenance, Buildings 62 and 64 Completed
Osprey Commons, Building 16  Completed
Student Union, Buildings 58 East and West  Completed
UNF Annex, Building 6 Completed
Physical Facilities, Building 5  Completed