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Student E-Mail



DIVISION: Administration and Finance


DEPARTMENT: Information Technology Services


SUBJECT: Student E-Mail



To define policy on the use of University-provided student e-mail accounts to conduct official University business with students.



Approved by President's Council, November 2002



E-mail is the method for faculty and University administration to communicate with students and vice versa; and

Beginning with the Fall 2001 term, all students have been required to have access to a personal computer with Internet service; and

Every admitted or currently enrolled student has been provided with an e-mail account at no cost to the student,  Therefore:


Where practical and cost effective, University units may elect to use e-mail to provide information and notices to specific students or groups of students that they serve, either in lieu of or in addition to existing methods of communication.


The University-provided e-mail address will be the only officially recognized e-mail address for all currently enrolled students.


Students who have external (non-University-provided) e-mail addresses may elect to forward e-mail sent to their University-provided e-mail address to another e-mail address of their choice; however, the responsibility for establishing and maintaining the forwarding mechanism rests with the student and delivery to non-UNF e-mail addresses cannot be guaranteed.