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Local Administrator Rights

There are two security access levels to a University owned computer: Standard User and Local Administrator. By default, UNF faculty and staff have standard user access rights to their individual workstations.

Local administrator access allows the employee the ability to install any hardware or software, edit the registry, manage the default access accounts and change file level permissions. Local administrator access can make the workstation vulnerable to malware and viruses.

Faculty and staff may request temporary or long term rights to be local administrators of their computers.

For immediate local administrative rights:

  1. Contact the help desk chat at
  2. Provide your name, UNF ID, and the decal number of the computer, and explain the need for elevated access (e.g. need to update software already installed on the computer).

For temporary local administrative rights:

  1. Submit a request to gain on-demand temporary administrative rights for your computer.
  2. Complete Privileged User Training assigned by IT Security.
  3. Access a new application in the self service portal on your computer that will grant administrative rights for 2 hours to perform needed actions.
  4. If further administrative rights are needed, individuals can simply run the service in the Self Service portal again. There is no need to submit an additional request for admin rights.

To apply for long term local administrative rights:

To request local administrator rights on a computer, faculty and staff must complete an online form in myWings. This should only be used in rare cases where the temporary admin process mentioned above is not feasible.

Completing the Online Request:

  1. To make a request, log into myWings and use the search to find 'Admin Rights'

    Link to Local Admin Rights in myWings Portal


  2. Fill in the fields as requested on the form, including the decal number (of the computer you are wanting local administrator rights on) and the location of the computer. Be sure to provide a justification for your request, including why the temporary admin process mentioned above will not suffice.
  3. Under the section, "Additional Information", use the magnifying icon to search and find your supervisor. You can search by N Then click "next"
  4. Use the magnifying icon to search for your College or Departmental Technician (CTech).
  5. Click "Submit" when you are done.

The Approval Process:

  • The form is forwarded to the supervisor to "Approve" or "Disapprove". The supervisor may add comments on the request.
  • If the request was approved by the supervisor, it is forwarded to ITS.
  • ITS will review the request, and dispatch a technician to apply the local administrative rights if it is approved. No actions should take place until the request is in the status of approved. Questions about the status of the request can be sent to

The following recommendations are also adopted:

  • Once approved, employees retain local administrator rights as long as they exhibit appropriate and responsible behavior with respect to local administrative rights and do not jeopardize the integrity of the University's resources.
  • Those individuals currently operating as a local administrator shall submit a request to retain these rights.
  • ITS has the authority to take away an individual's privileges in cases where exceptional risk has been introduced by a user with local administrator rights.
  • A request for rights must be made on each computer (for example, if you receive a new computer, a new request is required even though you had rights on your old computer).

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