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UNF Telepresence Best Practices

Whether you are an on-campus presenter or a distant participant, follow these tips to get the most out of UNF Telepresence

A. Faculty

  1. Please attend an orientation meeting with the Telepresence Team before each semester begins to familiarize the Technology in the room.
    • The Telepresence Team can provide training for faculty before classes start.
    • The Telepresence Team can coordinate a suitable day and time upon your request.
    • The Telepresence Team is available upon request.
      • Please contact Jose Philip for more information (contact information down below.)
  2. Please face the camera for the participants who are remoting in.

    • You may be disregarding those who are remoting in, therefore, looking at the camera will help engage the distant participants.

B. Students and faculty info below:

  1. Connect at least 15 minutes before the time of your class
  2. Always keep your mic MUTED unless it is your turn to speak
  3. If you're calling in after the class starts, please make sure your mic is muted immediately so you do not disrupt the class
  4. Make sure to find the time to do a test call before the day of your class
    • The technician in the room cannot disrupt the class because you have questions or connection issues
    • Make sure you are successfully called in prior to class time with no issues
  5. Please do not call into the class if you are physically in the Telepresence classroom
    • Our system is only for participants who cannot physically be in the classroom
    • Please do not request our services if you will be near the classroom
  6. Please discuss with your Faculty or your college on how you will be attending your class for the semester (either main campus, downtown campus, or remote)

For the best Telepresence experience, we recommend attending classes either in the Telepresence room connected via main campus or downtown campus.

8GB RAM or higher

Check to see if the computer you are planning on using has 8GB RAM or higher. If you are using a computer lower than 8GB RAM, your computer could have a harder time running the video conferencing tool which can slow down the computer and the call could either buffer or drop.

Connect directly to your router

Use an Ethernet cable to connect your computer directly to your router. Wireless networks are susceptible to interference that can diminish the quality of your call.

Close unnecessary programs

Close any software you don't absolutely need for your call. Running additional applications on will use up extra system resources and internet bandwidth.

For the best experience connecting through a browser

We always recommend using Google Chrome for both Windows and Mac users. Google Chrome has always been the most compatible browser with always any applications you would like to use for any reason.

For the best audio experience

Mute your microphone when you are not speaking, even when you are alone. Background noise builds up fast causing a big distraction. Use an external webcam and microphone to boost your performance. Headsets and clip-on microphone provide the best results. Pick something you can keep close to you if you want people to hear you properly.

For the best video experience

Using an external webcam will sharpen your image dramatically. Elevate your computer and/or camera so the lens sits at eye level and look into the camera as much as possible. This will give the other participants the impression that you are looking directly at them. Tidy up your works pace and mind your background. Set up a neutral backdrop behind you. The simpler the decor the better.

We also recommend you to buy a Logitech USB Webcam; this USB webcam is very cheap and can provide great camera and microphone quality.

Dress for the camera

When it comes to clothing, avoid patterns, stripes, and plaids. Choose solid, bold colors. Look your best with lighting If it's too dark, the other sites won't be able to see you clearly. Light yourself from the front with soft, indirect light. Minimize other lighting in the room, particularly from windows and light sources behind you.

Please visit our Video Conferencing Tools web page for information on WebEx Meetings, WebEx Teams, Jabber Client, and more.

Contact UNF TelePresence Team

Jose Philip
AV Technology Engineer
Office Phone: (904) 620-5072
Cell Phone: (904) 571-0482

Tanem Coskun
Academic Support Technician
Office Phone: (904) 620-1221
Telepresence Team: (904) 620-5082