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Banner 9 Admin Pages FAQ

  • What is Banner 9 Admin Pages?

    Banner 9 Admin Pages replaces Banner 8 INB (Internet Native Banner). As of December 31, 2018, Banner INB will not be supported by Ellucian. All current Banner 8 INB users will automatically have access to Banner 9 Admin Pages.

  • Will Banner 9 change Banner Self Service?

    This upgrade only affects Banner 8 INB users. Banner 8 Self Service (SSB) will continue to be available for all users via MyWings.

  • How do I access Banner Admin Pages?

    Admin Pages users can access Admin Pages through the Banner 9 Admin Pages tile in MyWings after October 22, 2019. The tile will only be available to users who have been granted access to Banner Admin Pages by a Banner Security Owner.

    Users are recommended to access Admin Pages through MyWings, but it can be accessed via To avoid errors, do not bookmark any links once inside Admin Pages.

    Access to Banner Admin Pages is provided by Banner Security Owners in the Banner Functional Department. ITS does not grant user access to Banner Admin Pages.

  • What account do I use to log into Banner Admin Pages?

    If a user has an account in Banner Admin Pages, they will see a Banner Admin Pages title in MyWings. Clicking this title will automatically log them into Banner Admin Pages.

    If prompted for credentials, users will access Admin Pages via UNF Single Sign On using their Active Directory user ID (N number) and current password.

  • Do user sessions timeout in Admin Pages?

    Yes. Due to system resource limitations, Admin Pages web session timeout has been set to 60 minutes. Admin Pages will provide a 5-minute warning prior to the session timeout. Clicking a button within the page will reset the timeout. (Moving the mouse will not reset the timeout.)

  • How do I log out of Admin Pages?

    Users are encouraged to use the log out button in Admin Pages to quit their session. This will release system resources for other users.

  • How I do learn more about Banner 9?

    Banner 9 navigation training is provided by CPDT. Support for specific Banner module functionality is provided by the Banner functional department.

    Or visit the Banner 9 Admin Pages information.

  • Known Issues

    Admin pages is a web-based application. Performance is comparable to other web-based applications. With this being said, navigating in Admin Pages is not as quick as Banner INB.

    Chrome will block pop-up windows from Admin Pages. It is recommended to add and to Chrome as allowable Popup and Redirect sites. UNF owned desktops will have this setting pushed out automatically.