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Information Technology Services

Classroom Tech Support Guidelines

In an effort to better meet the needs of faculty and staff, the ITS Support Center offers the following guidelines:

  1. To ensure availability and timely delivery faculty and staff should make requests for deliveries of audiovisual equipment, including laptops, video projectors, at least 24 hours in advance.
  2. Faculty and staff with recurring requests should notify the ITS Support Center [, 620-HELP (4357)] when they do not need the equipment or service for a given day or time period, making the resource available to other faculty and staff.
  3. The ITS Help Desk will give priority for audiovisual equipment to requests tied directly to a course. The Help Desk will accommodate other requests on a case by case basis and as resources are available. The Help Desk will notify the requestor within 24 hours if the resources are not available for an event not directly tied to a course.
  4. Staff may check out a laptop and/or portable video projector from the Support Center for up to a period of up to two weeks. CIRT provides a laptop and projector check-out service for faculty, through their website.