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UNF Mobile App for Android Users 


For security reasons, Android users will be asked by their device to allow UNF Mobile access to various capabilities of the device (as enumerated in the “Permissions” tab on the UNF Mobile page in Google Play). 


The following outlines the reasons that the app requires the respective permissions:

 unf mobile app icon

Permission Category

Specific Permission


Your accounts

Act as account authenticator, manage the accounts list, discover known accounts

Learn: Allows users to save their learn login credentials for future use.

Your location

coarse (network-based) location, fine (GPS) location

Maps: used to determine location for locate me functionality

Network communication

Full Internet access, View network state, Receive data from Internet

Entire app: Necessary in order to load application data feeds for all modules.

Your personal information

Write contact data

Directory: Allows application to add contacts from Directory to device's address book.

Your personal information

Read contact data

Directory: Allows students to look up names from Directory to match those in their device's address book.

Your personal information

Add or modify calendar events and send emails to guests

Events: Allows application to add items from Events module to device's calendar.

Your personal information

Read calendar events

Events: Enables ability to add calendar events from device's calendar into the applications Events module calendar.

Phone calls

Read phone status and ID

Directory: Allows app to check if phone is available to make a call to selected number.


Learn: Allows for push notifications to the device (course announcements, grades, new tests, etc).


Modify/delete USB storage contents

Learn: Allows users to download/upload attachments for forums, blogs, journals, etc.

System tools

Install shortcuts, Uninstall shortcuts

Allows for the creation and removal of application shortcuts on the devices home screens.