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Device Encryption


To mitigate the risk of unauthorized disclosure of University of North Florida (UNF) data stored on workstations, mobile devices and external storage.


Mobile device: Device designed to support portable computing, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones.


External storage: Storage devices used to store and transfer files. These are most commonly external hard drives and USB drives, but includes other items such as SD cards.


Only encryption products and solutions approved by the UNF Information Technology Security Team may be used to satisfy the requirements of this policy.


All devices containing UNF data must use an approved method of encryption to protect data at rest, based on the UNF Data Classification Policy. This includes all data storage devices, such as workstations, mobile devices and external storage.


The loss or theft of any device containing UNF data must be reported immediately to UNF’s IT security team and if applicable to law enforcement, regardless of the encryption method used.

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