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UNF Mobile App Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I find a building on Maps? 

When you click on "Maps" there is a search area at the top. Type in the building number (example for UNF Hall, type "53"). The map will zoom in the building location.   
Q: How do I find out where my professor's office is located?   
In the UNF Mobile app, you can easily see which building your professor’s office is located in on the UNF map. To do this, first search for your professor’s name in the Directory. Once you’ve found them, click on the building/room listed next to “Location”.This will open the UNF map and drop a pin on the building in which their office resides.  
Q: Can I access the live feed for the shuttle in the UNF Mobile App?    
Not yet. UNF is looking into adding this ability in the near future.   

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Q: Sometimes, part of the app covers a button that I want to click on. What can I do?

If part of the app or the keyboard covers something you want to click on - just tap the screen and the part covering the button will go away.


Q: Are there any difference between the Android App and the iOS app?
Yes, if you use an Android device, it is recommended you review this page.


Q: Is is possible to add an event to my calendar?
Yes. Just click the event to open it and scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Add to Calendar". The calendar item will display and allow you to edit and save it.


Q: Is it possible to view everyone in the directory?
No, there is currently no means to display everyone in the directory, but you can search for someone and there is a rolodex-like navigation bar on the right hand side.

Q: Is it possible to search for a department's number in the directory?
Yes, you can search for a department's name, but use the full name, not an abbreviation.


Q: When in the directory and I search for someone, how do I get rid of the keyboard?
To get rid of the keyboard click any blank area on the screen.


Q: Does the UNF Mobile app work on iPads?
Yes, when you search for it, it will show up as an iPhone app. It will work on your iPad, but it replicates the functionality of the iPhone and does not have all the features typical iPad users expect.