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UNF-Wireless Completion Status 

Below is the completion status for converting UNF buildings from the legacy network to the new UNF-Wireless network. Contact the ITS Help Desk if you need to verify when a particular building will be converted.


Phase 3  Status
Roy Lassiter Hall, Building 8 Underway
Honors Hall, Building 10  Underway
Andrew J Robinson, Building 14A, 14B, 14D, 14E Underway
UNF Arena, Building 34 Underway
Brooks College of Health, Building 39, 39A Underway
UPD, Building 41 Underway
University Center, Building 43 Underway
Fine Arts Center, Building 45 Underway
Hicks Hall, Building 53 Underway
Alumni Hall, Building 60 Underway
Student Wellness Complex, Building 61 Underway
MOCA, Building 99 Underway



Phase 2 Status
Thomas G. Carpenter Library, Building 12 Completed
Biological Sciences, Building 59  Completed
John E. Mathews, Jr. Computer Science, Building 15 Completed
Founders Hall, Building 2 Completed
J.J. Daniel Hall, Building 1  Completed
Tom and Betty Petway Hall, Building 57 Completed
Science and Engineering, Building 50  Completed



Phase 1  Status
Skinner Jones Hall, Building 4 Completed 
Osprey Cove, Osprey Crossings Osprey Hall, Osprey Landing Completed
Osprey Fountains, UNF Flats, Osprey Village Completed
Coggin College of Business, Building 42 Completed
Social Sciences, Building 51 Completed
Schultz Hall, Building 9 Completed
Parking Services, Buildings 47 and 52 Completed
Maintenance, Buildings 62 and 64 Completed
Osprey Commons, Building 16 Completed
Student Union, Buildings 58 East and West Completed
UNF Annex, Building 6 Completed
Physical Facilities, Building 5  Completed