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File Storage for Faculty and Staff

Also known as: Data Storage, Network Drives

Use Network Drives for File Storage

Why use a Network Drive?

A computer’s local hard drive is a mechanical device that can fail. Network drives, on the other hand, have multiple drives and if one fails the data is shifted to a working drive. Network drives are backed-up nightly. For these reasons, it is important that you save your files on one of UNF’s network drives.

What are UNF's most common Network Drives?

All Faculty and staff have access to the I: Drive, O: Drive, and the N: Drive. Depending on the services you require, you may have access to additional network drives.


The I: Drive is your Individual drive. Files saved here may only be viewed by you. 

Learn how to access your I: Drive on a Mac.

The O: Drive is your Office drive. Files saved here may be accessed by anyone in your department. This is a great place to save collaborative documents and direct co-workers to them, rather than email them back and forth.

The N: Drive is the Network-wide drive.  Files on the "N" drive, by default, can be viewed by all faculty/staff, but not anyone else (i.e., students cannot access them).

How much may be stored on the I:, O:, and N: drives?

You may store 350 MBs of files on your I: Drive

You may store 350 MBs of files on the O: Drive

You may store 350 MBs of files on the N: Drive


These storage limits are the "default or initial" storage quotas. This amount can be increased when necessary.

Available for

Faculty and Staff

Customer Responsibility

Manage storage space so that old and duplicate files are purged periodically.

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