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Also known as: Personal software purchases for employees

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UNF has contracted Kivuto to provide licensed Microsoft software to currently employed UNF faculty and staff for home use - at very little cost. Kivuto provides solutions that facilitate the distribution of software for educational institutions.


UNF has an agreement with Microsoft's Work-at-Home program that allows faculty and staff to purchase select software titles. A UNF faculty/staff member orders the software online through Kivuto using their credit card. The faculty/staff member provides their home address for delivery. Kivuto mails the software CD to the faculty/staff member who installs the software on his or her home computer.


Faculty and staff pay only a small unit fee and shipping. The unit fees start at $10 and then shipping ($8.95 for economy) is added to total. Some software titles can be downloaded and thus do not require shipping.


Some of the titles available are" 

  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Office for Mac
  • Microsoft Windows 
  • Microsoft Office Project 
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 
  • Microsoft Visio 
  • Minitab 
  • Systat 
  • iGraphx 
  • Quark 
  • Minitab 

Available for

Only currently employed faculty and staff may order from Kivuto.

This purchasing agreement is not available to UNF students.

Customer Responsibility

Keep product key number (print screen capture or write down the number when the purchase is made) in case a reinstall is necessary in the future.

How to Use

Faculty and Staff can access the customized UNF Kivuto store in myWings.

New myWings Portal Directions:
  • In the new portal select the Employee Resources Tile
 Employee Resources Tile
  • Select Employee Tools from the menu
Employee Tools List
  • Scroll down until you find Kivuto Software (Employee Tools are listed in alphabetical order)
Employee Software Kivuto
Old myWings Portal Directions: 

Adding the "Software Downloads" channel in the old myWings (NOTE: Done only once):

  1. Login to myWings.
  2. The first time you access e-academy, you will need to add the "Software Downloads" channel. To do this, click on the "Customize" icon located at the top right side of myWings.
  3. Click on the "Staff" tab
  4. Click on an "New Channel" button where you would like the new channel to be located.
  5. Under the "Category" drop down menu, choose "Select All" Then click on the "go" button.
  6. A new drop down menu will appear called "Select a Channel". Choose "Software Downloads" and click on the "Add a Channel" button.
  7. You will be directed back to the Manage Content/Layout view. Click on the "Back to Home Tab" link at the top left hand side.

Accessing the Kivuto store:

  1. Login to myWings (if you have not already done so)
  2. Click on the "Staff" tab.
  3. Locate the "Software Downloads" channel
  4. Click on the "Software for Home [Kivuto]" link
  5. Select the title you wish to purchase
  6. Add it to the cart
  7. Perform the "check-out" procedures by providing your name, home address, etc.)
  8. Choose a shipping option and provide payment information.

How to Get Support: