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Information Technology Services

Emailing a Class

There are two ways in which faculty may email their classes. One is through Canvas and the other is through Banner Self Service. With the migration to Office 365, it is no longer possible to email the CRN of a course and have it sent to a class.

Method 1: Emailing a class within Canvas

NOTE: A Canvas course does have to be published in order to email the class.

The Canvas Conversations tool can be used to message an entire course roster, specific course section(s), specific course groups, or specific users in a course. See the Canvas Conversations Guide for Instructors for detailed instructions. Sent messages are stored in the Canvas Inbox.

Method 2: Emailing a class within Banner Self Service

Steps to Follow:

  • Log in to myWings.
  • Click on the Faculty Resources tile

    Faculty Resources Tile in myWings


  • Click on "Faculty Self Service" from the menu that appear

    Faculty Resources menu in myWings


  • Click on the "Faculty Services" tab
  • Select "Summary Class List"
  • If prompted, select the current term from the drop down menu
  • Select the appropriate class from the drop down menu
  • You will see a list of the students in your class. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Display Email List"
  • The page will refresh, scroll to the bottom again and you will see a box of email addresses. Copy and paste this list into the BCC: field of your email. Be careful to copy ALL the email addresses. When you send the email it will go to all the students in your class.