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Acceptable Use Policy

You are accessing a UNF computer network for authorized users only. Use of the network constitutes consent to all applicable UNF policies.


All residents are responsible for knowing and adhering to these policies. Violations will result in appropriate disciplinary action. The following are some highlights, but users are strongly encouraged to read the full policy statements at our policy page.


OspreyNet Use Guidelines and Procedures:

  1. Resident computer users must register with the OspreyNet registration server to gain access to university resources and internet access via in-room wired or wireless data connections.
  2. Splicing into existing television cables or splitting or splicing into data cables or outlets, wrapping TV cable, or otherwise adding to existing cable is prohibited.
  3. The resources of the University periodically come under attack via worms and viruses. Each resident student's computer operating system must be kept current.
  4. A current and updated antivirus program must be run on each resident student's computer. Users are encouraged to contact the Help Desk at 904-620-4357 (HELP) for assistance.
  5. The use of the OspreyNet service is a privilege, which may be revoked at any time for inappropriate behavior. Such behavior includes, but is not limited to, the use of obscene, abusive, or otherwise objectionable language and/or materials in either public or private messages.
  6. Users in triple rooms may employ Ethernet hubs to accommodate each computer in a room. These hubs may be obtained from University Housing ONLY.
  7. The primary purpose of this network is to support students' educational goals. In support of these goals, the following activities are prohibited. Participating in these activities may result in revocation of OspreyNet access and possible University judicial action and/or criminal charges:
    • Setting up a router and building a private subnet.
    • Setting up any type of information server such as a web, gopher, e-mail, game hosting, etc.
    • Propagating e-mail chain letters.
    • Forging mail.
    • Allowing unauthorized persons access to OspreyNet.
    • Using OspreyNet for personal financial gain.
    • Modifying or attempting to modify University owned or licensed information including software and data.
    • Attempting to damage or disrupt networking services.
    • Using OspreyNet or related resources in the commission of a crime.
    • Using traffic intensive applications that may cause problems within the network or diluting the level of service to other users. No print servers, mail servers, FTP servers, etc. are allowed. The network sharing of any computer related device or materials, which may cause excessive network traffic, is forbidden.
  8. The user will abide by all policies and statutes included in the Florida Computer Crimes Act.
  9. Only officially-assigned IP addresses may be used. These addresses, along with other configuration parameters, will be assigned automatically via DHCP services if the computer is properly configured. The use of non-assigned IP addresses is strictly prohibited.


Consent to these and all applicable UNF policies is required in order to participate on the network or use the university computing services. Refusal of consent will result in the inability to participate in such services.


View the full version of the Acceptable Use Policy