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Multi-factor Authentication

UNF has partnered with Duo Security to protect applications used on and off campus. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) aka Two-factor authentication (2FA) allows users to enroll a device to prove authentication attempts on your account before granting access. After authenticating, users will see a Duo Push message on their mobile device showing the details of the authentication attempt. Within seconds, you can easily confirm the authentication request if the login came from your action.  If you receive an alert for a successful login that was not generated from your action please reset your UNF password and alert IT Security or the ITS Help Desk (904-620-HELP x4357) as soon as possible.


For more information visit the UNF Two-factor Authentication web page. 


Duo Enrollment and Test

Once a UNF account becomes an employee or active student, an email will be sent from Duo with enrollment information. To enroll your device, follow the instructions in the email or here.


You can also browse to using a modern web browser and enroll your device.  You can also use this link to test that your account and mobile device are working.

Configure Auto Push

IT Security recommends configuring the automatic Duo Push setting in your Duo settings to speed up the process of authentication.  By default, Duo will allow the user to choose an authentication method. On the Duo prompt screen, choose the "My Settings & Devices" link on the left side of the window.  You will need to validate with Duo to configure your settings.  Under the setting for "When I log in:", choose the drop down and select "Automatically send this device a Duo Push".  After choosing this setting, click Save.  Now all new authentication attempts will send you a push without having to select an option on your device first, allowing you to login faster.

Settings with Duo Auto Push highlighted

Remember Work/Private Devices

IT Security recommends using the "Remember me" feature on your most used devices.  This feature should never be used in shared use locations (labs, classrooms, public computers, etc.). When checking the "Remember me" box and confirming the 2FA check, Duo will remember that browser and computer for the next 30 days. This is done with browser cookies and clearing them or not allowing cookies to be saved will not allow this feature to work.  This means the next time you login on that computer using that same browser, you will be logged in without having to confirm with 2FA.


Choose an authentication method screen