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Account (UNF ID) Password Information


This is the account that you will use to login to the UNF network, email, Canvas, myWings, etc. This account authenticates to UNFCSD domain and expires every 180 days. 


A UNF password must be at least 15 characters, but no greater than 30 characters, in length. It should start with a letter and be followed by any combination of letters and numbers. It may include underscores, but it may not include any other special characters.

There are two ways to change/select your password.

1. Use MyWings to Change Your Password (for students or employees who may or may not know already know their password)

Step 1: Go to mywings and click on the "Login Help" link directly below the Login Button.

login help link under the login form on mywings

Step 2. If you know your your UNF ID enter and select "Next".

If you don't know your username use the "Forgot username" link.  

Enter your ID

Step 3. Choose your desired verification method and confirm your information.

Verification method

Step 4. A reset code will be sent to your selected verification method.

Enter the reset code

If you indicated that you know your UNF ID, you will be asked to provide it. You will then be prompted to the enter the answers to your security question. After correctly providing this information, you can then enter a new password. 


If you indicated that you do not know your UNF ID, you will be prompted to enter your Social Security Number, Birth date, and Last name. After correctly providing this information, you can then provide a new password.

2. Use Windows to Change Your Password (For employees who know their password and just want to change it)

To change your password, press the <Control>, <Alt>, <Delete> keys simultaneously. Click the "Change A Password" button on the the Windows Security window. Type in the old password once and the new password twice.