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Clear Browser Cache

Browsers/Cache - Cookies

Every web browser stores web pages, images and other downloaded content on the computer and speeds up access to sites by loading data from the cache rather than downloading it. You should periodically clear the browsers cache and cookies to allow your browser to function more efficiently or to resolve errors with web applications.


To clear cache, find your browser and version in the list below and follow the instructions.

Chrome (Windows)

  1. Open Chrome, click the menu icon (located in the upper-right corner).
  2. Click 'More tools'.
  3. Click 'Clear browsing data'.
  4. Beside 'Time range', select 'All time' from the dropdown list.
  5. Select 'Browsing history'.
  6. Select 'Cookies and other site data'.
  7. Select 'Cached images and files'.
  8. Click the 'Clear data' button.

Firefox (Windows)

  1. Open Firefox, click the library icon (located in the upper-right corner).
  2. Click 'History' then click 'Clear Recent History'.
  3. Beside 'Time range to clear:', select 'Everything' from the dropdown list.
  4. Select 'Browsing & Download History'.
  5. Select 'Active Logins'.
  6. Select 'Form & Search History'.
  7. Select 'Cookies'.
  8. Select 'Cache'.
  9. Click the 'Clear Now' button.

Microsoft Edge (Windows)

  1. Open Microsoft Edge, click the 'More' button (3 dots in a line, located in the upper-right corner).
  2. Click 'Settings'.
  3. Under 'Clear browsing data', click the button 'Choose what to clear'.
  4. Select 'Browsing history'.
  5. Select 'Cookies and saved website data'.
  6. Select 'Cached data and files'.
  7. Select 'Tabs I've set aside or recently closed'.
  8. Click the 'Clear' button.

Safari (Mac)

  1. Open Safari, click the 'Safari' menu.
  2. Click 'Preferences'.
  3. Click 'Privacy' tab.
  4. Click the 'Manage Website Data' button.
  5. Click the 'Remove All' button.
  6. Click the 'Remove Now' button.

Safari (iOS)

  1. Go to Settings > Safari.
  2. Scroll down and tap 'Clear History and Website Data'.
  3. Tap again on 'Clear History and Website Data' to confirm.

    (this won't change your AutoFill information)