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Relocation of Computing Equipment

DIVISION: Administration and Finance


DEPARTMENT: Information Technology Services


SUBJECT: Relocation of Computing Equipment



To define Information Technology Services policies and procedures relating to the relocation and/or movement of computing equipment.



Approved by the Information Resource Planning and Advisory Council, November 2, 1990.



Prior to the relocation or movement of any microcomputer or terminal attached to a local area network or host computer system managed by Information Technology Services, the department initiating the relocation/movement must notify Information Technology Services of its intent via the ITS Requests Page.


Prior to the relocation or movement of any computing equipment (regardless of whether it is attached to a network or host system or is a stand alone unit), wherein Physical Facilities has been enlisted to perform the actual relocation/movement, the equipment must be certified as prepared for relocation/movement. Certification of equipment attached to systems managed by Information Technology Services must be made by Information Technology Services. Information Technology Services will, at the request of the department initiating the relocation/movement, prepare and certify any equipment that is not attached to a network or host system. If the department chooses to prepare and certify its own equipment, it is the department's responsibility to make such certification known to Physical Facilities. Physical Facilities will not relocate or move computing equipment that has not been certified. Information Technology Services does not perform the actual relocation or movement.


Issued By: Date Issued Effective Date Revised By Revision Number Revision Date
L. Taylor 11/2/90/td> 11/2/90 A . Cruess 2 11/01/2001