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AirPlay (Apple wireless streaming)

In 2010, Apple made significant enhancements to their wireless streaming protocol, now known as AirPlay, to allow Apple mobile devices, such as iPhones and iPads, to wirelessly stream video and audio to “AirPlay” receivers; most notably the Apple TV. In 2011, Apple expanded the technology even further and introduced a new feature called AirPlay Mirroring, which allows the supported device to stream the entire display to the receiver, all wireless and secure, without the need for cables.  


As the iPad, iPhone, and Mac laptops become more prevalent on campus, ITS has received numerous requests to implement this technology into the classrooms and meeting spaces. From the ability of a faculty member to walk around the room while displaying and interacting with content live on the screen, to students being able share their work with the entire class from their seat, to interactive and collaborative meetings with colleagues sharing content, free from wires.  


ITS is continually striving to improve our service offerings and is working diligently to support AirPlay on campus. AirPlay is a consumer technology that works great at home and in small environments, but is largely incompatible with a large enterprise network such as UNF’s. There is no estimated timeframe for when AirPlay will be an available service, however, recent testing and configuration changes have produced some encouraging results. If AirPlay in the classroom or office is something you may be interested in, please submit an ITSR with how you would envision using this technology. This will help ITS better understand the needs of the community and deliver a successful offering. 


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