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Policy Key (SafeConnect) Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if "I DO NOT ACCEPT" is clicked?

If you refuse to install the policy key by selecting the "I do not accept" link, your computer will not be able to access off-campus web sites (including myWings).


Once the policy is accepted, what happens next?

A small program is downloaded and automatically installed. You will be prompted through a series of steps. Upon completion of the install, the program will scan your computer for compliance in accordance to university policies.


If my computer meets the requirements on the policy page, how will this program affect my machine?

If the computer meets all of the standards set forth in the policy, the operation of the system will be totally transparent to you and will not impact the computer.


Does this software monitor what I do on my computer?

No. UNF does not monitor network traffic based on content unless there is a problem detected with your system.


What antivirus software is supported?

The following antivirus software packages are acceptable:


Antivirus for Windows
AV Guard
EZ Antivirus
NOD 32
SpySweeper AV
Vipre Antivirus

Antivirus for Macintosh

What will happen if I remove the Policy?

If you manually remove the policy program, the computer will become non-compliant and off-campus web access privileges will be removed. To regain network access, you will need to initiate the installation process again.


What happens if my machine does not meet the standards set in the Policy?

If the computer is out of compliance, regardless of which policy violation occurs, the computer will interrupt its operation and display a message to the student explaining the nature of the problem and the suggested course of remedy.


What operating systems are supported?

For PCs, Windows 2000,  XP, Vista, 7 are currently supported. For Macintosh, OS X is supported. Linux operating system variants can be recognized by the network but do not require a policy program at this time.


Are there known issues?

With the large numbers of different hardware configurations on OspreyNet, there are bound to be a few oddities that occur now and then. Here is a short list of the most likely issues and suggested corrective actions. Keep in mind that the ITS Support Center is available to assist with connection issues at 620-HELP (4357) or


 # Problem / Symptom Cause / Solution
1 DLL error Uninstall Impulse and go through the process again. To uninstall Impulse, open the Start menu, select Control Panel, run Add or Remove Programs, select Impulse, select remove button. To install again, reboot your computer and attempt to access the network. Follow the install prompts.
2 Connection problems If you have a firewall enabled, it may be causing problems. Windows XP firewall usually does not cause problems, where other firewalls might. Configure your firewall to allow "c:\program files\impulse\policykey.exe" to run as an exception.
3 Virus software is out of date No problem. You may still access the websites of supported antivirus software companies to get your updates manually. Update your software and you will be able to fully access the network.
4 Keeps complaining about being out of compliance, over and over again

This is usually caused by two common problems:

  1. If you are using a router, it could be interfering with the Policy Key. The use of routers on OspreyNet without prior approval from ITS is not allowed under the acceptable use policy. Remove the router from between your computer and the network jack.
  2. Some firewalls will cause problems. You can configure your firewall to allow the Impulse Policy Key to access the network or you can disable your firewall(s). To disable the Windows XP firewall, use the Security Center in the Control Panel. To disable other firewalls, such as Norton Internet Security, start the firewall program and look for the option to disable it. If you disable your firewall, you can enable it again whenever you leave campus.