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Access to Optical Fiber Managed by ITS

DIVISION: Administration and Finance


DEPARTMENT: Information Technology Services


SUBJECT: Access to Optical Fiber Managed by Information Technology Services


OBJECTIVE & PURPOSE: To define guidelines for access to fiber-optic resources managed by Information Technology Services.



None. This document is published as a supplement to the policy entitled Network Acceptable Use Policy and is for informational purposes only. It does not supersede or modify existing University policies and regulations.



The University of North Florida has a considerable investment in the currently deployed campus fiber backbone. Because expansion of this backbone comes at considerable expense and effort, it is necessary for the University to be proactive in the allocation of fiber to ensure efficient utilization.


All of the University's mission-critical systems rely on this backbone, the disruption of which seriously impacts the operation of the University. Oversight is necessary to ensure that existing services are not disrupted during the installation or maintenance of other services.


Information Technology Services is charged with providing this oversight and, in conjunction with Communication Services, plans for increasing use of these resources and additional fiber deployment, as necessary.



Within wiring closets, fiber is secured by padlock, where possible. Access requires physical access to the closet, and a key to open the padlock. Additional fiber, which is not padlocked, resides in the Operations Center on the first floor of the Matthews Building.


Parties with a justifiable need to access specific fiber should contact the Information Technology Services Network Manager (or appropriate designee) at 620-2820, between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. A minimum notice of 48 hours in advance of the intended access is required. Exceptions will be made when a reasonable and likely threat to life or property exists.


Personnel from Informati on Technology Services must be present to provide access and oversee any modifications. The party requiring access is expected to comply with direction given by Information Technology Services personnel. Failure to do so may result in denial of future access.


While other departments on campus are able to provide physical access to the closet, these departments are asked to avoid giving access to these closets or to the Operations Center to contractors who intend solely to access fiber. The contractors should be referred to Information Technology Services.