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Information Technology Services

Parent Portal for Students

UNF students have the option to give their parents access to the following through the Parent Portal:

  • Academic Standing History
  • Account Information
  • Demographic Information
  • Financial Aid
  • Registration Holds and Appointments
  • Student Schedule
  • Student Transcript
  • Term Grades
  • View and Pay Bills

To create a Parent Portal account and give (a) parent(s) access to a student's account, the below steps must be completed. Once these steps are completed, the parent must finish the set up (see How to Set Up Parent Portal in myWings.

*Note: Parental access expires on December 31 every year. You will have to repeat this process each year to restore access.

*Note: If the account has been set up for the parent and the student has not received an email with the parent's UNFID (N#), the student may need to remove and re-add the parent to their account.

  1. Log in to myWings (
  2. Select the Student Records tile
  3. Click on Student Self Service
  4. When the new window opens, click on Student Records

  5. Next, click on Parent Access

  6. Select "Add Parent" Towards the bottom of the screen)


    UNF parent access menu with link to add parent highlighted


  7. You can either add your parent by using their UNF ID or send them an account invitation which will create a UNF ID for them.

    If your parent already has a UNF ID, you may enter an n number in the field provided, select the parent's relationship to you from the drop-down list, and click the Add button.

    UNF parent access menu with option to enter parents UNF ID

    If you choose Create Account Invitation, you will then be prompted to fill out information about your parent. Once completed, click Submit and an invitation will be emailed to you, which must then be forwarded onto your parent.

  8. Once the parent's account has been added, the student should receive an invitation email with a link which they must forward onto their parent.