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Acquisition and Personal Use of Information Technology Equipment and Resources


DIVISION: Administration and Finance


DEPARTMENT: Information Technology Services


SUBJECT: Acquisition and Personal Use of Informational Technology Equipment and Resources


OBJECTIVE & PURPOSE: The availability of information technology (IT) equipment, resources, and services can lead to increased productivity, improved customer service, and operating efficiencies when provided to appropriate faculty and staff. Under the terms and conditions defined in this policy, faculty and staff are allowed limited personal use of University IT equipment and services.

This policy addresses acquisition and/or personal use of the following for faculty and staff:

  • wireless devices (e.g., cell phones, personal digital assistants) and related services
  • remote access devices and services (e.g., laptops, Direct Subscriber Line (DSL) services, cable modems)
  • other applicable IT equipment and services

Faculty and staff should note that the privilege of using University IT equipment and services for non-University purposes, comes with restrictions as specified in this policy. Faculty and staff do not have a right to expect privacy while using University IT equipment and services.


AUTHORITY:  A major revision of an existing policy approved by the President, April 20, 2004.



  • Approval for the acquisition of and ongoing payment for IT equipment and services for faculty and staff rests with the appropriate division vice president or her/his designee and is subject to budget availability. 
  • IT equipment and services may be acquired for faculty and staff who require such technology for their position and when the equipment is used primarily for University-related business.
  • Occasional personal use that involves only minimal additional expense to the University and does not overburden any IT resources is permitted and reimbursement for occasional use is not required.
  • In the case of usage sensitive IT equipment and services (such as cell phones), when plan minutes are exceeded in a billing period faculty and staff are required to pay for personal use up to the amount charged above the normal billing rate.
  • Department heads are responsible for periodically monitoring use and ensuring that appropriate usage plans are in effect.
  • Under no circumstances are the IT equipment and services to be used for personal commercial gain by a faculty or staff member.
  • Faculty and staff may be reimbursed for the use (but not acquisition) of personally owned IT equipment and services for University-related business if approved in advance by the appropriate dean, director, or department head.


Information Technology Services is available to consult with departments in their selection of IT equipment and services.