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Information Technology Services

Data Access Governance


UNF leverages Stealthbits StealthAudit software to manage and control access to unstructured and structured data, systems, and applications. The three main functions of the software are:

  1. Ownership - Establish who owns shared network folders (departmental drives)
  2. Permission Audit/Reviews - Allows owners to perform annual and ad-hoc reviews of permissions and access.
  3. Sensitive Data Search - Allows owners to easily find sensitive data and remove or secure it.

As seen in Standard 4 - Access Management all access reviews must be completed at least annually by owners.

Login to Stealthbits StealthAudit

The following URL can only be accessed while on the UNF network. If you would like to access from off campus, please login via the UNF VPN.


See the following links on how to access and use Stealthbits at UNF. A full PowerPoint overview is also available for download.

Establish Ownership

Access Reviews

Sensitive Data Search