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Security Awareness Training

Employee Training

UNF and other institutions of higher learning are under constant assault online. Due to the increasing sophistication of attackers, it can sometimes be difficult to spot a potential threat. However, most data breaches and cyber security attacks can be prevented. To help UNF employees identify potential threats to the University, we have partnered with a security education firm, KnowBe4.  

To give everyone an opportunity to apply what they have learned in training in a real world scenario, UNF will conduct random internal testing of employees. This testing will simulate the most prevalent type of attack we face, phishing.  Recent testing has revealed that as many as 14% fail to identify the phishing email and take the appropriate actions.

The testing will provide feedback to those who do not identify the attack and go on to incorrectly interact with the phishing test.  This will include online retraining with progressively more detailed courses for those who repeatedly interact with the phishing tests.

If you suspect an email as phishing, refer to the instructions found on Security's Phishing page.

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Personal Security Awareness


UNF offers a quick and entertaining personal security awareness course to the campus community. We urge you to take it as the lessons learned may help save you all the stress and financial loss of credential theft or identify theft.

The video course, which can be found in myWings under "Employee Tools" or "Student Tools", uses real-life examples to show the dangers of the internet and what you need to do to stay safe. Each section has a live demonstration showing how the "bad guys" take advantage of unsuspecting users, and finishes up with a “security check” quiz at the end. 

Have fun, and remember to Stop, Look, and Think!